Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 3rd January 2014 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 3rd January 2014 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 3rd January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ketki and jiten asking Dhara to sign the marriage contract papers which says the marriage will be valid only for seven months and after that Dhara will have to give divorce to jai. Dhara is shocked to know she has to leave and go away from jai’s life forever. Dhara says thes epapers are not required, I have given my words. Ketki says what if you don’t go after seven months, write it, sign on it. Dhara takes the papers and looks at it. Ketki taunts her for being illiterate and asks her to sign it soon. She says maybe you can’t sign, put a thumb impression on it. Ketki scolds her. Ketki says you are marrying for money, you were saying this to jai, right.

jiten smiles and says thankyou, and gives a Rs. 50 lakhs cheque to Dhara. Dhara is shocked and asks why, I don’t want this money. Ketki says she does not want this money, it means she wants much more. Dhara says I want everyone’s happiness which is precious. Nanku comes to Dhara and says Parul is calling. Rukmani came and want to see you. Ketki smiles hearing this. jiten says Dhara did not take this much money. Ketki says its her drama, I was afraid she won’t give her thumb impression, she wants money and I will give her that.

Rukmani asks Ansubaa whats the secret behind jai’s wedding. She says let me see who is it who is taking Bhoomi’s place. She asks Parul where is she. Dhara comes there and greets Rukmani. Rukmani asks who are you, do you know me that you are greeting me. Dhara impresses her with her reply. Rukmani says I m Rukmani, I’m Ansubaa’s Nanand. She says Dhara is very beautiful. She says I m happy that jai got a literate girl. Everyone look at each other. Rukmani asks Ansubaa why are you smiling. She gifts Dhara Mu Dikhai and gives her an Ipad, saying its a modern gift. She asks Dhara to take it and switch it on. Ansubaa looks on. Dhara is unable to use it.

Rukmani asks why are you not typing, are you illiterate. Dhara says I m illiterate. Rukmani is shocked and tells everyone how can you select such girl for jai. Dhara says its not Ansubaa’s mistake, I m illiterate and not a good match for jai, I m a maid in this house, but I m marrying him because of the Saubhagvati yog. Rukmani says I can read people’s face and it looks like she will keep jai happy. She says you are a helping girl, I like that. She blesses Dhara. Hasmukh says so did you pass her. Rukmani says yes full pass. She says now I don’t have any problem with jai’s marriage, this girl is very innocent and I m happy seeing her.

Everyone smiles. Rukmani asks everyone to sing and dance. Lily goes to bring the sweets. Rukmani asks where is jai. jai is in his room. Rukmani comes to him. jai is glad to see her. Rukmani asks why are you not looking happy. Ansubaa looks at Parul. She asks don’t you like Dhara. She is a very nice girl. jai says Dhara is a nice girl. Rukmani says why so sad then. She says if you don’t like Dhara, we will find someone else, tell me the truth, its about your whole life, are these people forcing you. jai thinks about Parul forcing him to marry Dhara.

jai says I m marrying by my wish. Rukmani says I was scared seeing your face, come with me, be with the family, not alone in the room. Aarvi and Nanku are dancing on Jhoom Barabar Jhoom song……….. jai comes with Parul and Aarvi and Nanku ask him to dance with them. Dhara smiles seeing everyone dance. She looks at jai and Dipika dancing together. Rukmani talks to her brother’s photo and says Ansubaa is taking good care of the family. Ansubaa smiles and thanks her and says this is happening by your’s help.

She says I made this house a home by your help. Rukmani misses her brother. Panghat pe nache madhubala………… plays……………. Everyone are shown dancing and having fun happily. Rukmani comes and says stop. She says I asked you all to play music, not dance. She then says I will also dance. Everyone are happy and smile. Rukmani dances with them. Ainvaayi Ainvaayi lut gaya…………… plays…………. Rukmani asks Dhara to go and dance with jai. Dhara says I don’t know dancing. Rukmani says here no one knows but they are dancing. Rukmani gives Dhara’s hand to jai and asks them to dance.

Rukmani asks Aarti to help her in bringing Dhara and jai closer. Aarvi pushes Dhara on jai and they start dancing. Tujhme Rab dikhta hai…………….. plays…………………. jai and Dhara have an eyelock. Dipika gets angry seeing them. Parul smiles and us very much happy seeing jai and Dhara together. jiten sees Dipika getting angry and is worried.

Ketki asks jiten not to worry as Dipika will get jai.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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