Harmonious Heart Beat (Part 17)

Hi guys I’m back with part 17 of Harmonious Heart Beat!!! I must say to all my readers, thankyou thankyou thankyou so so so much for waiting patiently to know what exactly happened in the story since the events occurring in the episodes are due to the past of the characters in the story. I love the way you guys comment on my characters. One person had objection with me suddenly turning the ff from Swalak to Raglak. Actually it was not any sudden change, that’s how the story is, because the story cannot be Swasan and Swalak both at a time. I initially put a suspense about whether it was Swasan or Swalak, I really apologize to all Swalak’s whose heart I broke.
Thanks a lot to all who read and comment, especially in all episodes, and comments about the characters after analyzing the episode so well.

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***Maheshwari House***
Sujatha went to Ragini’s room to get her ready. She knocked on the door. Ragini was sitting down and crying. Ragini heard Sujatha and covered her mouth to so that Sujatha wouldn’t hear her. But Sujatha called her again and again. Ragini ran to the toilet, washed her face and came to open the door.
***Ragini’s room***
As soon as Ragini opened the door Sujatha popped in.
“Ragini beti, jaldi se yeh saree pehno aur tayar ho jao (Ragini dear, wear this saree fast, and get ready).”
“Kyu masi (Why aunty)?’’
“Ragini tumhe dekhne ladke vaale aa gaye he (Guys family has come to see you)”
“Ladke vaale, mujhe ab shaadi nehi karni maasi (Guys family, I don’t want to get married now aunty).”
“Har ladki aaisi hi kehthi he, par bado ka pharz hotha he ki unki shaadi sahi waqt par kara dhe!!! (Every girl tells this, but it is the responsibility of elders to get them married when the right time comes.”
“Par masi…. (But aunty)”
“Ragini, kya tum kisi se pyaar karthi ho (Ragini, are you in love with anyone)?”
Ragini thought about the moment shared by her and Laksh few minutes ago. Sujatha noticed her getting lost in her thoughts. She interrupted her thoughts and repeated the question.
“Nehi masi, mein abhi tayaar hoke aathi hoon (No aunty, I’ll get ready and come now).” She agreed because that was the only way to keep away from Laksh.
***Laksh’s room***
Laksh was very angry about what he was about to do. He was confused about what made him do so, how could he cheat Swara. But he couldn’t bear to see Ragini in pain. He walked here and there in the room worried thinking about their past…
Laksh had come home from class and saw a beautiful new bike lying on car porch. He was confused about whose bike it was. Dp came out of the house and said “Laksh kaisa laga tumhe surprise “Laksh how did you like the surprise)?”
Laksh became so happy and ran to Dp and hugged him “Thank you so much Papa, Thank you so much.”
Ragini came from inside and said “Lucky, wow such a nice bike na.”
“Chalo, mein pehle tumhe ride pe leke jaoonga, aao (Come, I’ll first take you for a ride, come).”
Ragini jumped up in excitement and sat behind Laksh.
She didn’t hesitate to hug him from behind because Laksh was her chuddy buddy. They never realized their love for each other until circumstances forced them to. Laksh and Ragini was always together from childhood, Sanskar was a little mature, so never got into their madness. He joined them for movie and dinner night outs. Actually Sanskar was the only on with a job that time, so he had to sponsor their expense on night outs!!! Sanskar cared for Ragini and Gauri like he cared for Avni, after the death of their parents, he took their responsibility. Ragini was close to Laksh and Sanskar to Gauri. Ragini was a small sister to him, he loved her like Avni, and Gauri was his best friend.
***Flashback ends***
***Ragini’s room***
Ragini was dressing up in front of the mirror. She started by slowly wearing a beautiful necklace, and while she dressed up remembered the time when she went away from Laksh and the time when she realized her love for Laksh.
***Bg music***
{{{Kaise batayein (How do I tell)
Kyun tujhko chahe (Why I love you)
Yaara bata na paayein (O friend, I’m unable to tell)
Baatein dilon ki (see, whatever talks of hearts)
Dekho jo baki (is remaining)
Aankhein tujhe samjhaein (the eyes explain to you)
Tu jaane na..(you don’t know)
Tu jaane na…(you don’t know)
After Laksh completed his 12th, Ragini moved to a hostel for higher studies and there was where Laksh met Swara in his medical college. In the initial days, Laksh missed Ragini but then slowly Swara took her place in his life, he slowly forgot Ragini’s importance in his life. He used to call Ragini daily, telling her how much he missed him. After few weeks, the calls reduced because he was busy in his studies.
