Ek Mutthi Aasman 18th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 18th April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 18th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Raghav is dancing with Kalpi and Sammy with Pakhi. Sammy worries that Raghav is showing way too much. Sammy comes and says can I dance with kalpi ? He says yes. Kalpi dances with sammand Raghav with pakhi. Pakhi says you look so happy. Raghav says yeah I enjoyed dane like this for the first time. I got such a good partner.
The dance is over, Raghav holds Kalpi’s hand. Kalpi says please leave my hand sir pakhi is coming. He says call me Raghav instead of sir. She say Raghav. He leaves her hand.
Everyone congratulates Raghav for the party. Pakhi calls driver in front of Raghav and says my car is broken. Raghav says no worries. Sammy can drop you. Pakhi is unhappy. She leaves with Sammy.
Kalpi is alone in the house. Raghav says I thought you left without telling me. She says I forgot my phone in the room. She says can I leave now. Ai must be worried. Raghav says Kalpi don’t go. Please stay for a few moments. Kalpi says Ai must be worried, He says I will be all alone again. Kalpi comes to him and holds his arm and asks what happened sir ? He says I don’t know. The people i loved always left me. I don’t want you to.

Scene 2
Nettu is at the home. Sahil comes and asks what happened ? Go to sleep or you’ll need a dard circle treatment. Nettu says we can go to jail anytime. He says shut up. Nettu says till when are you gonna stop Raghav from facing gauri. They will figure out everything won’t you go jail after that. He says don’t worry I will do something.

Scene 3
Kamla is waiting for Kalpi. She calls Pakhi who is on the way. Kamla asks where is kalpi ? Pakhi says she left the party she must be coming shortly.
Raghav says I always fought with my past and kept my feelings to my heart but today y I feel like telling it to you. There was no one after that who could give me a shoulder. Everyone was with me on a purpose. No one knew the lonely Raghav. Thats why I became like this, rude. You are here now and I feel like everything is gone. I wanna share my everything with you kalpi. I
wanna tell you everything. Kalpi says what hurt you so much ? He says the bitter truths of my life. The people I loved always left me or I was forced to go away. My dad left me and my mom, she left me and dad when we needed her the most.
There SAhil says that gauri never left singhaniya but we forced her too. We produced doubt between them. We couldn’t remove singhaniya from our way. Mummy ji is over hearing all this.

Raghav says to kalpi that I saw when the workers were protesting and your dad was along the, Before he came in I heard some noises from my dad’s room. When I went to look someone did hit me as well. Kalpi asks who were they ? Raghav says I don’t know. I was shocked to see dad like that. He was killed and his eyes are still in my mind. When I woke up they told me he got a carrdiac arrest but I knew that he was killed.
Sahil there says we gave him that heart attack, he was not acceoting my deal. I went to his home from the back door and my men killed him. Gauri came there I don’t know how. Then I hit Raghav as well. My men ran after gauri and she met an accident. Police took her from there but she couldn’t tell anything.
Raghav says she never came back we tried to find her. Kalpi says mabe she doesn’t know. He says no she knows everything. Why she did this to me. She was my mom but she had an affair with someone. Kalpi says maybe there was a misunderstanding. Raghav says she would have come to hold my back. i felt like my mom dumped me all my life. Kalpi hugs him.
SAhil says we sent a lot of people after her. Mummy ji comes in she shouts how can you be such an evil. This is your reality. I feel ashamed to call you my son. She slaps him and says don’t call me mom. Your mom is dead. What you got by making him an orphan. Just for a factory you destroyed a family. I never knew you were a murderer. I will tell police evrything. i am going right now. Nettu says why are you doing this. Mummy ji says you’re involved as well. You people are still after him. Sahil stops mummy ji. Mummy ji says I will tell everything. Mummu ji falls from the stairs. Pakhi comes in and goes running to her. She is not opening her eyes.

PRECAP- Kamla asks kalpi why is she so late ? Kalpi sas party went late. Kamla says you should have called. You must be scared to come alone. Kalpi says pakhi was with me. Kamla asks who ? Kalpi says pakhi.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. this is totally unfair with EMA fans….EMA is the only show which has only one repeat telecast……

  2. Agar ema me ragh ko kalpan nahi par paji ke sath dikhaya to writer ki big mistake hogi

  3. the above link is for feed back to ZEETV

    1. if you want Pakhi and Raghav togther you will be the one to watch. EMA.others RAGNA fans dont ever watch after that.so zeetv finally end this show by giving an award – least watched show by one person award to you!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. hope this site wont work for You

  5. Yeah Kalpi lied because she doesn’t want the third degree from Kamla. Kamla is her mother, but they don’t really share a strong mother/daughter relationship. Kamla sent her away for ten years and never looked back. Instead she developed a close bond with Pakhi. Kalpi loves her because she is her mother, but she is not comfortable confiding in her. She is more comfortable with Gauri and I am really happy about that. I would like to keep Kamla out of the Rags/Kapli relationship for as long as possible. I have a feeling that she will screw it up if she knows.

  6. I agree with Fay. I think if Kamla maa finds out she will make Kalpi give up on Raghav and let Pakhi have him. Kamla maa only cares about Pakhi’s happiness. Everytime Kalpi has to sacrifice something that she really loves and who does it go to? That Pakhi. I hope Kamla maa doesn’t do that to Kalpi this time 🙁

    1. Yaar it nt jus abt kalpana only…do u guys think raghav will agree to be with pakhi NO….n he cn say to kamaal maa tht he loves Kalpi nt pakhi
      N one more thing he can say to kamaal tht he never say he love pakhi..she is the one “WHO THINK HE DOES”.
      N after come to knw wats kapoors does to his family….. He will hate pakhi…..
      N I think pakhi should sacrifice her one side love for rags.If kamaal maa think to giv rags to pakhi she is destroy two lifes(ragna) jus of pakhi’s one sides love

  7. This time paaji (pakhi) have forget about raghav ,
    Kalpana and raghav love eachother & kalpan have a father like vithal and kalpi also no about what is good for
    her so

    But we have to go thru many twist and turn , ups n down in show
    Hope so zee tv feedback don’t work for ANILAH

  8. Really loving the scenes with Ragna….it would have been nice if raghav held Kaplan closer when she hugged him….like his life depended on it…but good episode anyway…so glad rag shared his life with lapi….love Ragnar.

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