Ek Mutthi Aasman 3rd January 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 3rd January 2014 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 3rd January 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Nettu comes and asks I need a maid. I used to pay 10 thousand to Kamla but I will pay 25 thousand to the who works. I am giving my offer to you. Kamla says don’t try to break our unity you can’t buy our faith. Nettu says there are more poor societies I can look for a maid. Kanta stops Nettu and says I agree to this job. Kamla asks why are you doing this ? She says I can’t see my children and husband hungry. Kamla says we have been together for so long. You children have been to my home and mine in to yours. Kanta cries and says please forgive me kamla. I was changed for a moment. I won’t work there. Kamla says have you heard madam no one from here will work at your place. Nettu leaves in disgust. Vitthal says its time to go Kapoor’s house. Manda starts drama that she is having stomach ache. Vitthal says to Kamla to stay there if she isn’t okay. Kamla says I am fine I am daughter of a pheasant. Thye launch the protest.

Scene 2
Pooja is on going at Nettu’s place. She asks Prem whats wrong? He says nothing I am mad. Jessy doesn’t like it that Nettu are Prem are continuously talking during the pooja. Nettu tells Sahil that she went to the chowl. Jessy says Nettu was continuously talking during the pooja. Door bell rings, Jessy asks Prem to open the door. Jessy says to Sahil that she will stay there for 2 days or so. Nettu starts coughing. Prem says to Nettu to ask them to go and tell that there are no servants at the house. Nettu says I can’t do that your uncle is our emergency financier, they have a lot of money. Prem opens the door and its Manda there. Jessy asks who is there Nettu says its personal. Manda says I am here for your work I accept your job proposal. Sahil says I don’t like this woman at all. Prem says leave this place. Manda is leaving Nettu stops her. Nettu says I have two condition. Manda says I accept them. Netu says listen to them first. The foremost is that you will help us in destroying Kamla. Manda says okay I will. Nettu says I won’t fix your pay until you don’t show your work. Manda says I will see whats happening in the chowl then I will work. Nettu says okay tell us the news from there you will get a gold set too. Just make sure Kamla gets demolished.

Scene 3
The protest is heading towards Kapoor’s where in mid way cops stop them. They ask who is Kamla bai ? She arranged a rally without permission its illegitimate. Kamla says I am Kamla bai our protest is illegal and rich’s corruption is okay. she me the warrant we have done nothing wrong. This is without any weapon. I consider it the righteous. Its as same as the rallies Gandhi ji used to bring out with people. Vitthal says if there is anything wrong then tell us. They start the protest again.
Nettu is watching all this on the security camera. Media is giiving it coverage too.
At night Paki’s friends tell her that 1lac like have been done on facebook. She tells Kamla that almost whole city know about it now. Mand asks Manda where is she conming from ? Kamla asks how is she now ? Manda says I am not okay and I feel bad as well that I am not with you. Kamla says Its okay God will make everything all right. Lawyer tells Paki that court has given them time of 4 days till then they have to find the proof. Paki ask is there any other way ? He says there are two options one is proofs and other is strike. If whole city’s labour join you then court will ask the cops to find what the matter really is. Pai says we will try this as well. Manda tells Nettu on call that they have got stay order for 4 days. Kamla overhears her.

PRECAP – Nettu tells Sahil that Kalpi has gone to Punna to find Raghav Singhaniya. Kamla calls and says if there is anyone who can save chowl then that’s you Raghav baba. .

Update Credit to: Atiba

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