Ragini in her hostel was excited when she realized how important Laksh was for her. How much Laksh mattered to her. She missed him so much. Every moment she spent in her hostel made her realise how much she loved him and made her worried when she thought how she would confess to him. She planned many times and rehearsed on how she was going tell him about her feelings. She imagined his response as being very happy and hugging her.
After she completed her course she came back but home and waited to meet Laksh. She was meeting her Laksh after 4 years and he had come just for a week. But she decided to tell him everything when he was there. She wanted to make their moment special and planned up everything. Before that she wanted to tell everything. So she went to Sanskar’s room.
“Sanskar, mujhe tumse kuch kehna he (I want to tell you something Sanskar)” Ragini said.
“Kya hua jhalli, mujhse kuch kehne ke liye tumhe introduction ki zaroorat kabse padne lagi, aao baito, batao kya baath he (What happened, from when have you been in need of and introduction to tell me something, come, tell me, what is it)?” Sanskar said to make her feel comfortable and speak.
Ragini closed her eyes tightly and first took a deep breath. Then she said it out all of a sudden.
“Uh mein Laksh se pyaar karthi hoon Sanskar (Uh, I’m in love with Laksh).”
Ragini still sat with her eyes closed. She expected a response of shock from Sanskar’s side. She didn’t hear anything, “Did Sanskar faint hearing what I said Oh my God” she thought and slowly opened one eye to look at him.
She saw him arranging his stuff in his room and casually doing normal stuff.
“Ehhh!!!!! Kya kya haan, mein tumse apni zindigi ki ithni important baath keh rahi hoon, aur tum ho ki aaise hi…… aaise hi…… bas…… kyaa… haan…. (Ehh!!! What what haan, I’m telling you such an important thing of my life, and you’re just, …. Just…… what … haan) .” Ragini said pushing him and stopped him from doing any other work.
“Tho tum kya chahthi ho, mujhe kya karna chahiye, tumhi batao (Then what do you expect, what should I do, tell me).”
“Mujhe kya karna chahiye mathlab, tum aise kyu react kar rahe ho Sanskar, vaise bhi mein bohoth pareshaan hoon, mujhe aur pareshaan math karo Sanskar, please (What should I do means, why are you reacting like this Sanskar, already I’m very irritated, don’t trouble me more Sanskar, please).”
Sanskar bursted out in laughter. Ragini looked at him in anger.
“Arey pagli, tumhaare alaava, yahaan sabko patha he ki tum Laksh se kithna pyaar karthi he, aur uske bhi aankho me dikhtha he, isiliye tho, mein tum dono ki saari night outs mein tumhaare saath aatha hoon, tum meri responsibility jo ho, kahi kuch galath na ho jaye, Haawww(you are so innocent, except you, all others here knew that you loved Laksh, and its visible in his eyes too, that’s why I join you in all your night outs, after all you’re my responsibility, if something happens, hawwww)!!! Sanskar said acting concerned to teased her. She gave him a thrust on his shoulder and Sanskar “AAAAhhh” he faked pain and laughed.
Ragini smiled shyly and turned away from Sanskar.
“Arey Jhalli, tumhe sharmaana bhi aatha he kya (Wow, you are shy)” Sanskar teased her again.
“Sanskar” she complained.
Sanskar smiled and she hugged him.
***Flashback ends***
***Ap’s room***
Ap also sat on her bed and thought about the past
She too thought of the same day. She was making arrangements since her son was coming home for a week after long. She was the happiest ever. She was busy and running around to get everything done before Laksh came and spent time with him when he came. In that course, she happened to pass by Sanskar’s room and saw Ragini and Sanskar hug each other.
Initially it shocked Ap, Ap stood closer to the door, out of their sight to hear their converstation.
“Thank you Sanskar, tum nehi hothe tho mein kya karthi (What would I do without you), you are the best.” Ragini said.
