Bani Ishq Da Kalma 13th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 13th January 2014 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 13th January 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Outdoor location near the lake
Bani finds the picturesque sceneryv and tries to take pics, but instead goes onto keep the phone safe. rajji finds the same man, in a hood, that she had seen earlier than night, and is tensed. Others too start getting tensed fro bani and rajji. They try to involve soham into playing, who’s sitting aloof otherwise. rajji goes after than man, as he hastily rushes through the area. she confronts him, asking whats his purpose, and he gets scared. she demands to know who’s he and he struggles and runs off. but the pic thats in his hand gets thrown behind. she is frustrated that he got awy, but finds the pic and is shocked when she sees bani’s pic, and number 13 behind it, and wonders whats the connection.

in the boat, bani is getting tensed for parmeet and keeps making excuses for parmeet only. Bani is sitting in the boat, when parmeet cuts off the rope that ties her boat, from a distant pole. It starts moving, and bani gets scared. rajji meanwhile starts searching around for bani. bani is scared and starts screaming for help, calling out to parmeet or anyone else for help. parmeet eyes her in her helpless situation, evilly smirking. She realises that she’s in danger and starts shouting.

rajji understands that bani must be in some kind of trouble, and starts asking people if they have seen abni around. she runs despite her delicate condition trying to get a clue of bani. She decides to call soham to help her in bani’s search. but he doesnt pick his phone, as he’s busy playing. She wonders whats number 13. He goes to ask people about anything related to Number 13. But doesnt get much help. she finds a stall named 13, and asks someone whats this stall for. But doesnt get any info. parmeet begins to eye bani through binoculars. He thinks that now even god cant help her, and now she’s leaving him and her own life to meet her God. As Bani sees parmeet, she desperately begins to call out for help to him, but he just stands there pleased with bani’s torment. Bani is stunned to see his reaction and distraught as he waves her a good bye. She understands parmeet’s trap and betrayal as he got her on this boat. She is almost in a disbelieving state that he was behind this and finds water filling up in the boat, and is shocked that there’s hole in the boat. She finds it sinking down. she starts calling for help as the boat begins to drown. rajji is frantically searching around for bani. Finally, as bani is completely in the water, one person identifies bani’s pic and tells rajji that she has gone towards the river with a man. she rushes whiole trying soham’s phone, but doesnt get through, as soham is busy playing. As she nears the river, she doesnt find anyone. as she tries to get deeper, the same official comes to say that her sister must be somewhere else, as he has been on duty all day eher and she didnt come here. rajji complies and leaves. He calls parmeet to say that the work is done and the sign is back in place.

As soham is about to get on the phone, balbir interrupts him and asks him to play as teams, as he likes this camaraderie. He leaves the cell phone. Parmeet goes onto join his family, who ask about bani. He says that she must be somewhere around. Surjit’s husband says that both bani and rajji must be together around somewhere.

rajji reaches the other end, and finds the empty motorboat. She turns around, and just then, bani’s head wobbles out of water and she screams. rajji turns around, but then she is underwater again. Rajji finally finds bani and is shocked to see her drowning. Rajji finally finds bani drowing, and seeing no other option, she dives in and tries to save bani, as she keeps sinking in with every passing minute.

Soham is tensed when he finds the missed calls, and is unable to talk to either of the sisters. He decides to go look for them, and get them back. parmeet is tensed. As bani aned rajji are in the water, with rajji trying to get to bani and save her, their whole past life flashes through, as each tries to gasp for breath in the deep waters. Finally bani completely goes underwater. The screen freezes on the still waters.

Precap: Randip asks the police to say clearly, how and whats he trying to imply, as all stand visibly tensed. The police says that they feel that the girl, referring to bani, is dead. All are shocked to hear this. Rajji refusing to believe it, screams out for bani. All are disturbed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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