Ek Naya Safar! Ek Nayi Ishqbaazi!! (An IB-DBO FF by Manya) Part-12

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Hello Everyone!! It is me once again here with next part of my ff. Here goes the next part.
After celebrating their anniversary Shivaay and Anika leave for their office. Everyone get busy in planning for their grand anniversary party going to held on next Monday.
In the office,
Anika enters her cabin and finds a box gift wrapped beautifully and a chit pasted on it,
Anika (Thinks.): Another surprise.

A (Reading.): For you my dear wife?! (She says to herself.) Dear? Shivaay still don’t love me. Anyways what he wrote next. (Again reads.) For you my dear wife! I brought this gift for you open the box and look inside.
Anika opens the box and finds a red gown with black Italian print.
A: Aw! It is just beautiful.
She finds another chit she reads it.
A: Wear this dress in evening and reach our resort at sharp 7 p.m.
Anika get excited. After the work get completed she leaves from her office at 6 p.m. goes to mansion and get dressed. She finds another chit on the mirror. She reads it.
A: Open the cupboard get the next gift, go down car is ready and come to the resort soon. “Don’t tell about it to anyone at home.”

Anika opens the cupboard and finds a beautiful diamond set she wears it and goes downstairs. While she was going Gauri and OmRu come and stop her.
OmRu: Bhabhi!!
R: Bhabhi where are you going in such hurry?

Anika don’t reply Gauri shake her.
G: Didi tell us where are you going?
Anika don’t reply then also trio thinks to dance in front of her the dance but Anika don’t do anything she just kept smiling and thinking of Shivaay. When Anika don’t reply to them trio shouts in her ears.
RiOmRu: Anika Bhabhi!!!
A: Yes what was the need to shout like this? You just made full proof planning to make me deaf.
RiOmRu: You didn’t listen to us where you are going so we had to shout.
A: I am going to some party.

G: We can see that. To which party are you going?
A: To a b’day party.
R: Bhabhi do you think I am a monkey or a donkey or a foolish person.
Rudra get sad and make fake crying face Anika nods yes and then she realizes what she did.
A: No I mean you are my little baby how you can be foolish.
R: Then tell where are you going?
A: My friend invited to her marriage anniversary.
O: But you just said you are going to b’day party.
A: Umm… Yes it is her b’day too so it is b’day cum anniversary party. I am getting late I must leave now.
Trio laughs as they knew she is going with Shivaay.

Anika reach the resort told by Shivaay. She finds the resort fully decorated but none was there she get a little scared. She walks towards the table decorated. Suddenly someone comes and holds her she get more scared and pick up the knife kept on table she turns and get surprised to see Shivaay.
A: You scared me totally. Is this the way to surprise?
S (Smiles.): My Panika got scared. Anyways how the decorations are? Do you like it?
A: It is amazing Shivaay more than I thought.
Shivaay and Anika dance on Pehli Dafa. Anika blushes both of them go and have dinner,
A: O Bête ki!! (Shivaay get surprised.)

S: What happened? Anika is everything alright? Are you okay?
A (Excited.): Such a big thing happened. You ordered aloo puri for me! But you don’t like oily food then…
S: It is our anniversary Anika and I thought to surprise you by this.
After the complete dinner Shivaay holds Anika’s hand and takes her towards the pool area.
A: Shivaay you booked this whole resort for me?
S (Smiles.): Anything for you Anika.
A: Shivaay why you did so much for me?
S: Because I love you Anika. (Shivaay then realizes what he said and smiles he holds her hand.) Anika I love you very much. I can’t live a single day without you. You mean a lot to me and I can’t bear if anyone touch you or try to harm you. I love you Anika I love you.
Anika get tears in her eyes.
S: Why are you crying Anika? Are you not happy?

A (Smiles.): Shivaay you know I feel blessed having you as my husband. I love you too Shivaay.
Both of them hug each other. Shivaay and Anika go to their Emerald Suite. Anika goes and come out dressed in her pink robe. Shivaay and Anika calls at home meanwhile.
S: Om I won’t be coming back there is an important meeting.
OmRu (Teasing.): Okay Shivaay/Shivaay Bhaiya “enjoy” your meeting.

S (In angry tone.): I will see you both once I come back.
R: With whom are you in meeting?
A: I think I may get late Gauri as I got stuck with our business partner and my friend I met her after a long time so I will be staying with her.
G: Don’t worry everyone here are asleep but come back before 7a.m. or it will be a big problem.
S: Rudra stop joking there is an important meeting.
OmRu: Oh Okay enjoy yourself.

Shivaay and Anika end the call both of them get intimate and consummate their marriage.

Precap: Anniversary party. Shivaay makes an announcement.

Hello guys so this was the next part hope you like it.

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