YEH ISHQ NAHI AASAN – Swaragini (Episode 15)

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Hey everyone hw r u all? I think nw u all will be happy to see me ???hai na?i m not doing any bak bak moving towards the story

As days passes swaragini and kavithas frndship grows becoming more strong and strong now the trios rule the college.kavithas gang members also became swaraginis frnds.kavitha daily picks up swara and ragini from badi in her car and drops them home as her home is in the same way.

One day swaragini and kavitha was sitting in the canteen and chit chatting.swara notices a pair of eyes that was watching her.swara ignored it and continued talking with the person was continuously looking at her swara got irritated by his gaze he stood up from her chair and went near that person

Swara:(angry)whats ur problem Mr.SANSKAR MAHESHWARI?y are u keeping on staring me eh?what do u think u follow me everywhere and i ll not come to know about it.i was silent till know because i thought u ll change when i start to ignore u…but u….sudarne ka naam hi nahi hai

Sanskar:swara listen to me….u know y i was following u and i have told u this a hundred times
Swara:thats wat i m also asking y r u so much concerned about me.and regarding that matter i have talked to u already that i dont believe u
Now everyone in the canteen was noticing the heated argument between swasan.seeing this ragini goes near swara
Ragini:swara listen everybody is seeing stop this drama
Swara:seriously ragini u r asking me to stop the drama..instead of me ask (pointing towards sanskar)him to stop blaming and bad mouthing about kavitha….how dare he
Ragini:(holding swara)calm down swara everyone is watching pls control urself
Kavitha walks towrads them
Kavitha:(with tears)sanskar i admit that i was bad in the beginning and i hv done a lot of wrong deeds bt believe me sanskar now i have changed everyone in the clg know this see even swara and ragini forgave me and we are now good friends i m not asking u to forgive bt atleast pls dont insult me like this….she leaves from there crying
ragini goes behind kavitha
Swara:see……how much u have hurted her..that day u were telling me na that kavitha can never change bt now i think its u who changed sanskar…u r not that sanskar whom i meet.swara leaves from there leaving a heartbroken sanskar behind.the bell rings and everyone returns to their classes except one,sanskar…he was just sitting there and thinking about that day…..about that day wch broke their growing frndship….

Somedays ago
Its 1month since swararagini and kavitha and swaragini hv sorted the problems between them and are now frnds sanlak and their gang alao became frnds with swaragini and kavithas gang bt still sanlak had a feeling that kavitha had not changed becz they knew kavitha since long time…..surely more than swaragini.sanskar always used to warn swara about kavitha bt she never paid any heed to his talks.even though sanskar and swara were friends sanskar was more friendly with ragini he felt that comfort zone with ragini…sanskar and ragini used to share their doubts about kavithas behaviour.even though ragini became frnds with kavitha she had doubts on her mind regarding her.and may b thats the reason y ragsan bonded so well..ragini was pampered like a sister by sanskar whereas ragini gave him all rights of a brother swara was always jealous of their bond bt soon her jealousy vanished away when she got luckys company….bt sanskar was always concerned for swara bt he didnt knew y this feeling was new for day sanskar listened to kavitha talking to someone on phone
Kavitha:yh we are now good frnds..she dont hv any doubt on mom i m getting sick doing this acting of becoming too good infront of everyone…i know mom i hv to do this to teach that swara a lesson thats the only reason y i m bearing that poor middle class girl..otherwise i would have….ok mom yh our plan is on ….ok c u….
She cuts the call and turns to find sanskar in front of her
Kavitha:(stumbles)sa…sa…san.skar.. tum yaha kya kar rahe ho?koi kaam tha?
Sanskar:hw could u kavitha i kbow u were cheap bt much cheap u are taking advantage of her friendship of her trust…no not anymore mein abhi jaa kar swara ko sab kuch batha doongi…(turns to walk)
Kavitha:toh batha do dekhthe hai swara kiski baath maanthi hai

