Laut Aao Trisha 10th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Laut Aao Trisha 10th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sanya gets ready and says Amrita that she got ready herself. Amrita says she will drop he school. Pratik says he will also drop her. Amrita says he will get late to his office and will drop Sanya alone.

Kabeer sees Varsha still at his home and wearing his clothes. He asks why is she wearing his clothes. She says he did not even mind asking her about her night dress, so she wore his clothes. Abhay comes and sees Varsha there. Kabeer starts acting and asks Varsha when did she come and says she must have come from balcony. Abhay says her flat is 2 floors apart and sits for breakfast. Kabeer forcefully takes him out and asks Varsha not to touch his goods.

Kushan sees Lavanya getting ready and going out and asks her to have breakfast. She says she is getting late and drinks juice instead. Bobby and Vivan sees her ready so early and asks where is she going. Kushan says your mom is a working mother and is going for office. Lavanya happily leaves.

Mala says Amrita that with god’s grace, her son passed in his exams. Amrita says it is mother’s prayers that are fulfilled. Mala suggests Amrita to keep fast for Trisha’s sake. Amrita starts thinking.

Kabeer and Abhay reach store where Trisha bought her chocs. Servant asks if anything happened. Kabeer jokes and then asks Abhay to show pic. Servant says she is same girl and says he saw her in TV. Kabeer asks if she bought anything from here. Owner says no. Kabeer shows choc box and asks who bought it. Servant says this is costly choc and his customers are middle class, so he does not get them. Abhay says 3 choc boxes were bought by you, so don’t like. Servant says he is not lying.

Pratik reaches office and asks his secretary about Prem. She says he has not come yet. He then calls Prem who is eagerly waiting for Lavanya. Prem picks call. Pratik asks him to come to his office soon. Door bell rings and he asks Prem to open door, Prem says grocery man has come and asks what he needs. Pratik asks him to get details about Kabeer as he wants to get him out of Trisha’s case.

Kabeer asks servant not to lie. Cashier comes and says servant is new and says his boss bought choc boxes for special customer and asked not to bill them. Kabeer asks where is his boss now. He says he is at Ali baugh. Kabeer says Abhay that they are going to Alibaugh now.

Vivan’s friend come to his home to meet him. She see Amrita and asks her about Trisha, says her mother would have much worried than her if she would have been gone missing. Amrita says even she is worried and eagerly waiting for Trisha to come back, says though she is Swaika, she is a mother and cares her daughter just like any other mother and is living on a hope that her Trisha will come back some day.

Kushan reaches Prem’s house and Prem gets tensed seeing him. Kushan starts searching Lavanya. Prem asks whom he is searching. Kushan sees burgers and pancakes and gets irked. Prem again asks what is he searching. Kushan asks if only his wife can come and says he knows about their affair.

Amrita reach home and tensely sits on a sofa. She imagines Trisha who asks her to be strong and not to feel defeat. She says she wants to come back to her and it will only happen if she is courageous, asks her to have faith in Ganeshji as he will unite them. Mala asks Amrita if she needs anything as she has not eaten since morning. Amrita asks if there is any special procedure to follow on fasting and says she will fast for Trisha.

Kabeer’s boss asks him what is happening between him and Amrita. Kabeer says Pratik must have complained. Boss says he is Pratik Swaika and can do anything and asks why did he take Amrita to the evidence spot. He says he is a mother and wanted to see it, so he bent rules. Boss says he knows him from his training days and he just only takes cases professionally and asks if he is having an affair with Amrita.

Precap: Kabeer reaches Pratik’s office and asks what is he trying to do. Pratik asks him to stay away from Amrita if he wants to be on Trisha’s case.

Update Credit to: MA

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