Saraswatichandra 3rd September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Saraswatichandra 3rd September 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 3rd September 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Pramad calling Kalika. He sees the wine bottle in the room and goes inside to take it. Pramad smiles and drinks the wine. He says so it was hidden here. He walks out of the room. Saras is on the terrace. Kusum comes to him. Kusum says where did you hide it. Saras says in my room. They discuss about the bet. Saras says if Pramad wins, he will make Kumud eat by his hands. Murakh Das asks Kumud for whom are you making the rabri. She says for Pramad. Pramad comes there drunk. He tells Kumud that my birthday was auspicious and lucky for me, you lost to me. He taunts her. Kumud looks down. Saras says no matter who loses, Kumud will win. Saras says Pramad will come closer to Kumud. He says Kumud will win Pramad’s love today. Pramad reminds Kumud about the bet.

Pramad breaks Kumud’s fast by the rabri. Pramad says no one will bound Pramad. Kumud sees the time, its past 12.

Kalika is happy and says today Kumud will be losing Pramad. She has the earrings of Kumud. Kumud says a new day has started, you did not drink wine yesterday, you won my trust. Kumud says I won the bet. Pramad says I will show you how you are thinking so wrong and I will break your trust. Pramad leaves in anger. Kumud cries standing in the kitchen. Kumud says I promised your mum that you will be born again in this janmashtami and it has started, I have faith that our relation will be sweet one day. Kusum comes to Saras in his room. She says its easy to say you are happy, but its difficult for you to see Kumud with Pramad. Saras says I don’t want to have Kumud, I want her happiness which she will get after winning Pramad’s heart. Saras looks out for the earrings. Kusum asks what. Saras tells her about Kumud’s earrings. He says if anyone finds it, it will be a problem.

Kalika shows those things to Pramad. He asks what is this, what does this mean. Kalika says Kumud and Naveen can explain you about this. Kalika says I came to warn you that your wife does not cheat you. Pramad reads the poetry written by Kumud. Pramad says Kumud was being ideal but now I will show who is Kumud’s lover to everyone. Kalika smiles. Kalika says Pramad will be born again, but Kumud will be regretting. Kumud thinks she has passed in the test as Pramad did not drink wine on his birthday. Pramad comes to Kumud and confronts her saying I came to know everything about you, I will tell this to my family. He says look at me, how I will kick you out of the house. Kumud asks what did I do, tell me. Pramad pulls her and takes her outside the room. Kumud says Kusum is here, what will she think. Pramad says let her see, I will tell her how you are. Kumud tries to stop him. Pramad brings her to the hall and pushes her on the floor. Pramad calls Budhidhan and everyone in the hall. Everyone gather in the hall.

Alak asks whats this. Pramad says you will know it soon. Alak and Pramad get into an argument. Budhidhan asks whats the matter. Pramad tells everyone about Kumud and calls Naveen in the hall. Saras comes there. Pramad welcomes him. Saras and Kusum are shocked to see Kumud. Pramad calls Kalika too. Kalika brings Saras’s box in which he kept Kumud’s memorables. She gives that box to Pramad. Saras and Kumud are shocked seeing that. Pramad asks is this yours? Kumud cries looking at it. Kumud says yes. Pramad says Naveen has the other earring of Kumud. Everyone are shocked. Kalika says I was cleaning Naveen’s room and I got this earring there. She says I got the same earring in Kumud’s room too. Kalika says I thought of telling this to Pramad, so that he can tell Kumud about this.

Pramad laughs and reads Kumud’s poetry. Kumud and Saras think of their first meeting. Pramad says now everyone understood right? Pramad asks Kumud did you write this, tell me. Kumud says yes. Kalika smiles.

Pramad asks Kumud from when is this going on. Saras controls his anger. Pramad says tell everything, were you like this before marriage too, was this the reason that your relation broke. Pramad says now you are caught, tell us everything. He says he needs an answer. Kusum says I will tell you. Saras and everyone look at Kumud. Kumud is shocked. Kusum says enough, we will not be quiet now, don’t stop me.

Budhidhan tells Saras that I think of you as my son and asks Saras is this true. Saras says yes, Kusum is saying the truth. Everyone are shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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