“Tumse acha tho koi nehi he Ragini, yeh sab jab Laksh ko patha chalega, tho tumhe patha nehi woh kithna khush hone vaala he, tum uski jhalli jo ho (There’s no one better than you Ragini, when Laksh will get to know all this, you don’t know how happy Laksh is going to be, you are his crazy girl right).”
Ap turned in surprise and said to herself “Tho yeh dono ek doosre ko chaahthe he, Sanskar apni maa se kehne se pehle tum Laksh se kehne vaale ho, kyun tumhe apni ma par barosa nehi he (So these two are in love, Sanskar before telling his ma, is going to tell Laksh, why don’t you believe your Ma).” She thought sadly.
But then she changed her thought “Kisi se bhi kaho tum pehle, mujhe Ragini bohoth pasand he aur mere bete ki zindigi ki akelapan bhi door ho jaayenge. Jab se Gauri aur Om ki engagement ho gayi, tabse mera beta khud ko akela mehsoos kar raha tha, ab sab kuch teekh hoga (Tell anyone first, its Ok, I like Ragini, and the lonliness in my sons life will be away, from the time Gauri has got engaged, from then my son is feeling lonely, now everythings gonna be fine).”
***Flashback ends***
Sujatha went around and called everyone downstairs and informed all elders her plan to get Ragini and Laksh married.
When she came to dp’s room and told, Sanskar was shocked.
“Chachi yeh aap kya keh rahi ho, par Raghav tho,….. (Aunty, what are you saying, but Raghav…..)” he stopped.
“Raghav tho kya (but Raghav what….)?” Sujatha asked.
“Arey chachi, kya aapne Ragini se poochli (Aunty, did you ask Ragini)?” Sujatha asked.
“Haan baba, maine poochli, voh apni kamre mein tayaar ho rahi he (Yes dear, I asked, she is getting herself ready in her room).” Replied Sujatha.
Sanskar instead of going downstairs, he went to Ragini’s room, Dp, Sujatha and Ap went to attend the guests.
***Ragini’s room***
Sanskar knocked on Ragini’s door. Ragini didn’t open the door.
“Ragini, I’m Sanskar, please open the door, its important” Sanskar said.
Ragini said “Sanskar mujhe kisi se koi baath nehi karni, tum neeche jao, sabse baath karo (Sanskar I don’t want to talk about anything to anyone, you go downstairs, talk to everyone).”
Before Sanskar could force her to open the door, Sujatha came.
“Ragini beti, kya tum tayaar ho, darvaasa kholo (Ragini dear, are you ready, open the door).”
Ragini came and opened the door, dressed in a beautiful saree.
“Hai, kinni soni lag rahi he meri bachi (Wow how pretty my dear is looking).” Said Sujatha.
“Ragini mujhe tumse kuch baath karni he (Ragini I want to talk to you).” Sanskar interrupted.
“Eh Sanskar, aaj iski shaadi thodi he, neeche voh log inthezar kar rahe he, un logo ke jaane ke baad tum baath kar lena Ragini se (Eh Sanskar, Is it her marriage today, they are waiting downstairs, after they leave you can talk to Ragini).” Sujatha said.
Laksh heard Sujatha shouting out Ragini’s name and came out of his room.
Laksh saw Ragini in her red saree and stood mesmerized. She was glowing in that saree, in fact the saree was glowing on her. Sanskar saw Laksh looking at her and stood before Laksh view covering Ragini. “Ab Ragini ko chot pahonchaane nehi doonga mein tumhe Laksh, tum bachpan se Ragini ko chahthe ho, par aaj thak kabhi samajh nehi paaye, mujhe ummeed bhi nehi he ki tum kabhi samajh bhi paaoge ya nehi. Par ab tumhe Ragini ke zindigi se khelne nehi doonga mein (Now I wont allow you to hurt Ragini, Laksh, you love Ragini since childhood, but till now you haven’t realized it, I don’t believe if you will realise it hereafter, but now I wont allow you to play with Ragini’s life).” Sanskar thought and walked along with Ragini and Sujatha.
Avni ran to Swara and talked to her looking at Raghav. She smiled shyly. Sujatha served them snacks.
