Ek Nayi Pehchan 1st April 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Nayi Pehchan 1st April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 1st April 2014 Written Update

Suresh offers his hand to Sharda to help her get down the stage. She is taken aback but then gives her hand in his. They get a picture clicked together. Sharda thanks him for encouraging her for studies. I thought you were upset with me going to school. He doesn’t have any problem with her going to school but don’t take it as seriously that you forget your home. She nods.

Sharda shares with Sakshi how she was so nervous on stage. When the minister and my Sir asked me to go on stage to give him (Suresh) his award then I was really scared. I had declined but Sir is Sir only. If he wasn’t there then I wouldn’t have gone on stage. Did you see the happiness on Karan’s dad’s face when he saw me? Sakshi answers in yes but lacks enthu. Sharda is happy about how he praised her and wants her to get her degree. Things have turned out so nicely. Sakshi agrees but points out that there is one more thing which they have to improve upon. Sakshi takes Sharda with her to the temple. She returns Sharda’s books to her as Gurur Brahma plays in the background. Kids can say no to what their parents want from them but a mom always does what is best for her kids. You also declined to study but Saraswati Ma wanted you to study so she has removed all thorns from your path. Now you should follow what Ma wants like a good kid. Sharda nods. I will agree to everything which Saraswati Ma and my Guru wants from me. Tomorros is Ekadishi. I will be fasting tomorrow. Sakshi assures her she will make all the preps for the puja. Suresh comes out of his room and looks at Sharda as she keeps her books in her bag. Sharda is excited about going to her school tomorrow. Suresh smiles and then goes back inside.

Sakshi comes to her room but cannot see Karan anywhere. A gift is waiting for her on the bed. She reads out the card. Karan has planned a surprise for her. Saiyaan re plays. She is asked to wear what’s in the shopping bag and come downstairs in the gazebo. She smiles cutely as she holds the bag in her hands.

Sakshi comes in the garden wearing that dress. The gazebo is decorated beautiful with red drapes all around. Karan lights a candle as soon as she steps in. They share an eye lock with Saiyaan re playing in the background. Karan praises her while Sakshi feels shy. He gives her another dress. I saw you in it when I saw it for the first time now I want to see you wearing this dress for real. She is about to go and change when he stops her. I have another dress for you too but it is up to you if want to wear it or not. She takes both the gift packets shyly. Karan waits outside while Sakshi changes her dress. Tum Ho is playing. Sakshi comes out wearing a beautiful saree. Karan looks at her lovingly. He moves her hairs to one side. They enjoy some sweet romantic moments after which Sakshi goes to change again. Next she is wearing a full length black gown. He comes closer for a kiss but she hugs him instead. After the hug Karan finally sits down on his knee and confesses his love to her. Just then Suresh calls out for him angrily.Poor Karan has to go. Sakshi goes inside the gazebo to change.

Latika is talking to someone (Rishi) on phone. She tells Rishi to let someone sleep. Guess somebody is not well. Karan comes there. Pratik is unwell so Latika cannot go to Indonesia. Now Karan will go to Indonesia. Sakshi comes there. Suresh tells him to make sure there is no error. I dint want to send you there in Latika’s place but now I have no choice. Latika is sure Karan will manage it. Suresh asks Latika to forward all mails from the client to Karan. Karan leaves to pack his stuff.

Sharda was looking for Sakshi everywhere. Sakshi agrees to tell her later on. Sharda tells her to help Karan pack his bags. Latika is sad that she wont be able to go. He leaves after reassuring her that everything will be fine. Latika is upset with Pratik for eating outside food. He has food poisoning. Sharda tells her how Pratik has already started his medicines. Diya calls out for her mom as she is scared alone. Sharda tells her to go. Don’t worry about Pratik so much I will send home cooked food from tomorrow onwards. Latika heads for her room.

Sakshi comes to help Karan in his packing. He doesn’t know how to do it. She teasingly asks him if he knows anything. Karan goes and envelopes her in a back hug. Saiyaan re plays. I surely do! He makes her face him. Don’t you have to say something to me? She shakes her head. He tells her to think it through or he wont go. He comes closer for another kiss but Sakshi distracts him falsely. They both end up smiling big time. Sakshi takes his promise that he will take care of himself. Karan picks up his bag but then stops. He hugs her and they both feel somewhat sad. He says he will miss her and she smiles shyly. Suresh calls out for Karan and he has to go.

Next morning, Latika has made khichdi for Pratik. Sharda appreciates it after tasting it. She assures a sad Latika that Pratik will be fine soon. I will send it with the driver after you are done. Latika wants to go personally to give it to him. This way I can check upon him as well. Sharda likes the idea. Latika leaves. Sharda recalls Suresh’s words as to how he wants to see her degree in her hand. She writes a big thank you on a piece of paper but hides it when Sakshi comes there. Karan has reached Indonesia. Sharda tells her how Latika has gone to give khichdi to Pratik. Sakshi is happy. Dadi calls out for Sakshi. She is about to go but then stops. She notices her hiding something and takes the note. She teases her on it and also appreciates her for her gesture. Something is missing. Sakshi goes and brings a red rose. Sharda is hesitant but Sakshi tells her to go as it is perfect.

Sharda gives Suresh his coffee. The rose and note is there on the tray too. He reads it and then puts it aside. You are going to class right? You love going there I know as you must. New things always add a feel good factor. But why don’t you start some other new thing? He gives a lady’s example who has started a boutique and another woman who teaches women how to make chips to empower them. Why don’t you start something like that? By the way, what do you want to do after completing your studies? She is clueless. He explains that there is a motive behind everything. People study hard to earn big and get a good job but you have everything. You don’t need job or money then why do you want to study after all?

Precap: Suresh wants to know what’s the motive behind her studies. She has no clue about it. He smiles satirically. You are not at fault women are like that only. They do everything without thinking anything. You can study if you want to but you must know why and till when!

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