Sanskar leaves from there giving a disgusting look to kavitha and searches for swara.he searches for here everywhere and finds her sitting all alone on a bench at lovers park(a park within the clg where usually lovers spend time)
Sanskar:thank god swara u r here i wanted to tell u something important
Swara gets up and walks towrds him
Woh swara..nd tells her whatever happend CHATAK!!!sanskar turns towards swara holding his cheeks
Swara:chi sanskar chi…i never thought that u ll stoop so low..inorder to win a bet u r raising ur hand against kavithas character shame one u sanskar…how could u chi….
San:swara wat r u telling i cant understand anything…i know sanskar that u had a bet with ajay that u ll take me to ur bed and spend a night with me and kavitha who knew u from beginning knew about all ur deeds and thats y u were trying to brk our frndship.
Sanskar was shocked to his core hearing swara
San:no swara its nothing like that…yeh tumse kisne bole issne na(pointing towards kavitha)
Swara:kisne bhi batgaya ho sanskar bt baath toh sach hai na
Sanskar:nahi swara aisa nahi hai jaisa tum samajh rahe ho..yeh tumse badla lena chathi hai isliye tumse doati ki natak kar rahi hai
Swara:acha yeh jooth bol rahi hai na?sanskar nodes yes yeh natak kar rahi hai na ?sanskar nodes.toh phir kya yeh bhi jooth bol rahi hai.(pointing towards a girl)sanskar felt utter shocked seeing that girl that was Anushka (i had introduced her as sanskars frnd in the 1st episode of flashback)sanskars childhood frnd who is or u now u can say a member of sanskara gang.san couldnt utter a word.becaise his childhood frnd had betrayed him
Swara:kyun sanskar tumhara mooh usekyun band hai…kuch bolo tell me somethng DAMN IT!!!…..sanskar now ur drama is over no need to act in front of me anushka told me how u kept bet with ajay and hw u tld him that u ll bring me to ur…..(closes her eyes in disgust)even i know sanskar that i was not the 1st girl to get into ur trap…bt i was lucky that kavitha informed me about u and ur plan
Sanskar looks at kavitha and she smirks
Dont look at her sanskar she had heard all ur talk with ajay and i know u saw her and threatened her that u wont let kavitha reach me…mbt sorru to say sanskar u failed…..saying this swara starts walking along with kavitha and turns to him…aaj ke baad hamare beech mein koi dosti nahi tum mere liye sirf ek stranger ho sirf ek stranger.
Swara walks frm there leaving a shattered sanskar ragini who was watching all this went and kept her hand on sanskar.he hugged her and cried his heart out

Sanskars chain of thoughts was broken by a phne call
Sanskar:haa lucky bol
Lucky:bhai wat happend in clg ragu had msged me to call u urgently
San:nothing yaar wahi….roz roz ki drama
Lucky:bhai now swara is crossing her limits i know apke kehne pe mene usse itna sab kuch hone ke baad bhi dosthi rakhi…bt not now
San:listen lucky..u knw swara if she starts to believe someone she velieves him blindly and kavitha is taking advantage of her…mein toh uske saath nahi hoon agar tu bhi nahi rahega toh kaun uska dyan rakeha…nw gussa chod or phne rakh clss ka time ho gaya
Lucky:ok bhai


Rajnath:i m really glad to do this project with u Mr Gadodia
Shekhar:Even i m very much excited regarding this project
Rajnath:Mr Gadodia i wanted to tell u something important
Shekhar:yes go ahead
Raj:as u know many rivals had their eye on this project nd we bagged it i want this project to be handled by someone trust worthy who can keep it confidential and is capable of handling this project
She:oh dont worry Mr Goenka there is a person who can handle this project very well i ll make u meet her
Raj:oh wow thats nice
Shekhar calls someone
She:ask mishti to come here
Door opens and sharmishta comes inside the cabin shekhar gets up from his chair and side hugs shomi
Raj:oh toh aap hai sharmishta Gadodia business women of the year.mmi hv heard a lot about u bt kabhi milne ka mauka nahi mila.nice to meet u
Both shakes their hand
Shomi:same here Mr Goenka
Raj:so shes going to handle the project
Shomi:shekhar i have called her right now shes busy so she cant come here bt she said ok to the project
Shekhar smiles
She:so Mr Goenka since this project is very important for both of us i hv decided to gve the responsiblity of this project to my elder daughter Shona.I hope u dont mind
Raj:absoulty not…infact i m very much happy that i ll get to meet her too well i m must tell ur family is really talented.shemish smiles

Tada….this is all for today i knw it is short bt guys i m typing i m phne cant i cant write more than this from phne…hope u can understand my situation…and guys i ll not be posting daily bt yh 2-3 post in a week bt I can’t tell when ll i post nxt chapter….hope to c u soon….dont forget to comment

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