Swara searched for Sanskar. She messaged him since she was missing him.
Sujatha brought Ragini (Ragini had her head bowed down) and said, “Yeh rahi hamari beti, iske baare mein mujhe kuch kehne ki zaroorath bhi nehi he, Raghav beta aur aap sab bachpan se jaanthe he na Ragini ko (Here is our daughter, I don’t have to tell anything about her, Raghav and you all know her from chilhood right).”
Ragini looked at Raghav and Avni shocked. Swara also looked at them in shock. Swara knew his brother always saw Ragini as his younger sister from the time they knew Gauri and Ragini.
Avni made and excuse of going to the kitchen and went from there.
Gauri and Omkara came in the house, Sujatha welcomed them also. Gauri was very worried for Ragini, but before Gauri could speak a word, Sanskar held her hand and stopped her from saying anything.
Gauri looked at him in surprise, but Sanskar eyed her ensuring that he was upto something.
Raghav noticed Avni going inside without saying anything, he was worried for her, he wanted to talk to her, he was confused if she misunderstood him, without thinking about all the people around Raghav stood up and walked to the kitchen.
Suddenly Sujatha stopped him, and asked “Arey Raghav beta, tum kaha ja rahe ho (Raghav dear, where are you going)?”
“Voh mujhe paani chahiye thi (No I wanted water).” He replied still looking in the direction of the kitchen searching for Avni.
“Mein leke aathi hoon na, aap betiya (I’ll bring it, you sit down).” Said Sujatha.
“Sharma raha he shayaad, use jaane do Sujatha (Maybe he is shy, let him go Sujatha).” Sharmishta’s mother said.
“Kya maasi aap bhi, iss ghar mein mujhe paani lene ke liye kisi ki zaroorath he kya, phir bhi agar aap chaahthi ho tho, Sanskar mere saath aayega, he na Sanskar (What aunty, to take water in this house do I need anyone to guide me, and still if you wish so, Sanskar will join me, right Sanskar).” He said and looked at Sanskar.
“Haan haan zaroor, chalo (Ya sure, come)” said Sanskar and went with Raghav.
On the way to kitchen, Raghav asked Sanskar, “Yeh ho kya raha he Sanskar, tumhare hothe hua hume yeh din dekhna pada? Tumhe sab kuch patha he na, aur Ragini, voh bachpan se mere saath thi, aur mere liye choti behen jaisi he, patha nehi Avni kiss haal me hogi (What is going on Sanskar, when you’re here we had to see such a day? You know everything right, and Ragini, she is there with me since childhood, and is like a younger sister to me, and don’t know Avni’s condition).”
“Avni ko hum sambhallenge, aur mere hothe hue yeh shaadi nehi ho sakthi, tumhe fikr karne ki koi zaroorat nehi, just wait, mein kuch sochtha hoon (We’ll take care of Avni,and when I’m there this marriage can never happen, you don’t have to worry, just wait, I’ll think some way out)” said Sanskar.
Their conversation continued while they searched for Avni in the kitchen and finally Sanskar found her sitting beside the fridge, hiding and crying. He was worried and ran to her.
“Avni, get up, get up.” Sanskar said in concern.
Raghav also came running and held her hand and asked “Tum teekh tho ho na (Are you all right)?”
Avni pushed his hand away from hers and hugged Sanskar and cried.
Raghav stood in shock and worried for Avni.
Sanskar consoled her and said “Avni, Raghav didn’t do anything, just trust me, I’ll make everything fine.”
“Bhai its just you who knows about us, he said he was going to surprise me, and see,” she complained like an immature girl, infact like a baby.
Raghav got relieved and smiled at her childish cuteness.
“Arey mein kaha jaantha tha ki sab Ragini ki baath kar rahe the, maine socha tumhaari baath hogi (How would I know that everyone was talking about Ragini, I thought it was about you).” Raghav explained.
“Chup chup, mujhe tumse koi baath nehi karni, bada aaya surprise dene vaala (Shut up, I don’t want to talk to you, see who’s come to surprise) .” Avni irked and looked away.
He gestered Sanskar to turn away and Sanskar looked in anger, like a responsible elder brother, he assured him that he wasn’t going to do anything and Sanskar gave him permission.
