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Pallavi is ready to help him but on one condition – he will have to apologize to Sharda for it. Suresh remarks that he is giving Sharda the status of my wife by signing on these papers. Pallavi is not ready to fall for his words this time. We all know you are doing all this for your own selfish reasons. It will be better if you apologize to Sharda as no one will make butter for you in jail. Jail or apologies? Suresh is miffed but hides his discontent. He apologizes to Sharda without actually feeling it. Pallavi is not going to let him go like this. She wants him to apologize to Sharda in front of everyone. Sharda is ready to forgive him here only. Pallavi reminds her that he has to seek forgiveness not just from a wife but from a mother, a DIL, a MIL. Suresh flatly refuses to do it. I have understood everything. You want to insult me using Sharda in your game. I am not going to do it. I was ready to do it for your (both the ladies) sake but not now. He looks at Sharda angrily and walks out of the room.

Suresh is sleeping on the couch. Shanaya comes to talk to him. She blames Sharda for everything. She is taking revenge from you and using my mom for it. He begins to speak in her behalf but Shanaya doesn’t let him continue. She is your wife so she won’t ruin you, right? Wake up dad. This isn’t the same Sharda. Don’t make the mistake of underestimating her. She left this home and started her own business, completed her assignments. He wonders why she dint do anything in the past years. Shanaya reasons that she dint have the courage earlier but it’s all coming out now. She thinks that you have ruined her life and now she will destroy your life. Anyways I am not as experienced about life as you but I know one thing, blood relations are above everything, like you and I share. All the other relations can go against you anytime including your wife. Be careful of Sharda or she will ruin you. He is glad that atleast she is worried for him. But you are too young to understand the complications of the relations that adults share. Anyways you go and rest. Take good care of yourself. She nods and leaves.

Pallavi has called Sakshi for some reason. Sakshi loves Pallavi’s jewellery collection which is laid out on the bed. Pallavi asks her to decide which one is best. Sakshi is confused. Pallavi shares that two of them are her ancestral sets. My mom gave it to me and she got it from her mom. This has been happening for too long. Sakshi calls Shanaya lucky as she has blessings of so many people. Pallavi agrees yet she asks Sakshi to select one. Sakshi points out at the one she likes. Pallavi gives it to her as her blessings. I am your MIL and can give you a gift right? Sakshi feels emotional yet declines. this is your ancestral jewellery and should remain in your family. pallavi replies that it will stay in family only, with my DIL. Sakshi has tears in her eyes and finally accepts it. Shanaya comes there just then. Pallavi shows her the set which she has given to Sakshi. Sakshi is sure Shanaya will create a scene now but Shanaya surprises her by praising Sakshi in turn. Sakshi takes their leave after thanking Pallavi once again. Shanaya too excuses herself and wishes goodnight to her mom.

Shanaya stops Sakshi who praises her acting. Its only you and me here so you don’t need to act. You can start with your taunts. Pallavi calls her just like Sharda. She has snatched our house while you are taking away everything else that we have. You, your family and your Sharda, all of you are shameless. Sakshi warns her not to say anything to her Ma. I have learnt everything from my Ma but I have not learnt to tolerate ill mannered people. Shanaya is taken aback and speechless. Sakshi heads for her room.

Next morning, a worried / tensed Sharda keeps looking at God’s idol with questions written all over her face. Sakshi notices her thus and is concerned. Sharda says, a wife, who has loved her husband all her life but got nothing in return, is worried but a mom is not upset. I sometimes feel that Pallavi is punishing him way too much but he hasn’t been this much wrong. Suresh agrees with her. I have made a mistake. I thought of you to be a good woman who respects her husband but you are bent on insulting me in front of my own kids. Today I have realised that you were never worth it to be my wife. Sakshi and Sharda are shocked. You deserve everything that I have done with you. Sakshi supports her Ma. You dint make these choices as you were angry. You had to do it for it was necessary. It is written in Bhagwad Gita as well that it is a bigger sin to bear injustice. Those women who bear insults quietly are part of that sin only. Don’t do this for yourself but do it for Chirag and Aarav so that they don’t do the same thing to some other woman. Sharda doesn’t want her kids to do it ever. I will throw them out of my house if they do something like that. Sakshi reasons that this is why she will have to stand for herself, to prove that women are not weak. It all starts from our home. Do it for our kids. Sharda praises Sakshi for her maturity.

Suresh’s lawyer too tells him that now only Sharda ji can help him. What’s the problem in this? She is your wife and it is her duty to help you. Pallavi interrupts them. Sharda would have done it if she was respected / treated like a wife. Suresh has never considered her his wife. Now that he is in trouble he is asking her for a certificate? Suresh sends her away. he turns to his lawyer once again to find some way out. Pallavi thinks that his male ego is not letting him bend down in front of his wife, even though she has given her whole life to him. but he is ready to break but not to bend down in front of Sharda. She calls her lawyer to go ahead with the case. Sharda wont witness in support of Suresh Modi.

Pallavi comes to Dadi’s room. Dadi senses that she is worried for something. I am a mother too and I know how it feels when some trouble befalls on your kids. I am doing so much against your son. You must be pained to see him thus. Dadi is actually pained to realise that she dint give him good values. If I would have done his good upbringing then he wouldn’t have made a joke of you or Sharda. We teach our kids that it is their duty to take responsibility of their family, but forget to tell them that they should understand / respect their partner too. My son hasn’t cheated you two but my upbringing. Please forgive me if possible. Pallavi stops her from saying so. Parents can only try. Rest is up to God. I tried to explain it all to Shanaya but I couldn’t do it. dadi assures her that it will all be fine. We all will bring her on the right track.

Police comes to arrest Suresh Modi for keeping double identity. All the family members are shocked. Sharda is in panic mode. Suresh and Pallavi stare / glare at each other. Pallavi takes Sharda inside. Suresh wants to call his lawyer who tells him he cannot do anything. Latika tells Karan that it is all because of Pallavi. Karan asks for some time to talk to him dad. Inspector gives him five minutes after many requests.

Sharda doesn’t find it right. We should not do it. he will go to jail because of us. Pallavi is not ready to budge. We should be harsh with such people. We have to teach him a lesson. We have to do everything as fast as we can. Sharda denies. she is about to go back outside but Palalvi requests her to do it for her kids. You have to fight for your rights to give our kids a right teaching. Sharda is in a dilemma.

Precap: Pallavi feels dizzy and falls unconscious. Everyone is in for a shock to see her thus.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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