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Dadi is proud of Sharda and tells her thus. Karan and Sakshi bring a cake for their mom to celebrate her achievement. Mostly kids make their parents feel proud but it is you who has made us feel proud. Chirag too joins them. Sharda is overwhelmed. Title track plays as she cuts the cake and feeds them all one by one. They also cheer for Sharda. Suresh happens to cross them. He stops to see what’s going on for a second and then walks out of the house. Outside, he is tensed as he will have to somehow stop Pallavi from attending this marriage. It isn’t easy but then he thinks of an idea. He leaves in his car.

Maid gives water to Dadi. She has covered her head to hide the bruises but Dadi notices them. Maid tells her (and Sakshi, who had just come there) that her husband comes home drunk and beats her. He wastes all my hard earned money on alcohol. Dadi and Sakshi feel bad for her. Dadi gives her some money to go visit a doc for first aid purposes. Sharda tells her not to go back to her home. Your husband has made you impure by raising his hand on you. You left your parent’s house, relations for him and he has broken your trust. Those relations are of no importance where you have been cheated. Don’t worry you will stay with us in our home. Sakshi is proud of her MIL.

Pallavi shows a set to Suresh which she has chosen for Meeta’s daughter. How is it? Its good right? He declines. My choice is much better as I have chosen you. She smiles at his answer. She gets a call from some Aman Khatri who talks highly of her and her company. He wants to meet her in the evening for some investment purposes. She declines and he ends the call. She tells it to Suresh. Suresh suggests her to meet him as he is a big guy. He talks about her business skills and multi tasking skills. She falls for it and schedules a meeting with Mr. Khatri. Suresh is relieved. Aman messages to Suresh that his work is done. Suresh smiles as he reads it.

Sharda is searching for her necklace but cannot find it anywhere. Suresh comes just then and brings a necklace for Meeta’s daughter. He praises his choice himself. She decides not to tell him about the necklace as he might get upset about it. He tells her to get ready fast and goes out of the room. She decides to wear another neckpiece yet is worried about the other one too. He had gifted it with love and I don’t know where it is now.

Pallavi wears the necklace and is all smiles. She loves her necklace.

Suresh reaches the venue with his family. Latika and Suresh are impressed by the arrangements. Meeta greets them. Sakshi, Karan and Latika go to meet Ishita (bride). Sharda introduces Suresh (which obviously doesn’t go down well with him). Meeta calls him a lucky man to have Sharda as his wife. He talks of his another identity as well. Meeta understands the male ego point. Suresh begins to introduce his company but right then some other guests come to meet Meeta. Suresh isn’t happy. Meeta wants to take her guests to meet her daughter. This time Sharda starts talking about their company. Meeta credits SHarda for the company’s progress and reputation as all the companies names begin with Sharda only. Suresh is upset but Meeta continues to compliment Sharda. You don’t know what all is hidden in your name. Sharda feels happy. Meeta tells Suresh that they will talk about business later. Today my daughter’s biggest day has been made fab by Sharda ji’s skills. Let us see what your company can do for us. He nods but assures her that she would never be disappointed. Meeta praises Sharda. My daughter loved the saree made by you. She is waiting to meet you only. Lets go and meet her. Sharda asks Suresh to come along and he obliges reluctantly.

Meeta makes Sharda meet Ishita who thanks Sharda for the saree. Sharda compliments the bride and talks about the chastity of marriage. She blesses her a happy married life and gives her the necklace brought by Suresh. Meeta tells her to take it as it is given by a woman who not only makes beautiful sarees but beautiful relations too. Sakshi agrees with her. She also wishes that Ishita too gets a MIL like her. Ishita thanks her.

Suresh is relieved that Pallavi hasn’t reached here till now. Thank God that she is busy in that meeting. He hears people praising Sharda for her patola work and is irked. A lady also asks Sharda to design a saree for her to which she agrees. Meeta introduces Sharda and her family to her husband. She cannot stop praising Sharda for her work. Sharda again starts talking about her company and eventually Suresh takes over. Just then he gets a call from Mr. Khatri and excuses himself. He tells Latika to explain further. Khatri tells him that he couldn’t stop Pallavi Ma’am. She has left from here. He is worried as she left some 20 minutes back. He realises that she will be here any minute. He keeps looking at the main door. I will have to leave this place anyhow before she comes here. He heads for the door but meets someone he knows and has to stop. He is almost at the door when Pallavi makes an entry. He stops in his tracks as he notices her. He turns his face the other side when Pallavi looks in his direction. She is talking to some guest. Suresh hides behind a pillar and pretends to talk on phone (to cover his face). Pallavi goes to the stage to meet Meeta and her family. Suresh is relieved to see this but turns back in shock / panic when Sharda pats at his back from behind. She tells him that Mr. Manchanda has been looking for him. Suresh wonders how to go. If Pallvi sees me then there will be a very big problem. He tells Sharda to go and he will come in a while for he has to attend an important call. Karan too comes to tell him the same thing but Suresh sticks to his excuse rather stubbornly. Karan gets thinking. It was such a big thing for dad to meet Mr. Manchanda and he is making an excuse on his own today. Something is weird in his behaviour. Sharda and Karan go from there. Suresh takes one last glance at Pallavi who is busy at the stage and leaves from there.

Karan and Sharda enjoy cold drinks. He gets a call from someone and excuses himself. Pallavi comes to meet Sharda. She too compliments Sharda. Everyone is talking about the bride and her saree only. When are you making a patola saree for me? Sharda is ready to gift one to her anytime. Pallavi calls her naive. Even if you get the priceless thing in the world for free then people don’t value it even. You have to make them realise your worth. Sharda agrees with her. maybe this is the mistake that u made. Pallavi suggests her to rectify it. Sharda wonders what if someone else has made that mistake. Pallavi tells her not to waste her time on such people. They should be left to live on their own. Sharda says we don’t hold someone’s hand to leave it afterwards. Pallavi misses it but Sharda drops the topic. She wont take any saree for free. You will have to take some money for it. Sharda calls her her friend. Pallvi suggests her not to waste her talent. Pallavi was waving her clutch and it collides with a waiter who was serving soft drinks. It falls on her saree. She starts wiping herself and takes the necklace out (it was half hidden in her saree). Sharda is shocked to see it. Pallavi is proud of her necklace. This necklace has been given to me by someone who is very special and close to me. I gave him a watch and in return he gave this to me. Sharda stands there dumbfounded. She recalls how Suresh had lied about the necklace which was mistakenly delivered at home and all the other incidents. Everything keeps echoing / flashing in her head.

Precap: Sharda is keeping something in Suresh’s cupboard and something falls from it. She picks it up and there is bill on Pallavi Ajmera’s name. She recalls that this is the very same bill (of that watch in the mall which Pallavi had forgotten earlier). She is shocked and wonders how it is here. She also remembers Pallavi’s words about her special man gifting this beautiful necklace to her in return of a watch that she had gifted to him. She looks heartbroken.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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