Ek Naya Safar! Ek Nayi Ishqbaazi!! (An IB-DBO FF by Manya) Part-16

Hello everyone!! I loved your response in choosing Omkara’s partner. Majority wanted Gaurika but I won’t hurt Gaurika and Ishkara fans. This ff is soon going to end so I will be continuing with Gaurika in this ff but next ff will be based on love story of Ishkara I have got a nice plot for my next ff and soon will be meeting you hope it will turn out to be interesting for all of you. And in my ff Ranveer don’t have any relation with Kamini. Here goes the next part.
Engagement ceremony starts Gauri and Omkara exchange rings everyone claps for them. At night Daksh re-enters the mansion from secret passage he enters with some veiled man.

Man: What we have to do here?
D: We will kidnap Anika and kill Shivaay and his child you have to go and kill Shivaay I will signal you and you kill Shivaay at that time.
Man: Okay. But mama won’t this work be dangerous don’t you see that secoorty guard standing there.
D: Don’t worry Mahi nothing will happen just concentrate on what your mother said we have gain our respect from these Oberois. Now let us go from that window.
M (Mahi.): Okay mama done.
Daksh enters the room and take away Anika trying to make her unconscious. Anika kicks vase and glass table Shivaay wakes up Mahi hides.
S: Catch him Khanna. (Khanna and other bodyguards catch Daksh and take him to police station.) (He goes to Anika.) Are you Okay Anika?
A: Yes I am fine.
He touches her belly.
S: Is our baby fine?
A (Smiles.): Nothing happened to it don’t worry.
M (Thinks.): Yeh kya gangaram hai? Ye to total mere jaisa dikhta hai. Mein sapna toh nahi dekh raha? (What is the matter he looks like me? Am I seeing some dream?)
Shivaay sees Mahi hiding there he brings him out and get shocked to see his lookalike.
S: Who are you!!!
M: First tell me who are you?
S: Don’t dare to question Shivaay Singh Oberoi in his house tell me who are you.
A lady enters,
Lady: I will tell you who is he.
Sh: Kamini!!?
P: Oh she is Kamini. What she is Kamini Shaktiji isn’t she the same lady who took away our child from hospital?
Sh: Pinky but we don’t know where he is now.
P: So asks her.
S: Who are you?
K (Kamini.): I am Kamini ex-girlfriend of your father. Ask you father he knows about me.
Sh: Shut up Kamini and tell us why you stole our child that day.
K: Yes I stole because you married Pinky you promised you will marry me but you married her so I had to steal your baby.
P: Kamini just give back my son to me.
K: Are you foolish Pinky or do you act to be? I heard mother can recognize their child in seconds but you didn’t recognize your child look at him (She shows them towards Mahi.) do you recognize him he look like Shivaay but he is not Shivaay but your second son Mahi whom I stole from hospital.
Pinky walks towards Mahi and touches him she gets surprised and hugs him.
D: Tell me why you took him away from us?
K: I thought you all are intelligent people but you all are fools you tried to fool Kamini and lost the game.
Tej signs guards and they take away Kamini.
K: I will come back to take my revenge from all of you.
Mahi was still in dilemma not understanding what to do he considered Kamini as his mother. Pinky came to him touched his face and hugged him crying.
M (Thinks.): What is all this gangaram she is my mother and that lady had stolen me from hospital. God tell me what is right and wrong.
P: Mummyji I told you all the happiness of our family will return.
Everyone happily went to both of them except Shivaay; Shivaay left from there Anika walking behind him. In the room,
A: Shivaay what happened? See he is your brother your twin who returned won’t you go and meet him?
S: Anika he lived with such a low class woman that I am not able to accept him as my brother.
A: Shivaay again you started, he is your brother he didn’t knew about anyone of us. When we married, when you appointed me here did you see my status or class or with whom I lived I was a stranger to you but he is your brother your twin you can’t deny this fact Shivaay.
Mahi comes there to Shivaay see him from far when Shivaay go and hugs him tightly. OmRu come there.
R: O!!! Dekh rahe ho aap yahan to O’bro moment chal raha hai wo bhi hum dono ke bina ye bhi koi baat hui. Sach kaha hai kisine apne dhan ko paraya hote der nahi lagti. (Are you watching O here O’bro moment is going on without us. Someone said truth things don’t take time to become of someone else.)
O: Rudra shut up can’t you see he got his lost brother but it doesn’t mean he forgot us.
Shivaay call Omkara and Rudra there. All of them have an O’bro moment.
M: Mereko nahi pata tha tum log ek dusre se itna pyar karte ho. Tum logon ne to Mereko senti kar diya yaar. (I didn’t know all of you love each other a lot you all made me emotional.)

R: Mahi bhaiya you are also not less your dressing sense is cool. (Seeing towards Shivaay and Om.) Some people always wear too many clothes everyone should be cool like us.
ShivOm: Shut up Rudra!!
R: Do you see bhaiya both of them always scolds me. (Mahi smiles at his drama.)
O: Welcome to O’bros Mahi now you are part of our O’bro moment….
R: And companion for me in getting scolded.
Everyone sees them having a good time.

Precap: Rudra proposes Saumya; Priveer confess their love for each other. Leap of 2 years; end of the fiction.

Hope you all like this fiction of mine. Next episode will be and epilogue and my fiction will end.

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