Dil Dosti Dance 15th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 15th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

in the rehearsal hall, Avantika comes and sees the students playing with each other. she wonders does Sharon really think these jokers can get us the money arranged. She thinks she must do something. Karma was talking on phone with the doctor, and promised he will arrange the money soon. Avantika stops by and asks if he is Karma? He should meet her in a while in her cabin.

Swayam says to Sharon that she must have given a good surprise to him. She says that her mom just told her, and she isn’t leaving and is just going to her home back. Swayam says that he will miss all the time spent with each other. Sharon says the same, while they hug.

Karma comes to Avantika. She says that she felt bad for him that he couldn’t join their academy due to money issues. Karma asks did you want to say this to me. She hands her a cheque. She says that she isn’t giving this to him as charity, he must share the D3 strategy with her in return. Karma leaves the cheque saying that Karma’s talent is priceless and you can’t buy in such a little price.

Simma and group discussed that they must do something so that Swayam tells them the truth by himself. Simmi says that boys have a 50% increased chance of cheating their mates. Swayam says that you people are asking me as if I am a cheater. He thinks something is going on in their minds.

Raghv brings Ishika home, Dida asks him how was his day and what about his moody partner Ishika? She turns around to see Ishika. Ishika says that this moody partner needs a place to stay, and Raghv said that you need a paying guest. Dida invites them inside, asks Raghv to bring juice for her and asks if she would be able to pay the rent?

They all make Swayam go through a test to make him spit the truth. They ask him some questions, which he answers. Simmi jumps down and deters that she will tell Sharon that you are cheating on him, a girl is staying at your home. Swayam laughs and tells them that Sharon was staying in his house and she went to get ready in his room today. Simmi and all were disappointed for doubting them. Swayam explains that they were staying in separate rooms and it was a temporary arrangement because she wasn’t well. They send Simmi out, and teases Swayam further. Huma and Karma comes there and laughs. Karma says that if our instructors are in a mood to bunk, how will we win Dance Mania. They all take Karma in too, and rolls him in the tyres.

Ishika was eating eagerly. Raghv teases her but she says its been a long time she didn’t eat that food from house. Ishika asks about the rent. Raghv tells her that according to rates here, it is 10,000; but for you it is 7000. Ishika says she will manage. Raghv asks her quietly that will she really manage, or shall he talk about further concession.

Swayam says that he has to talk to her about something. He asks did she clear all the rumours against Karma. Huma says that she is feeling really guilty. Swayam gets Sharon’s call, but neglects it. Vicky gets her call, he tells her Swayam is here talking to Huma. Sharon cuts the phone. Swayam regrets it. They all are drinking coffee. Huma says sorry to Karma, but he doesn’t reply. She leaves, and he plugs his cellphone on charger.

Raghv comes to Ishika’s room, while she was standing in the window. He was talking to her, and comes to her. She was crying and hugs him. He keeps hand on her back and tells her to relax. Ishika says I am sorry; he hands her a tissue. She asks has she done the right thing. He says that he is an expert in lying, but her heart would never lie to her. She smiles. He asks why is she smiling, as she keep on crying a lot. She says she never heard him saying such big things. He tells her to sleep.

Karma and Huma practices well. Swayam says to Karma that beginning the rehearsals in the light mood keep them good. Huma sees Avantika Rai Prakash calling Karma. Swayam tells them to be here at 7 tomorrow. Karma leaves telling her to come here at 7 sharp.

PRECAP: Sharon says to Swayam that two days are left in dance mania, but they cant dance together. Swayam says that no lovers in the world stayed in the same camps. They hug. Huma asks Karma what is he planning. He tells her that Sharon’s mom offered him a deal.

Update Credit to: Sona

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