Ek Nayi Pehchan 15th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Suresh and his client are waiting for Sharda. The client is getting impatient. Sharda comes there just then. Suresh tells her to start the presentation asap or they might lose their client. Sharda apologizes to them for coming late. She starts talking about her concept and how pregnancy gives an altogether new identity to a woman. She looks beautiful when she has new life breathing inside her. Our designs will not just add to their beauty but will take care of their comfort as well. She explains the cloth and designs. The client likes the concept and Suresh too likes it. they want to see ppt presentation. Sharda doesn’t have it. she couldn’t make it as Sakshi was not with her. she tells it to the client politely. She gives the envelope to the client and continues explaining them without even looking at the papers. The client throws the papers on the table. Are these your designs? He gets angry with Suresh. You shouldn’t have wasted my time. Sharda is shocked to see the papers. Suresh explains that there has been some problem. The designs were ready. The client is about walk out when Sharda tells him not to break the trust which he formed on them because of Meeta ji. Dint you like my idea? He had indeed liked the whole concept. I am ready to give you a last chance – one last day. I hope I am not making any mistake by trusting you again. Sharda assures him that he wont regret it. He leaves with his colleague. Suresh wants to know how this happened. Where were you doing your work yester night? Sharda tells him that she was in Shanaya’s room.

Shanaya agrees that Sharda ji stayed in her room while working on the designs. Why are you asking me about it? Suresh says someone ruined Sharda’s saree designs. I want to know who that person is who is so against this house. Shanaya very carefully takes Sakshi’s name by feigning all innocence. She raises a suspicion in their minds. Would she have done it? Sharda denies. I am sure she can never do it. Suresh takes everyone else’s name and is sure that none of them can do it. Shanaya plays sympathy card. If had to seek revenge then I would have taken Karan’s name but I don’t even lie when I am angry. Suresh doubts Sakshi. Shanaya reminds Sharda how Sakshi had declined to help her. your designs were so good that she would not have been able to see you happy. Suresh calls out for Sakshi. Sharda offers to ask her.

Sakshi comes there. Sharda asks her about the designs that she had made yesterday and Sakshi appreciates them. Sharda tells Sakshi to admit it if she has ruined those designs as no one else came in this room except you. I know I have hurt you so you can tell me if you are taking revenge for it. Sakshi looks at her in shock. Shanaya too was in this room. Will you not question her? Maybe she would have done it. shanaya acts all tearful. Why would I do it? sakshi smiles. You cannot do this right? Suresh tells her not to hurt someone if she has not done it. She apologizes to him for hurting his daughter and her emotions. Only she has emotions. No one else here has a heart or emotions that’s why we don’t get hurt. Ma, seriously thank you for trusting me so much. She leaves from there in tears. Shanaya asks her dad to stay with her. I am feeling very lonely. He agrees to be with her. I know you haven’t done anything. Relax. Sharda goes to bring water for Shanaya.

Sakshi comes to her room. She cannot believe it that Ma could think of this. I can never go against you. But I very well know who can do this in this house. I am dead sure Shanaya has done it. But how? She cannot walk. I will have to find out the truth come what may. If you are behind this Shanaya then you wont be able to save yourself from me for long I promise you.

Padma comes to meet Sharda. I want to invite my friend and her DIL to meet Sakshi. Sharda has no problem with it as this is Sakshi’s house. Padma is worried because of something else. They are coming from Delhi and they have no idea what all has been happening in this house. I don’t want them to see Shanaya as they will get curious. I don’t want to tell them the truth and I am sure you wont be able to lie to them. They will meet Sakshi and leave. Sharda nods. Latika greets Padma and then she goes upstairs to meet Sakshi. Latika calls out for her dad.

Latika asks for her business shares from their company Sharda Textiles. Both her parents are shocked to know that she doesn’t want to work with Sharda Textiles anymore. She got to know that Padma aunty wants to buy Karan’s shares from Sharda Textiles. You have actually agreed for it. When Karan can get his share then why should I leave my share? When I am working hard already then I will put it all in my company. Sharda is hurt. Latika asks for her rights. Suresh is in a fix but wants some time to think about it. he leaves for his room. Sharda wants her to think with a cool head. Latika tells her to explain it to Karan. I have done so much for this company. If Karan is so bold then he should come in front and ask for his shares on his own. He is taking Padma aunty’s support. She realises that Latika is doing it as Karan has asked for his shares. She agrees. I am his elder sister. I am not a fool. Sharda sits down on the sofa sadly. If Singhania likes our designs then he will give funds to our business. That ways he (Suresh) wont let Karan go with Padma ji and maybe Latika too will give up then. I have to explain Karan and Latika to work together. If they do it then we will be able to bring Sharda Textiles back on the track. I will have to do something.

Precap: Suresh asks Sharda if she isn’t ready yet and what about the presentation. He is upset to know that she is still working on it and scolds her. shanaya smiles.

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