Ek Mutthi Aasman 3rd June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Vitthal and Pakiya are worried for Kamla and Kalpi. They have not returned so far. Nettu is trying to listen their conversation. Nettu tells Sahil everything that kalpi might went to meet Raghav. Sahil is so happy to know that.

Scene 2
Pakhi comes with a chocolate cake. gauri humiliates her once again and says its better that you cut it alone. Ragahv does not like you. Pakhi is hurt. Gauri says wait I have a present fro you. Pakhi can’t believe this. Gauri comes with the present. She asks Pakhi to open it. When Pakhi opens it. Its some pirces of broken mirror. She asks what is this Gauri aunty ? Gauri says this is rest of your life. Your parents ruined my life like this and now you all will suffer in the same way. Pakhi looks at her shadow in the broken mirrors and is crying.

Scene 3
Nettu is packing her stuff. Kamla and Kalpi come in. Kalpi’s head is covered with a dupatta. Vitthal asks where were you ? Kamla trie to make some excuse. Vitthal smiles and says you should have tole me first. Nettu says look at Kalpi why she looks so depressed ? Kalpi goes in. Vitthal says stop for a moment. Kalpi stops. Vitthal turns her face towards him. Vitthal looks at her closely. Vitthal says whats wrong ? Kamla says nothing. Kalpi’s dupatta falls off. Kamla is trying har to handle everything. There is still some sindur in kalpi’s heard. Kamla sees it and turns off the light. Vitthal can see the tension in her actions clearly. He asks whats going on won’t you tell me ? Kamla says there is nothing to tell. kamla goes in the kitchen. Nettu is disapponited that things didn’t work out the way she wanted.

Scene 4
Ragav comes home. Pakhi has slept on the dinning table/. He comes and looks at her. He recalls how kalpi hugged him and all the moments he spent with kalpi earlier. Pakhi wakes up. He says Happy birthday. Gauri asks Ragahv what happened ? He says nothing. She asks Pakhi to serve. Raghav is still thinkng about the moments he spent with Kalpi.
Kamla is sleeping with Kalpi. She looks at her and cries. He tears fall on Kalpi’s hand. Kalpi is up but pretends like she is asleep.

Scene 5
Kamla calls Kalpi and says i wanted to tell you something. Pakhi says i wanna tell you something too. When Raghav came home he was so happy. He did cut the cake with me. I will win his heart kamla maa. Tell me this will happen ? will i get my love ? Kamla says yes daughter everything will be okay ? Pakhi asks are you happy kamla maa ? Kamla says i am happy. She asks tell me what you wanted to say ? Kamla says its kalpi’s birthday so people in chowl arranged a partyu for her. I missed you so much but i am so happy for you. Stay happy pakhi.
Kamla says I can’t see both my daughters like this please God. There is kalpi on one side and pakhi on the other. I could never give kalpi happiness. She had to fell the pain on every step of her life. Pakhi has got her love but not the way she wanted. She doesn’t even know whats gonna happen to her.

Scene 6
Raghac calls someone and orders somethong. He says this is the most precious gift for you kalpi. I am sure this wil make you happy.
kamla is cooking. Sahil tells nettu that he has got some work he is going to talk there. Nettu says wow. Vitthal asks Kamla for breakfast. She isa bout to give. Nettu takes it from her and says sahil has to go. Kamla says let me bring you toast. He says no pakiya come we will have breakfast out.
Kalpi comes to kamla. SHe turns her head on the other side. Kalpi says listen to me please. Kamla leaves. The postman delivers a courier. Kalpi receives it. Nettu comes and she hides. it. She opens it and finds a letter. It says this sindur is the sign of our love kalpi. There is a sindur box in there.

Precap-Pakhi gives kamla parshad and says pray that Raghav will be mine forever. She leaves kalpi comes and gives her some parshad. She says pray for me and Ragahv. Kamla says i will never pray for your relationship with him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. i love u kalpi and raghav

  2. yes you are right pd never show that pakhi is wrong and bad hearted but she always get everything to hurst someone else she is selfish girl and take kamla maa side she is very selfish and i hope the person who is selfish never get their love she has good fate thats whay she is getting everyting and one day come when kalpi will get all whatever is hers love mom and attention and care andmoney and success.

