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Epi begins with Sharda telling Pallavi the truth about Suresh Mosi. People don’t change by changing names. Suresh Modi and Mahesh Ajmera is one guy only and you know it very well. Pallavi is stunned by this revelation. You don’t have to act innocent. You are so shameless. Pallavi tells her to stop. Enough! I am talking respectfully while you are blaming me for no reason. I came here to give you gift and not to get insulted by you. How dare you call Mahesh your husband? Sharda stays firm. I am saying it as he is my husband. Suresh Modi and Mahesh Ajmera are one and you know it. He has married me in front of the whole world. God has made our pair whereas it is you who has stolen my husband from me. You have ruined my life. What do you lack that you accepted to be someone’s second wife? Women like you should. Pallavi cannot take it anymore and tells her to stop. You have lost your mind. Get yourself checked by some doc. Pallavi leaves from there while Sharda stands there all sad and helpless.

Sharda’s words echo in Pallavi’s head. She is crying by now. She calls Suresh who is about to leave for airport but she tells him to come home right away. He is surprised. She repeats it and cuts the call.

Sharda cries and calls herself mad. Sakshi rushes to her. Sharda tells her that there is nothing left in her life now. Its all dark. Sakshi boosts her by saying they all are with her in this. You remember what you told Lata that day when her husband had hit her? You gave her strength. You are the strength of this whole house. You cannot give up. Sharda always felt that she knew her husband too well. Why dint I realise it earlier? His other identity, his other world, his other wife! I always used to feel love in his anger. Now that I look back I realise his true intentions behind his making me feel small and everything. He used to hate me so much. Sakshi hugs her saying no one can hate you ever Ma.

Pallavi is at her home and is lost in what all Sharda had said to her. She also remembers how Mahesh has been avoiding going out with her (to office, to Meeta’s daughter’s wedding, his attire yester night). She cannot understand who to trust – on my partner who has been with me for life or on that woman whom I have met two days back. Suresh comes there and asks her why she is back home when they had decided to meet at the airport. She questions him on yester night’s incident when he had chest pain while she had gone to Sharda Modi’s house. He lies again. She asks for prescriptions. She catches his lie and calls him Suresh Modi. You dint have any chest pain. It was all your plan to send me back as you were there at Modi House and were about to get married to Sharda Modi all over again. Say it that all this is a lie. I wonder if I should call you Mahesh Ajmera or Suresh Modi. Which life, identity and wife is real? He calls her his first wife. Whatever happened with Sharda was a compromise. I had to go it for my family. Legally also my marriage with Sharda is null and void as you are my first wife. He gets a well deserved slap from her. He apologizes to her for hiding it from her. I was scared to lose you. She asks him to leave from here right now. Suresh explains that he doesn’t love Sharda at all. I was dying under those two identities. My identity is from you only. I know I should have told you all this earlier itself but I love only you. I am not lying. She tells him to leave for now. He agrees to leave but promises to come back with his proof (of his truth). I know I love you as much as you love me and you wont be able to live without me. He leaves from there. Pallavi recalls Sharda’s and Suresh’s words and throws a vase. She breaks down.

Suresh comes to Modi House. They all notice him as Diya calls out for her Nanu. He tries to talk to Latika but she leaves for her room. Karan tells him that he had gone for meeting. Suresh remarks that atleast someone can hear him. Karan flatly refuses to talk to him and adds that no one else is interested too. Suresh is in no mood to repeat it all over again. Karan points out that it wasn’t over that we can start it all over again. No one can understand what prompted you to take such a big step. Dadi is still wondering where she made a mistake in bringing you up. Chirag went to his friend’s house as he dint want to stay here. I, Latika Di and Sakshi cannot break as we have to support mom. Mom is crying for someone who doesn’t even deserve her tears. Suresh reminds him that he is standing in his house right now. You can leave this home if you have problem with me. Sakshi stops Karan from replying to his dad as he leaves from there.

Pallavi accepts that Mahesh has made a mistake and has broken her heart. But I know that he loves me dearly and maybe because of his love only he hid things from me. He doesn’t love Sharda but guess she isn’t ready to understand this. She is trying to bind him to her. I wont let it happen. I will have to tell her that I am not the second wife but she is! She has surely put Mahesh’s vermilion in her forehead but legally it isn’t her identity.

Sharda cannot help but recall the hurt she has been given by Suresh. Suresh walks in angrily and throws a file on table. He notices Sharda and remarks that if she will sit like this then the whole house will break. You don’t have to be insecure. I am still yours. Our kids, this house its all yours. Everything will continue the same way like it used to. You are Mrs. Modi and you will always be Mrs. Modi. You have the same right on me and everything. I will see to it that you don’t lack anything in life. When everything is the same then you too become my old Sharda as I cannot see you like this. Please Sharda. Sharda is amazed by his words.

Bell rings. Karan wonders who it might be at this hour. He and Sakshi go to check and find Pallavi on the door. They ask her why she has come here but she walks inside without any hesitation. Sharda hears Pallavi’s voice. She wants to meet Sharda. Karan asks Pallavi if something is lacking in ruining their family still. What have you come here for? Pallavi asks him if he can give her anything at all. Nothing is yours. Even this name is not legally yours. Sharda and Suresh come out of their room.

Everyone comes to see what’s happening. Pallavi has brought her marriage certifcate and extends it to Sharda. She is shocked to know that she is the second wife here. Karan asks her about it and picks the paper as she drops it in shock. Sakshi rushes to be on her side. Karan too is taken aback to know it. Pallavi throws wedding pics in the air to show them the truth. Go to any court or temple but this truth cannot change as legally Mahesh is only my husband. They are all shocked to know it.

Precap: Sharda goes to her room and closes the door. All the family members ask her to open it but she doesn’t. They are very much worried for her.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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