Ek Mutthi Aasman 21st April 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 21st April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 21st April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Kamla is worried for Kalpi. She wonders why is she not receiving my call.
Raghav says to Kalpi says was my mom and she had an affair with someone. Kalpi says maybe there was some misunderstandings. He says no she would have come to me after dad’s death. I have spent my whole life with this bitterness. Kalpi hugs him.
Kamla opens the door to look for Kalpi. Vitthal says its a big scale party she will be back. Kamla says we are not from those people. Kalpi should have called at least. Let me call her once again.
Raghav says I feel really good to share this all with you. Let me show you the pictures of my mom. I took it from you because I didn’t want you to see her picture. He starts showing her pictures. Suddenly power cuts down and Kalpi can’t see

Gauri’s picture. Kalpi says I guess you meter has tripped. Ragahv says when will the electrician come. Kalpi says where is the meter box. Raghav says how will you find it in darkness. Let me get a candle.
Kamla says Pakhi has left already. Vitthal says let me go and look for her.
Raghav takes Kalpi to the board and she checks it. She says I am used to of it. She turns the fuse on. Sammy comes there and coughs. He says Kalpana you’re still here. Kalpi says yeah its so late.
Kamla prays that Kalpi gets back home safely.
Raghav says let me drop you, Sammy says you have a conference call. I will drop her.Kalpi is worried on her way back. Sammy says you should call her and tell her that you are on the way. Kalpi says no she would be angry to know that I am with a guy. Sammy says smile and remind that how specail was your day. Kamla sees Kalpi with Sammy.

Scene 2
Kalpi says actually party went late so I didn’t come. Kamla says but you should have come. Kalpi says Pakhi was with me. Kamla asks who ? Kalpi says Pakhi. Kamla and Vitthal are shocked at her lie. Vitthal says go to sleep. Kamla goes out in anger. Vitthal follows her and says lets go to sleep she is back at least. Kamla says isn’t it to be worried about that our daughter is lying to us. She said she was with Pakhi. I saw her, Sammy dropped her not Pakhi.
Paki calls Kamla and infroms her about mummy ji. Kamla and Vitthal leve to see her. Kamla goes in while vitthal waits out. Kamla asks nettu can she stau there until mummy ji is okay. Nettu says no no you should go. I will stay here. Go take some rest we are here. Kamla asks Pakhi to stay strong.

Scene 3
Kalpi wakes up next morning. She recalls last night with Raghav. She is smiling constanty. She hugs Kamla and says good morning. She asks Vitthal how is mummy ji ? Vitthal says she is okay. Kalpi leaves, Kamla says to Vitthal look at the ways she is smiling. I will talk to her today. Vitthal says stay patient. Vitthal says I will talk to her.

Scene 4
Sammy asks Raghav are you missing her. He says I should call her. He takes Sammy’s phone and calls Kalpi. Kamla sees Kalpi’s phone. Vitthal reads its sammy. Kamla receives the call but Raghav disconnects. Sammy laughs at Raghav. Raghav says I am so nervous to talk to her. Sammy says she is your girlfriend’s mom now. Vitthal says to Kalpi we wanna talk about something. Vitthal says we both think that.. Your mom is so worried for you. Tell me Kalpi do you like some guy ? Kalpi is shocked at his question.

PRECAP-Mummy ji is trying to speak but she can’t. Pakhi says tell me dadi. Kamla syas why is she pointing at you madam.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Dd
    It’s male or female
    don’t give any idea to writer
    It won’t happen , kalpi and ragh will be sath sath
    So not to worry and don’t give other raghna frnd tension
    Angel , chocopie, Girija ,gs good night
    C ya tomorrow

    1. Gud nyt

  2. gd night mon…..hey AP how r u now…feel better na…….miss u soooo much & ur comments…

    1. Yes choco ..much better :).. hope swing back in action soon…:)…

      1. of course AP GOD bless u…

  3. AP i m preparing for my entrances from clas 10 i.e. 3 yrs
    So cannot think of taking break now.
    Yeah i willalso send the request again

    1. Gud luck Anshu for exams….

  4. hardwork karte raho anshu hardwork is the first pillar of sucess & ………..gd luck…..luck is the third pillar of sucess…..

  5. still voting lines opened-EMA leads only 7 votes .vote EMA how much u can

  6. Plz don’t think anyone that Sammy loves kalpi…he’s just a frnd of raghna helping them to come closer ….infact he’s is shown as very gud frnd of raghav and well wisher of him….

    1. Totally agree wid u
      I like trio of rags, kalpi & sammy

  7. it seems tellyhcakkar poll is not closed or they reopeed it seeing Jodha lost !!! whatever… pls vote for EMA… jodha was 100 votes beind ow.. it has caught up pls vote


  8. Hmmmmmm.. because of the power cut iam missing the serial from 2weeks its too bad iam just reading the written updates . repeat telecast also stopped . feeling soooooooo sad

  9. Raghna frnds anybody plz let me know about today’s epi

  10. In the first part, Kalpi tells here mother that she likes someone and will get him to meet them. But only if her parents like him she will proceed. She said she didnt want to hide anything from them but wanted to be sure herself before telling them.

  11. Second part is at the Kapoor house, where dadi gets conscios but is not able to talk. Doctor comes and tells them she is paralysed. Dadi keeps pointing to Neetu, Kamala comes there. Neetu tries to give dadi juice but she refuses, drinks when Kamala gives here. So Paakhi requests Kamala to come and take care of Dadi. Neetu tries to dissuade here but Sahil also supports Paakhi saying that if Kamala is away from the chawl and Vithal also is not there – no one will be there with gauri

  12. Third part, Kalpi goes to office -Raghav meets her at the entrance and scolds here for coming late. He says Sammy will handle all meetings and they have an urgent meeting to go for. In the car he says I am taking my girlfriend on a date – sings Tum Hi Ho to her and she corrects his lyrics. He takes here to the mall and asks her to buy clothes. Kamala takes Vithal to eat pani puri and there tells him that Paakhi wants her to come and take care of dadi – he gets upset.

  13. Tomorrows preview – is Kalpi and Raghav in the garden (the twitter picture) wala

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