Ek Nayi Pehchan 10th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Nayi Pehchan 10th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Doc suggests Sakshi to come to hospital as there can be some complications in her pregnancy. You will have to take some precautions in the first trimester. You might feel weak or might want to eat some random stuff which can affect her health. Sakshi agrees to take care of herself. Doc also suggests that her mom or Mil should be with her in this condition. Sakshi nods. Doc leaves. Sakshi recalls how Sharda used to take care of her always.

Sakshi comes downstairs calling for Ma. Sharda gets happy that she called her. Padma calls out for Sakshi who is surprised to see her there. The mother daughter duo hug. Sharda had shared the good news with Padma. Plus Karan had called me as well. He said that your terms are not very good with Sharda ji these days. I want me to be with you as he doesn’t trust anyone else. Sakshi is glad that she has come. I really missed you. Padma assures her that everything will be fine now. She takes Sakshi to her room while Sharda looks on sadly.

Sharda is cooking in the kitchen. Padma comes to cook something for Sakshi. I haven’t made anything since years but I will try never mind. Sharda offers to help but Padma replies that she is making health food. You wont understand. She asks for mushrooms from Sunita. Sharda tells her that Sakshi has allergy from mushrooms but Padma says she likes it very much. I am her mom I know her likes and dislikes very well. Sharda knows that she is Sakshi’s mom but I am her MIL. I wont let you give anything to my DIL which can affect her in the wrong way. Padma wonders if she is sacred that Sakshi will like the food cooked by her more. I wont give her mushrooms. Sharda is relieved and concentrates on her work again. Padma cannot understand how her daughter can live with Sharda. Mushrooms are very healthy for Sakshi but I cannot fight with Sharda ji. It will be good that I do my work in a way that she doesn’t get to know anything. Padma tells Sharda that she can give her business to both her daughters Shanaya and Latika. I have no problem with it. In that case, Karan can join my business and he and Sakshi can shift to Ahmadabad with me. sharda is taken aback. Padma knows that there are many problems in their relations anyways. Sharda tells her not to come in between them. No outsider can understand a relation that a mom and her kid shares. Padma reminds her that she too is a mom. I want good for my kids too. I anyways wont come in between you two. Karan himself will come to me when I will offer him a good package. My business is anyways his and Sakshi’s. Sharda has full faith that Karan will not leave his mom’s love for money. Padma calls her innocent as she doesn’t know that the world runs on money and not love or togetherness. Karan will definitely come to me. after all this wedding was a deal only. Your husband had made this deal. Back then he made Karan agree for this wedding then he can make Karan agree to go with me as well. You wont be able to do anything. Sharda gets worried. Padma takes the food she has cooked and leaves from there. Sharda wonders if Suresh can actually do something like that for business.

She is shocked to hear Sakshi calling out for her. she is coughing really badly. Padma is unable to understand what has happened to Sakshi. Sharda comes there and Sakshi shows her the mushroom. Sharda gives medicine to Sakshi and helps her lie down. Sharda scolds Padma for being so irresponsible. I should have cooked for Sakshi. Sakshi realises that her mom has added mushroom in her meal. I am allergic to mushrooms. Ma, you know it well and how the doc was called last time. You could have told mom. I am pregnant. How can you do this? Sharda begins to say something but Padma feigns to not know anything. Why did you not stop me when so much had happened? sharda looks at her in shock. You were there only when I was adding mushrooms. You could have stopped me. sharda yet again tries to say something but Padma doesn’t let her speak. Am I lying? Did you tell me about Sakshi’s state? Karan walks in there and hears everything. If something would have happened to Sakshi or her baby then all the blame would have come on me. karan stops Sharda this time. I know you have problems with me but please restrict them till me only. Don’t take it out on Sakshi or our baby. I don’t want anything bad to happen with Sakshi or my baby. You please stay away from Sakshi. Padma tells him to let it be. Sharda ji made a mistake. Next time I wont trust her. I can take care of my daughter. Karan is really concerned for Sakshi. I told you not to take help from Ma then why did you do it? You have no idea what I would have done if something would have happened to you. sharda is taken aback. She tries to tell the truth but Padma stops her. there is no point talking about what you said in the kitchen and how I took it. I am Sakshi’s mom after all. I wont let her eat mushrooms after knowing that she is allergic to it. anyways, Karan have clearly told you that they both don’t need your help. Sharda leaves from there sadly. Padma heaves a sigh of relief. She assures Karan that people face problems in the first and last trimester. Karan is relieved to have her here (for the first trimester). I know no one else can take better care of Sakshi than you. She thanks him and then says that she has to talk to him about something important.

Padma wonders why Karan cannot see what’s happening in this home. How can you be so careless about it? Latika has a firm hold in office since the beginning. She is at a senior position and you used to work under her only. All the important decisions were taken after her suggestion. In a way it actually belongs to her. and since Shanaya has come here Sharda ji is focusing only on her. You are neither needed in business nor at home. I am not instigating you against Sharda ji. I am only telling you what I am noticing and I am never wrong. You are going to become a father now. I want you to make a new identity for yourself, for Sakshi and your baby. You wont be able to do it till Latika and Shanaya will be of utmost importance here. I want to help you in making a new identity. He knows no one can help me in this. I am failure, a loser. She denies. you are very innocent actually but you wont be a failure anymore. You will win now. Leave it all on me. I only wanted to know if you are actually interested in it or not. now that you have agreed then I will certainly do it.

Sharda is hurt over what happened with Sakshi. Suresh comes home. He notices that she looks worried. She lies that she is alright. He asks for Padma ji and gets to know that she is upstairs with Sakshi. How long will she stay here? She doesn’t know but it will be actually good for Sakshi. A girl needs her Ma in this condition. He asks about Sakshi and if some doc came to check on her. she replies that everything is fine. You look tired. He had some extra meetings at office. It is good for you women to sit and home, do some work and then relax in your free time. We men get old in the midst of all this. He goes to freshen up.

Next morning, Padma greets Suresh. She talks about a proposal. Everyone knows your business condition. Sakshi is my only daughter and I don’t want her to face any kind of problem. If you agree then he can join me in my business. It will be good for both of us. I can give you funds for your business. He gets thinking. Sharda has heard their convo and is worried.

Precap: Sharda talks to Sakshi about how she has supported her always. Will you leave my hand today when I need you the most? Show me the right way or our family will break. Sakshi cannot help her even if she wants to. Forgive me but I cannot do anything.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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