  3. Crystal Singh

    Hi Mimmy,you are feeling sorry for Pakhi? She is the fortunate one who from childhood days got everything that was for kalpi – She was born into money,in a mansion that was stolen from Raghav’s family,still she lacked for nothing, have travelled,got everything she wanted and on top of all that got the love from Kamla that was suppose to be for Kalpi and still had her own mother.What did Kalpi have?She grew up poor and still is,didn’t have attention and always came after Pakhi.Always got left behind by her own mother,when Pakhi took all the attention and love.Now knowing the truth about the relationship between Raghav and Kalpi,that they BOTH LOVE ONE ANOTHER,if you truly care about Kamla and her family you would do the right thing and step aside, so that Raghav and Kalpi can be together.But you don’t care about none of them,you only care about yourself, you love raghav and everyone else has to step aside cause that’s what you want and that is what you have to get..Everyone else makes sacrifice, why can’t she?Sorry Mimmy I do not agree.


  5. show is boring kamla never loved kalpi she always like pakhi u never know maybe she got twins and gave one girl to neetu as why would a servant love the other kid than her own kamla shld take a break she talks too much and neetu is ver artificial

  6. read on “tellyexpress.com” madhu send raja to jail……

  7. pls pls guys are we saying the God that they’ ve been praying to cant help kalpi get justice and free her from her wicked ,stupid mother kamla ?pls I need to be educated on how god answers prayer in India cos most of the serials are surposed tp carry some realities of things happening in the social circle or culture of the country

  8. Hey inhone ema ko
    Ek Mutthi Aasmaan se Extra Marietal Affair
    Bana dia
    Sorry for ky lang but mai kya karun
    Inhone saare achhi stories ke darwaaze khud band kar diye…:(:(

  9. pakhi ne kha wo raghav se bachpan se hi shadi karna chahati thi but jb wo 1st time raghav se milli tb wo raghav ko janti bhi nai thi aur raghav ko like karne lagi thi…… agar raghav se shadi karna childhood sapna tha tho kisi aur ko kyu like karna… had ye yar aur kitana jhut bolenge…..

    This comment is not mine but i have same question

  10. hi anshu chocopie dd ap girja an tu frns

  11. hi every1,pakhi is stupid gal know everything fir bhi torture sehne k liye ruk gayi hai wo apne ap chali jayegi to atleast gauri ke paas koi way nahi rahega raghav or kalpi ko alag rakhne ka idiot pakhi……

  12. hi dd hey anshu mb ki latest nwz suni ths is disgustng thank GOD m nt watchng it…..

    1. Ky nahi suni
      Maine kal ya parson 2 min ka dekha tha
      Vivian dialogie pe dialogue maar rha tha
      I dont knw
      Ki usmwin kya chl raha hai

  13. well I think that kalpi is very intelligent and knows what she is doing rather than pahki..pakhi lives in a fantasy world about her and raghav ………by kalpi making raghav promise not to meet each other clearly shows how much she loves him…this will be another test as raghav cant live without her and year will be to long….and he will soon realize that and will go back to kalpi……..raghav is being nice to pakhi as kalpis love changed him to be a better person an pakhi should realize that its kalpi that makes everything happen and not her……..I hope soon kalpi fight and support raghav but also hope raghav does not betray her again and let her to go running into someone elses arms and maybe then he will realize his mistake……but by judging by the twitter msg of rachana then I believe raghav and kalpi will end up together as I would think they are the official couple in EMA

  14. Hello MOn, chocopai, anshu, ek, net, girjaji and all other tu friends. i was away from last week but i read all ema updates. guys i dont know what to say now have no feelings for raghav and kalpi i want to watch them together but that truly hearted an creazy to see tem together now not. love which started, confession, commitment then suddenly destroy. ifu think about kmala point of view i think she is right what she is trying to do. being a mom no one want that her daughe will get pain due to this fake relationship for raghave its enough to fill kalpi maang in mindir without anyone but the truth is in publicly paakhi has right to cal his wife not kalpi…its seems like loves go to hell way it get pain and panic comments in society and they never met in front of others what bull shit at least true love ke curisity ko barkara rakhana tha. its really hate what kalpi did i agree with kamla and vithal here. kamla is doing this becasue she has experience and now she can see future what going to happen a person(raghave) who told to kamla he will never marry pakhi and love to kalpi for ever but he married with pakhi, he said he will kill himself but he did not now he said he will marry whith her after one year and will not see any other girl but i m sure that he will fallin love with pakkhi what the hell is. i know pakkhi love truly to raghav and she will get it one day. i think raghave drink an think predikt paakhi as kalpi and get close to her then everything is fluse

  15. no anshu itz on 21 june…

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