Bani Ishq Da Kalma 20th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 20th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Rajji’s and bani’s residence
Guggi comes dressed along with soham. Finally, kuki and guggi’s marriage happens, with everyone’s blessings including buaji. After completing all the rituals, in which guggi performs super excitedly, and then go to take buaji’s bblessings. Buaji tells them after having blessed them, that the first right to do so is anu’s, without whom this day wouldnt have been possible without her help. They comply. anu taunts guggi that he has to keep her happy, while guggi amuses everyone, true to his character. they then take simran-angad’s and rajji-soham’s blessings. guggi is overwhelmed with thankfulness, and thank them profusely for what they did for them. rajji says that they just did what was needed, and that today their love finally won. guggi continues with his banter, and teases kuki about it. Buaji taunts them and sets them straight. Buaji asks guggi to refer to her as mummyji from now on. guggi is very excited and complies.

Rajji calls and tells bani the good news. Bani is super happy, and also tells her the good news, about the NGO happening, and the registration process complete. rajji says that this happiness is fulfilled after a long time. Bani and rajji are both super happy. parmeet tells them that the name of the NGO shall be Bani bhullar Help Centre. But bani tells them that the name shall be something else, and she has already thought on it.

The next morning, guggi gets gagan’s call, and aftre both put their phones on speaker, they all congratulate and bless Kuki and Guggi, with a lifetime of happiness. randip tells guggi that he shall get a special gift, of going to their special location for honeymoon. Guggi and kuki start arguing about the destination, and finally guggi agrees to kuki’s choice, i.e. kahsmir.


Scene 2:
Location: NGO Site
Parmeet asks bani to cut the ribbon,But bani says that this honour should go to anu, due to whom this has been realised today. Anu says that bani’s contribution is priceless and hence she should do this. Rajji says that noone would do it, as they all respect her too much. Anu inaugurates the NGO, amidst bani and rajji’s families. As they enter inside, the name of the NGO is highlighted being, Rano Women’s Development Centre. soham and guggi are overwhelmed to see the name of the NGO. Rajji and others get emotional too. Rano’s and Manpreet’s pic get everyone abrim with emotions. Soham turns around teary eyed. Soham thanks parmeet profusely and tells him that today he didnt just fulfill Bani’s but his dream too, by naming it after his mother. Parmeet says that this isnt needed, as the whole of this credit goes to Bani, who came with the name. soham eyes bani overwhemingly, while she smiles. Bani goes to parmeet and says that he made her capable to be able to help thousands of women, who suffer from this NRi dream and thanks him. anu agrees and and says that parmeet has done a remarkable breakthrough, for the women, who are dominant in this male domnated world. Bani thanks anu and parmeet. Guggi asks them to start the work now, and sets the mood alight. parmeet and soham get their better halves to sit on the chairs to start the NGo work. They begin sincerely with their work, as memories of their past life immerse together, as they embark on this new journey together, with their better halves at their side, helping them all along. The screen freezes on both their faces.


Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. What about soham nd rajjis baby ?

  2. i was expecting uttaran to finish… Am hating dis!!

  3. Plz start its sequal I like this serial very much

  4. Plz start its sequal I like this serial very much plz plz

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