Ek Mutthi Aasman 3rd September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Mutthi Aasman 3rd September 2013 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 3rd September 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Kamla is singing for Kalpana. Sahil reaches there with his daughter in hands crying. He gathers the courage and starts moving towards Kamla’s house. When the door knocks Kamla goes running to open thinking that it must be Mithal. When she opens the door she is left startled finding Sahil Kapoor standing on her doorsteps. Please save my child, says he. I can’t see my daughter in this condition. All she needs is a mother;s milk that Nettu can’t give her. Kamla doesn’t know what to say. I owe you a lot but i couldn’t get any other name in my mind. How can i feed Madam’s daughter? She asks. If not a mother feeds the child then who will? What is my daughter’s fault. Kamla places Kalpana on the bed and takes Sahil’s daughter from his hands. She takes her

in to feed her. She says to the baby girl, i am poor but a mother. She starts feeding her. Kalpana starts crying when she is done with Sahil’s daughter. She says look kalpana who has come to your house Nettu madam’s daughter.
She goes and returns the baby girl to Sahil who is sleeping. Sahil says thank you Kamla i will never be able to return what you have done. Your husband is in jail, he will be back by tomorrow. You know God doesn’t always give everything to everyone. I needed you so i came here ignoring my ego and everything. Its up to you if you wanna come back to that home because your relation with that house is not just of a maid now. You have another responsibility too now. I have not told Nettu about coming here. He leaves.
He says to the driver i know that she will come i have learned in the life where and how to invest.

Scene 2
Kamla is feeding Kalpana and talking to her amid.

Scene 3
Kamla is packing Pakiya’s school bag. Pakiya asks her if he can take Kalpana to the school she is so small that she can fit in my bag. Pakiya asks her where is papa? Mithal comes in. Kamla is really happy to see him and so is Pakiya. Pakiya goes and hugs him. He goes to see Kalpana holds her and talks to her. Kamla asks how are you he looks at her but doesn’t respond. I will make meal, get fresh, says Kamla. Kamla goes in the kitchen to make him food. Kamla says to Mithal that Sahil came here last night. a man comes in saying Mithal Sahil Kapoor has called us to the mill to negotiate.

Scene 4
Nettu wakes up and asks she didn’t cry at the night? He says i took her out. I will never let her drink anybody else’s milk, says Nettu. Sahil says i don’t understand if you are rejecting her or she is rejecting you and leaves.

Scene 5
Kamla is playing with Kalpana and feeds her later. She remembers how Sahil came to her and brought his daughter too.

Scene 6
Nettu is tired of the crying voices of the baby. She calls the nurse to get her milk bottle ready and says i will feed her.

Scene 7
Kamla says to everyone that she is going for the check up of Kalpana.

Scene 8
Nettu get her daughter in the lap and begs her to get quite.

Scene 9
Mithal and his men are angry because Sahil has not reached and they have been waiting since hours.

Scene 10
Kamla reaches the building and says one day my Kalpnana will use the same lift that residents here do.

Scene 11
Sahil comes in and asks Mithal to inside with him. I called you because i don’t want any misunderstanding between us, says Sahil. Mithal says sending us jail yesterday we have no misunderstanding left. It was not my mistake you were protesting on a public place. If you people called me and i didn’t come then it would be my fault.

Scene 12
Nettu is really angry. Sahil’s mom get her from Nettu. Nettu says you are here because you wanna show me look Nettu i am poor but i have milk to feed my baby.

Precap-Kamla is feeding Nettu’s daughter and Nettu finds out.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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