The Buddy Project 21st April 2014 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 21st April 2014 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 21st April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts from KD says to sheeba dont try to patch up us. He had crossed his line this time. Dont you even know what he said..Sheeba says i knew that will happen for sure n i told vaani also ..Here piddi also trying to insist ranveer..KD was alone he doesnt have support for cafe work or website work..and so much stress.. its so difficult to bear it alone..You know panchi has gone UK.. Kiya is not here..and you are not supporting him..Ranveer says I wont leave him alone if i wont have urgent work.. Kd says to sheeba what you knows ..Are you also thinking same that i attracted to vaani..sheeba says it happens and nothing is wrong in it..I want to remind you love is like discipline..Kd says i never broke this dicipline..Here ranveer says with anger, i called so much he didnt replied me..Piddi explains him about cafe’s work and problem that how they solved many problems.. Kd is leading that he was busy thats why he didnt respond..

Maya says to jetli , they are kids , Jetli says i am wrong, i failed..Maya asks jetli not to worry about the buddies.. Sheeba says to kd to think if he would respond ranveer’ call and update him regular then might be he didnt angry..Ranveer says he can elaborate me..He had very much ego.if he comes to say sorry me i will forgive him..Kd also says same to sheeba..piddi asks him to patch up for the sake of jetli sir..
KD comes to cafe..he is thinking how to face vaani…Ranveer also comes their and say sorry to him..They mend their friendship for the sake of jetli..Ranveer says i know you cant do this , I know it from first day it was vaani who did this..

Vaani comes there to talk to them. She says these problems are because of me..Ranveer says not to interfere between us..she says ranveer to work with KD at her premises can use this space home cum office..kd supports her..n insist ranveer. we had worked so much here .please accept until inauguration of cafe..Its really nice for me.. ranveer denies so finally kd goes. Vaani says to ranveer, you are feeling insecure thats why you deny my proposal. You are thinking your buddies are coming to close me.. she asks him to prove it that he doesnt feeling insucure..Kd comes back and says to kd to shift here we will work from here..

At kd’s house, his brother says i will miss you brother. Kd’s phone rings its ranveer who is waiting outside for him in car..kd hugs his dad. kd and ranveer come at cafe(their office)..Vaani also comes there to wish good luck them..

Kd and ranveer work on laptop together..kd asks about his database..Ranveer says its good..Kd says thanks atleast you praised my work..Ranveer becomes impressed with KD’s music website, and wishes to associate himself with the same..Ranveer asks him to tell him how to sell things on OLX ..He wants to sell his old guitar…Piddi comes there n wish them to earn money.. he tells about vaani gave him first salary even she doesnt get cheque from software company.

vaani comes there n asks what’s going on? KD says piddi was telling about his first payment..piddi says, he want to give his first salary to his mom..Kd says you have to give treat us. He says i am working from morning now i am feeling hungry ,Vaani says thats why i came here to tell you that I orderd pizza for you all..KD n piddi go from there. Vaani asks ranveer if he doesnt want to eat? but ranveer denies. He says vaani are trying to make long distance between me and my friends.. First you offered this office to KD , then you tried to get close to him even you know he has girlfriend..Then you gave job to piddi..But let me clear one thing , dont try this to me because i know you cheating plans..
Vaani says you are very different from KD..ranveer replies yeah as you cant make me fool.Vaani goes from there..

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Update Credit to: priya

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