Yudh 13th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Anand reaching police station with Ajju and informing inspector that he killed Jeet. Ajju says he took Anand’s statement. Inspector asks him to let him ask. Anand says he killed Jeet asks he was behind YS and he even killed Dr. Mehra and others. Inspector gets confused with his statement. Ajju says his client has accepted his crime and wants him to speak to his superiors and decrease his jail term. Inspector says he will speak to his superiors. Ajju asks Anand to keep quiet, else he will kill his son.

Nikhil checks CCTV cameras and connection goes off. He goes out to check connection. Ajju leaks news to media about Anand being arrested. Ajju calls his henchmen and asks them to kill Nikhil. Nikhil runs from there before they find him. They inform Ajju about Nikhil eloping. Ajju gets tensed hearing that and says he will reach there.

Tarunu reaches Ajju’s house and does not find him there. She sleeps on his bed and then opens cupboard to find fish’s feeds. She sees bulb off and tries to exchange it, but finds camera in holder instead. She then finds memory cards and checks them in her laptop. She is shocked to see her viedoe int. She gets a hard disk and is shocked to see lovemaking video.

YS attends Gautam’s funeral. Commissioner meets YS and gives his condolences. YS says Gautam is his mentor. Commissioner says he is talking about Anand and says he cannot imagine Anand did that to you. YS asks what did he do. He says he will go to jail for a long term now and goes from there. YS calls someone and asks what did Anand do and is shocked to hear what he did.

Taruni is still in shock and cries. She finds pen drive and finds orphanage related news and documents in it. She realizes the only one survived kid is Ajju who is trying to take revenge from YS.

YS reaches police station and asks constable to let him meet Anand. Constable says inspector took him to police headquarters and Anand lawyer was with him. YS suspects foul play. He gets into his car, gets Huntington attack and takes medicines.

Ajju reaches home and finds Taruni there. Taruni slaps him and asks why did he use her and killed her dad. Ajju holds her neck and says her dad made him do this. Taruni says she will tell about him to everyone. He pushes her on ground and kicks her till she goes unconscious. He checks her then and smirks, drags her from there.

Inspector informs Anand that he knows Ajaj Shatru is behind it and he has high contacts. He releases Anand and wishes him all the best.

Dabra gives a phone number to Rishi and tells him that call was made from this number before Nayan’s shootout. Rishi calls the number and is shocked to see it is Ajju’s number.

Ajju’s henchman informs him about Anand escaping. He asks him to reach the site while he handles he. He calls Anand’s maid and asks her to execute her plan. Maid gives gun to Aditya and asks him to shoot it at Preeti. Aditya shoots bullets everywhere excitedly.

Nayan wakes up and sees YS sitting next to him. She asks time. He says 12-12:15 and asks how is she. She says she is fine but feels tired, asks if he did not go to office. e says he thought of letting Rishi handle office and he thinks it is time for him to go away from them. Nayan asks why is he talking wierdly. YS informs that Anand took Jeet’s murder allegation on him and said I forced him to do so. Nayan asks how can he do that, if he spoke to him. YS says police has kept him at a secret place and is planning to make him govt evidence. He gets a call from Anand who informs that he was forced to give this statement and Ajaj Shatru is behind all this. YS asks what did we do to him. Anand says he knows about orphanage deal. He says Ajaj killed Malik and asks him to save Taruni. YS informs about it to Nayan and says Taruni is his next target.

Preeti escapes herself from constraints and asks Aditya to drop his gun, but he is busy shooting and asks Preeti where is she. Preeti gets into her room and locks herself while Aditya searches her.

YS reaches Gauri’s home and asks where about Taruni. Gauri says she does not know. He tells her about Ajaj Shatru. She says why would he do that and says Taruni must have gone to his home. He asks where does he stay.

Preeti’s son continuously shoots bullet and searches Preeeti. Preeti escapes from bullets.

YS calls Dabra and asks him to find out about Ajaj Shatru. He gets Huntington’s attack. Ajaj calls him and asks him to meet him. YS asks about Taruni. He says she is with him and to come to the orphanage spot, asks him to come alone. YS takes keys from driver and drives himself. Taruni wakes up and asks Ajaj what he needs. He says he wants to enjoy.

Anand reaches home via auto. Security guard informs that he is hearing bullet sounds from inside and Preeti/Aditya are there inside. Preeti escapes from window and comes out with Anand’s help. Anand asks about Aditya and goes inside house.

Rishi reaches Ajaj’s house and Taruni’s laptop with orphanage’s news on pen drive. YS reaches orphanage building and calls Taruni. Ajaj asks if he can ascend stairs at this age and to come himself and see Taruni. YS reaches the floor and asks Ajaj what is he trying to do.

Precap: Rishi reaches orphanage building. Ajaj shoots Anand. YS falls from the building saving Taruni.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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