Rang Rasiya 1st April 2014 Written Episode Update

Rang Rasiya 1st April 2014 Written Episode, Rang Rasiya 1st April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
rudra says to paro to prove yourself go from my life, if you say no even then you have to go but without my pardon but if you say yes then you will go with my forgiveness, paro cries. rudra goes, sumer says i will bring pundit, mohini says why nobody is saying anything, she says to sumer stop this rubbish, he says dont insult me infront of my wife, she says i will slap you, she ask danveer to speak, he ssays you are responsible for all this, you told them that money is big then everything, mohini says stop this now, 1st we have to stop this marriage, 1st son married a girl who cant even give parrot then a son and now this son, sumer says whats wrong in all this, he says lakshimi is knocking at my door, i will marry this girl, mohini says you are doing big mistake, he goes without listening to her. all go to their room, paro comes to lord and says to show her way, i want his pardon but what should i do, sumer comes and says to say yes, we will manage with each other, he says i know you didnt like me but i am beautiful, i have a big heart that it can park tractor, he says i really want to marry you, i will be a good husband, i will make suro palace, sumer-paro(suro), he says i will do charity, we will go to jaipur after marriage, paro is crying, sumer says i genuinely want to marry you dont cry i am here, he is abput to wipe her tears but rudra holds his hand and ask what are you doing? sumer says was wiping tears of my would be wife, rudra says she didnt says yes till now, you go. paro looks at him.. rudra says go and prepare for marriage, sumer says okay brother, he leaves. rudra says to paro that you will leave this house but will not say yes, he forward towards her and says beautiful women, he holds her and says one cannot trust a beautiful women, they are of no one, he says to say no to this marriage and go from here, paro looks in his eyes and says your tongue is saying something and you eyes something else.

Scene 2
mohini comes to sumer and says very politely that it was my dream to bring a bride whose face can change weather of many villages, he says i am living my dream, he says i am seeing notes infront of me, nobody can give em 13lacs, mohini says i will kill you, he says if you try to stop me then i will tell all that you put fire in dilsher’s room.

Scene 3
rudra calls aman and scolds him for sending paro to his house.
maithili ask samrat to talk with sumer, samrat says its a foolish thing, we will not involve ourself in all this, he leaves. maithili thinks that i dont know whats wrong whats right, servatn gives her bridal dupatta, she sees it and remembers how paro’s dupatta got torn, she says its not torn if its not paro’s then whose.
maithili comes to paro and says why cant you marry sumer, you wanted forgiveness, maithili says why sunehri will lie about you, she says i know if you were strong enough to put fire then you wouldnt have come here to ask forgiveness, you wouldnt have agreed to marry sumer, paro hugs her and says thanks for believing her, maithili ask do you want to marry sumer? par says no but rudra’s pardon is important for me, maithili says you dont wanna marry sumer because you want to spend your life with someone else just ask yourself you will get answer, she leaves. paro looks in mirror and says i dont wanna marry sumer because.. maybe maybe.. rudra comes there, she says rudra, he comes to her and says wanted to give you something, it will help you in your decision, he takes her to his room, he says i know that you will not step back, you will say yes, so i thought to give you something, he opens cupboard and takes out bridal dress which paro had wore in her marriage with varun, he says all started with this dress, paro says you will forgive me, you will get peace if i marry sumer, rudra looks on, paro says answer me, he says yes, rudra closes cupboard, doll falls on ground, par is about to take it but rudra takes it from her before she can see, he says you cant touch it, its the only good, sweet, pure memory of my childhood, a friendship of very small span, it can heal my wounds but you will not understand, he puts doll in cupboard, he says go out from my house, its upto you how you wanna go with or without my pardon, paro thinks, rudra leaves from there. paro opens cupboard, she takes out doll and is stunned to see that its her doll, she sees her embroidery on doll’s dress and recalls how she had thrown it towards rudra from bus, she says its mine, i had given it 15 years back, this means rudra is the same guy, what game God has played with us.

PRECAP- paro shows sindoor box and says to rudra that your name is not only in my mehndi but in my hand’s fate lines, she says its time that rudra should accept his paro because parvati cannot be of anyone, make me yours.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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