Ek Nayi Pehchan 13th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Nayi Pehchan 13th January 2014 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 13th January 2014 Written Update

Episode starts with karan returning home. He sees a car outside and wonders why did the guests come so early, he didn’t even find sakshi yet. He goes to devi mayya and says hi, he says he doesn’t know how to pray and talk to her but he asks god to listen to his heart and keep sakshi safe and help him find her. He promises that he wouldn’t do anything bad against her, nor would let anything bad happen to her. He finds wrappers of chocolates and chips packets, he follows the way shown by them and sees sakshi. He goes to her and hugs her. They stay like that for a while and karan asks her where did she go? And also tells her that he was searching for her for so long that he felt he was doing that from childhood. He tells her that he was tensed for her and she is happily eating

chocolate. Sakshi pouts and replies that she was hungry as she was out of the house for so long. He asks her why did she have to leave the house in the first place. Sakshi retorts saying he knows why she left. She continues saying she trusted him and told the truth but he made a joke out of it. Karan is sad and he apologises. He also falls on his knees and holds her hands and says he is ready to take any punishment she gives. Karan asks her to come inside for his mother atleast. Sakshi says she is happy that he loves his mom so much. Karan says he will change and show her and also says he will give the remote to her and let her watch any daily soap, last piece in the French fries would be hers and also he wouldn’t wake her up if she sleeps on his shoulder and also he would make a cake similar to what she made, though the taste might not be the same appearance would be the same. Sakshi smiles and says she has half forgiven him and the rest when she would eat the cake made by him. Karan says lets go inside and sakshi says they cant go from front door, karan says he has an idea for it and brings a ladder and puts near their room. They have a cute fight, sakshi says he talks to much, he says he can stay silent too and they argue when sakshi says statue..karan keeps quiet. The guests are at home and they appreciate the house. They ask for sakshi and karan. The girl(sorry don’t know the name,sakshi’s friend) says she is very excited to see her and also meet and chat with her. Suresh tells sharda to bring them. Karan and sakshi are still climbing the ladder and sharda is about to come to their room. They just enter and sharda comes and asks why aren’t they ready? Sharda tells she made a nice saree for sakshi and she would help in making her ready. She also tells karan to get ready soon. Sakshi asks how she is looking and sharda puts the kala tika on her, and says she is looking like her bahu. They have a flashback of their first scene in shopping where sharda says she is looking like her bahu. Sakshi asks if she thought something like this will happen, she says no but she wanted a bahu like her and sakshi says she wanted a sasuma like her. Sharda asks if she has forgiven karan, sakshi says yes and how wouldn’t she after sharda had explained to her.

Flashback: sakshi talking to the pigeons about how karan always wanted to stop the wedding and also how he made her feel guilty. Sharda hears it and sakshi is shocked. Sharda tells sakshi that if karan wasn’t the right person for her she would have never told her to maintain the relationship. She also says karan is a good guy and asks her to give him one more chance. Sakshi asks relationship has to be maintained by two of them, sakshi says karan didn’t want to get married so how will she maintain it alone. She says she cant maintain the relationship. Sharda says karan wanted to run away from marriage and you are running away from the responsibilities? Sharda asks if she trusts her, sakshi says yes, sharda says she would help in making karan relaising and bring him on the right track. Sharda says they will see if really karan cares for her or not. Sharda asks her not to accept the failure so soon and try to keep the relationship alive. Sakshi agrees ..flashback ends.

Sakshi tells sharda that she could see the concern in karan’s eyes and she promises to maintain the relationship. Thy hug and ek nayi pehchaan tune plays.

Both karan and sakshi are dressed up. Sakshi asks him to take her down, he is irritated,she tells that her father inlaw always creates a good impression in front of others so a gentleman would take his wife. Karan doesn’t agree, sakshi threatens that she would say everything to his dad. Karan asks her to do so, but when she is about to go he says what do you want. Sakshi replies, the respect the wife deserves. She says as long as he doesn’t take her down with respect she wouldn’t come.karan’s dad calls them and finally karan sakshi go hand in hand! His dad introduces them to the guests and they take blessings of them. Sakshi’s friend hugs sakshi and apologises for not coming for marriage and she says that their Jodi is super cool. they all sit down but sharda remains standing. Sakshi asks her to sit. Suresh and latika are a bit shocked and sharda sits down, sakshi smiles and is happy. They start speaking about launching something for youth and they ask karan’s opinion on it. Karan is clueless and Latika tells him that they should introduce using a fashion show. Sakshi’s frind says they must do something which they didn’t do before. Sakshi says they should directly address the youth. Suresh asks her if she means college? Karan tries to stop her but suresh’s friend tells that sakshi is making sense. Sakshi continues saying that directly addressing the youth would be better. Latika is not at all happy but rest are happy. His friend says sakshi looks like bahu but her brain is of a CEO. Suresh smiles and is all happy. He also tells karan that she would be behind his success like his mom and dad. Suresh is bit uncomfortable. Sakshi and her friend speak to each other about classmates and they hi-fi each other. Latika is absolutely not happy.

All of them are having food and sakshi’s friend praise sharda for her cooking. She asks her why is she serving the food in English. The modi family is worried. sakshi tells her that her ma wouldn’t listen as she feels “athithi devobhava” considering guest as god and serving them food with her own hands. Everyone except laika are happy. Kavita(her friend) says sakshi is lucky to have sharda as her mom in law and also karan is lucky to have sakshi as his wife who is a perfect combination of beauty and brains. Sakshi smiles looking at karan and he is making faces.

Precap: karan says he would sleep on the bed, sakshi says even she wouldn’t leave the bed. Karan says will they sleep together? Sakshi says whats the big deal? And asks karan how would he control himself. Karan says even hot girls look average for him and she is average from the beginning. Sakshi moves closer and asks if she is average.

Update Credit to: madhu

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