Ek Mutthi Aasman 25th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Dheraj locks his room’s door. Aman asks why are you so worried ? Dheraj says aman you are my only son. I can do anything to save you from trouble. What can I do ? aman asks what happened dad ? He says we give suhana medicine so she can’t recall anything. But her real drug her mom is with her. Nothing is going to work ? aman says whom dad ? Dheraj says kamla bai. Aman says what ? How do you know. Dheraj says Mehta told me. Aman says oh God what will happen now ? Dheraj says I wish I had stopped you that day. We won’t have been in this trouble.
Dheraj says to aman do you even know what you have done. I asked you million times not to drive after drinking. Your car hit suhana’s car and she died. Aman you killed your sister. Aman says no dad no I haven’t killed suhana. You know I was drunk and she was racing with me. Her car came in front of me and I could stop the car. It was more of her mistake don’t get me wrong please. Dheraj hugs him and says no one will believe that you are not responsible. Everyone will think that you have killed suhana. Now we have to apart kalpana from her mom. Think how.

Aryan is packing up his stuff. Kamla comes to her room and says is the hangover done ? he says yeah I had the medicine. kamla says why don’t you say that you came here to hurt suhana. If I can talk to you its because suhana is my daughter. I ask you why you wanna break this wedding ? there wasn’t wine in that bottle it was cold drink. Speak up Aryan. He says I never wanted to marry. Parents forced me so I had to say yes. kamla says then why don’t you tell everyone. Why you concealed the truth ? Aryan says because suhana is my good friend. I didn’t want to break her heart, she is a really nice girl. How could I say her that I can’t marry her because I don’t love her. There was no purpose of this wedding. After losing her memory she had nothing in her heart for me. She was doing this all to satisfy her dad. So I thought to help her. Whenever I am with her I forget my problems. I forgot what I had to tell her. when I see her happy I feel glad myself. kamla says then marry her Aryan why are you fleeing ? Ask your heart, think don’t you love her ? After that you will decide what you actually want. When suhana is with you, you feel glad. You get sad when she is sad. This is love you are just not ready to accept. You did all this so people can’t blame suhana otherwise uttering the truth wasn’t difficult for you. Think from your heart and soul. You will get the right answer. Aryan recalls his moments with suhana. he says I don’t love her. I have decided to go far away from here and I will forget everything.

scene 2
Sanjay is in lounge and reading his newspaper. Suhana comes to him. Aryan comes with his stuff. he says good morning chachu. Forgive me uncle. I was drunk last night. Sanjay asks the driver to take him wherever he wants. Aryan touches his feet and says okay uncle I am leaving. He looks at suhana, she is already looking at him. he recalls how she was about to slap him in the café. He greets aman and kamla too. Suhana looks away. Aryan recalls kamla’s words. He looks at suhana again. He leaves, suhana falls on the chair. kamla and sanjay run to her. kamla asks are you okay ? She says I saw something. I saw a car accident. Sanjay says that must be the accident you met and lost yoru memory. This means that you’re recovering. No stress you remember right ? Dheraj and aman are tensed.

Aryan is in the car. he calls chandni and says I have left. meet me in the café shop. he goes to the café. it is all decorated. Its the 30th wedding anniversary of the owner and his wife. The man says mrs. baltiwala will you be mine in the next life too ? She says I will even grow old with you. Aryan says you have spent 30 years together and your love is still so fresh. the man says love never grows old. the woman says I was running away from wedding but now I loved the moment I married him. Aryan says I am so happy for you. The man says live everything from your heart. Mind can’t handle love. Your eyes say that you love someone. I don’t know if you have acknowledged that or not. the lady says when I met him first I didn’t feel that I would ever love him. I left him and after some time I realized he is my life. so I came back for him and that is why you are enjoying our 30th anniversary. Aryan says in heart whats I wrong with me. I feel like I am going far away from myself. He recalls kamla’s words. The couple cuts the cake and make each other eat. Aryan remembers when suhana cut the cake on her birthday and made him eat.

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Precap-Suhana comes there and makes Aryan eat the cake. he gives her the flower and says I love you suhana. suhana says I love you too Aryan.

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  2. These serial is going boring day by day.without rachana &ashish no ema

  3. This show has lost its spark, with this story line it has no meaning anymore. This is supposed to be about a young girl from the chows with great expectations from her parents and she was about to live her dream before tragedy struck her, so how r u writers going to bring this story back to track as we viewers r tired of ur twists and turns which r not making sense with d story anymore. Come on just consider viewers feelings for a change instead of doing what u want.

  4. Ever since raghav and kalpi left the show its been so boring. …plse bring them back.

  5. Don’t watch the show just come here to read the precap to see if they will mention about what happened to Raghav. They need to shut this shown down. The story line has no essence with Kamalaa being the lead character before when ASHNAA we there, but viewers turned to this channel just to watch Ashish and Rachana’s chemistry. Now that they are gone, all new names, Kamalaa is still there going after another rich girl. They need to either change storyline and bring back Ashish and Rachana or shut it down. The new cahracters are no match to ASHISH and RACHANAA. Ashish and Rachanaa have raised the bar so high the new cast Arya, Asha cannot even come close in acting, looks.

    1. omg…..same to me. I stopped watching it immediately after Ragna left, and I only read the updates here to see if Raghav returns..

  6. Awsm,suhana so beautiful

  7. Guess da precap ‘z jst a dream

  8. Vry intresting luv u asha 🙂

  9. OMG
    please shut down this crap EMA

    1. This show has………. ……….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz boring

  10. Ashwin Dass michall

    Ema getting worst day by day end this ema shit show or bring back our original jodi Rachana As Kalpi & Ashish as Raghav back in ema show again. On Behalf of Ragna/Ashna fans demanding Ph of Ema bring back our lovely couple Ashish n Rachana in ema . No RAGNA NO EMA . WITOUT RAGNA/ASHNA NO ONE WILL WATCH EMA SHOW.

  11. I have stopped watching too. Just hoping for Rachana and Aishish to come back to the show.

  12. Please bring back rachna and aashish

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