Dil Dosti Dance 3rd June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sharon’s mother complains Swayam for not complimenting. Sandwiches are served. Sharon says she has learned a lot living with Swayam; listening which she will be impressed. Her mom asks to impress her. Sharon says she can even change the tyre of a car. Swayam says its good to be independent. Sharon says she didn’t like Swayam initially but his unconditional love changed her. The juice spills from Swayam due to cough. Sharon leaves and her mother tells Swayam to relax.
Kriya asks deam why is he conditioning them to cut short the staff, there working together will improve the group performance. He says she is talking like Rey. She says it is her team’s and Rey’s vision too. The dean asks is she dating Rey. Kriya after hanging on the phone says she should talk to Richard who hired her.
Swayam tells her mother that he loves the simplicity of Sharon. Her mom asks but what did she like in him. He says may be his unconditional love, which was different for her. She says definitely someone who taught her to change tire would have given her different experience. Sharon comes; her mother says your friends seem to be quite independent. She says she will make her meet them. Her mother smiles.
Rey’s mood was off. Kriya tries to make his mood. He says why is going to Richard important for her, they can talk on phone or internet. She comes to him and tells him to understand the impact of meeting someone. He finally agrees by taking the promise that upon return she will spend more time with him. He holds her hands and says she wont let her go again, I love you and I ll miss you. They hug.
Swayam says the conversation with her mom was so confusing, she will think a guy who can’t hold glass of juice can’t hold her daughter.
Swayam and Sharon talk on phone. Swayam says she does a lot of wrong things in front of her mom, Sharon says she forgot to tell him her mom was allergic to phone. Sharon says had she not liked him she would never have sit with him for so long. Swayam thinks may be he is over thinking; in the beginning Sharon also had a big attitude.
Sharon comes to her mom’s room, hugs her and says I am so glad you are here. Her mother asks did she eat anything. She says her brunch got a bit heavy. Her mother asks what she wants to say. Sharon says she want to thanks her for meeting Swayam. She tells her he was a bit nervous or clumsy to see her. She says it is ok. Sharon says she told him that she liked him. Her mom tells her she has a meeting with her VP. Sharon suggests she, Swayam and Sharon will spend time together.
Swayam asks Rey on phone where is Kriya. Rey says her family doctor Richard called that her aunt is ill so she left for NewYork. Swayam thinks Rey sounded awkward; he should meet him in college.
VP sir tells Rey about the conditions the New York college placed about staff. Rey says I knew about them. VP sir was shocked that he knew. He tells him that Kriya got a call from dean so she left for New York. VP asks him to tell the group. He requests him to let Rinni’s engagement pass.
Sharon hugs Swayam in the corridor. He tells her to leave him or someone will see. Her mom watches them .

PRECAP: Mr. Sharma the board member tells Sharon’s mom that the NewYork college wants to hire only 4 students but as she know the students they will protest. She says that someone will have to take the dicision sensibly without coming in what students say. In her mind she says ‘Sorry Sharon’

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