Raghav hugged Avni and she rebelled. He whispered in her ears “I love you Avni, you are my baby, aur is baby ko kisi aur ke haath me kabhi nehi dhoonga (And I’m not going to give this baby to anyone), and I’m not going to marry anyone else, because its very difficult to handle you, then how can I think about more, oh no my God.”
Avni began to hit Raghav, Sanskar smiled.
“Arey, I was just joking, save me Sanskar, sorry sorry.”
She looked at him with her baby expression and asked “PROMISE?”
He smiled and replied “Haan baba, promise.”
“AREY RAGHAV, SANSKAR, pani nehi mili kya (Didn’t get water or what)” Sujatha shouted and reached the kitchen, Avni sat behind Sanskar and hide.
“Haan masi, chalo chalthe he (Yes aunty, come lets go), Raghav said and took her away. Sanskar also went and Avni waited till everyone was busy and wouldn’t notice her coming from the kitchen.
Swara looked at them doubtfully. Swara forgot her situation and was concerned about Raghav. She wasn’t sure about Avni and Raghav’s relationship, but even though no one else noticed Ragini coming from the kitchen, Swara did, and she was sure about them.
Sanskar was deeply thinking about what to do. Ragini looked at him for help, he understood that she also didn’t know that Raghav was the guy. He gestered her assuring her that he had an idea, but Sanskar was confused and felt heavy, after all he had taken the responsibility to save all these relationships.
Swara saw Sanskar in worry and wanted to help him. She looked around and saw Laksh standing in a corned and hurting himself holding a sharp glass piece. She was shocked and was about to walk towards him, but she noticed whom he was looking at, to her surprise, Laksh was looking at Ragini, she was totally puzzled. But she had seen love in Laksh’s eyes that she hadn’t seen all these days when he was with her.
She wasn’t sure about her interpretation but, she could help Sanskar with what she just got to know.
She messaged him,
“Sanskar, kabhi kabhi zindigi mein, jab pyaar saamne hotha he, hame us pyaar ka ehsaas nehi hotha, par jab dhoor jaatha he na, thab jaake samajh aatha he us pyaar ki ehmiyath. Kahi baar aisa bhi hotha he ki, ehsaas hotha he, par hum us ehsaas ko dosti ka naam dekhe chodthe he aur pyaar se bhagne ki koshish karthe he, vajah kuch bhi ho, ek vajah yeh he ki, hum us pyaar ki gehrai se anjaan he, par hum kisi ko uss pyaar ka ehsaas dila sakthe he,……. Agar abhi thak tumhe samajh nehi aaye tho, tum peeche dekho Sanskar (Sanskar, sometimes in life, when your love is before you, we don’t realise that love, butwhen it is going away from you, that’s when you realise its importance. But sometimes, we feel love, but we think it friendship or concern and ignore it, and run away from it, whatever the reason is, one reason is that, you are unaware of the depth of that love, but we can make someone realise that feeling, still if you haven’t understood what I meant, just turn back and have a look).”
Sanskar recieved and read the message. Sanskar was confused, so he turned and looked. He saw Laksh and saw what he was doing.
Sanskar understood what Swara meant and looked at Swara with all his love. He went near Swara and held her hands without anyone notice. Swara smiled back at him.

Ragini in her room again thinking about the continuation of the flashback.
Ragini and Sanskar plan to surprise Laksh and decorate his room. At the same time Laksh reach Maheshwari House with Swara.
***Flashback ends***
Sanskar and Swara sitting in Swara’s bed.
Sanskar held her from behind while she leaned on him.
“Batao Sanskar, dheere dheere batao, mein stress nehi loongi aur kuch bhi yaad karne ki koshish nehi karoongi, bas mujhe jaanna he, agar tumne nehi batai, tho mujhe stress hogi na.”
“Teekhe me ek kahani ki tarah bathaoonga, but jab tum stress mehsoos karoge, bathadena, baaki ki kahani mein baad me bathaoonga, promise me that you will tell.”
“OK Promise.”
They smile.

That’s all for today. According to the promo, Sanskar is going to narrate the flashback to Swara, so we all will get to know the actual incidents of the past. Stay tuned. Thankyou so much for reading and commenting.

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