Ek Mutthi Aasman 18th April 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Mutthi Aasman 18th April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 18th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Raghav is dancing with Kalpi and Sammy with Pakhi. Sammy worries that Raghav is showing way too much. Sammy comes and says can I dance with kalpi ? He says yes. Kalpi dances with sammand Raghav with pakhi. Pakhi says you look so happy. Raghav says yeah I enjoyed dane like this for the first time. I got such a good partner.
The dance is over, Raghav holds Kalpi’s hand. Kalpi says please leave my hand sir pakhi is coming. He says call me Raghav instead of sir. She say Raghav. He leaves her hand.
Everyone congratulates Raghav for the party. Pakhi calls driver in front of Raghav and says my car is broken. Raghav says no worries. Sammy can drop you. Pakhi is unhappy. She leaves with Sammy.
Kalpi is alone in the house. Raghav says I thought you left without

telling me. She says I forgot my phone in the room. She says can I leave now. Ai must be worried. Raghav says Kalpi don’t go. Please stay for a few moments. Kalpi says Ai must be worried, He says I will be all alone again. Kalpi comes to him and holds his arm and asks what happened sir ? He says I don’t know. The people i loved always left me. I don’t want you to.

Scene 2
Nettu is at the home. Sahil comes and asks what happened ? Go to sleep or you’ll need a dard circle treatment. Nettu says we can go to jail anytime. He says shut up. Nettu says till when are you gonna stop Raghav from facing gauri. They will figure out everything won’t you go jail after that. He says don’t worry I will do something.

Scene 3
Kamla is waiting for Kalpi. She calls Pakhi who is on the way. Kamla asks where is kalpi ? Pakhi says she left the party she must be coming shortly.
Raghav says I always fought with my past and kept my feelings to my heart but today y I feel like telling it to you. There was no one after that who could give me a shoulder. Everyone was with me on a purpose. No one knew the lonely Raghav. Thats why I became like this, rude. You are here now and I feel like everything is gone. I wanna share my everything with you kalpi. I
wanna tell you everything. Kalpi says what hurt you so much ? He says the bitter truths of my life. The people I loved always left me or I was forced to go away. My dad left me and my mom, she left me and dad when we needed her the most.
There SAhil says that gauri never left singhaniya but we forced her too. We produced doubt between them. We couldn’t remove singhaniya from our way. Mummy ji is over hearing all this.

Raghav says to kalpi that I saw when the workers were protesting and your dad was along the, Before he came in I heard some noises from my dad’s room. When I went to look someone did hit me as well. Kalpi asks who were they ? Raghav says I don’t know. I was shocked to see dad like that. He was killed and his eyes are still in my mind. When I woke up they told me he got a carrdiac arrest but I knew that he was killed.
Sahil there says we gave him that heart attack, he was not acceoting my deal. I went to his home from the back door and my men killed him. Gauri came there I don’t know how. Then I hit Raghav as well. My men ran after gauri and she met an accident. Police took her from there but she couldn’t tell anything.
Raghav says she never came back we tried to find her. Kalpi says mabe she doesn’t know. He says no she knows everything. Why she did this to me. She was my mom but she had an affair with someone. Kalpi says maybe there was a misunderstanding. Raghav says she would have come to hold my back. i felt like my mom dumped me all my life. Kalpi hugs him.
SAhil says we sent a lot of people after her. Mummy ji comes in she shouts how can you be such an evil. This is your reality. I feel ashamed to call you my son. She slaps him and says don’t call me mom. Your mom is dead. What you got by making him an orphan. Just for a factory you destroyed a family. I never knew you were a murderer. I will tell police evrything. i am going right now. Nettu says why are you doing this. Mummy ji says you’re involved as well. You people are still after him. Sahil stops mummy ji. Mummy ji says I will tell everything. Mummu ji falls from the stairs. Pakhi comes in and goes running to her. She is not opening her eyes.

PRECAP- Kamla asks kalpi why is she so late ? Kalpi sas party went late. Kamla says you should have called. You must be scared to come alone. Kalpi says pakhi was with me. Kamla asks who ? Kalpi says pakhi.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I voted…. 4 EMA guys have u voted…….if no do fast…..http://www.tellychakkar.com/fun-zone/poll/which-your-favourite-ongoing-show-zee-tv-496?page=1#comment-697489…….our show should win……

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  3. Agar hum tellychakkar wala polnjeet gaye or we even become 2nd them i’ ll send tjisnfact to zeetv feedback & u all shudnsend it

  4. Frnds now we are ahead of jodha Akbar by 17 votes but still all of u plz vote…….

  5. Hello…did u all give or votes??

  6. I think our show deserves to Win.
    Pl, try to write better role for Kamala,Kamla is really very stupid trusting Neetu
    Raghav & Kalpana Both did not got real love from their MOM ,directly or indirectly
    As Kalpana was sent away at tender age of 10 to school. And Raghav’s Mom was taken away ,as she lost her Memory,They both have deep sadness.
    Kamla is always more concern about Pakhi.Kapoors should end the torturing Gouri
    I hope Dadi regain her health tell the past story to Police.

    1. I voted Keep finger cross We will win…..

  7. Yes i did 🙂

  8. Hey, EMA is leading yaaayyyyyyy. Also give your feedback on the Zee TV site

  9. yeah!!!! v defeat jodha akbar.,.ema is on no.1 position ….

  10. Ya anshu sometime I watch comedy night wih kapil
    Babaji ka thullu
    But I like for paji
    Uski ride chahie ragh se and Sammy ne ride di

  11. That the reason both think in same way tht Kalpi & Sammy r in love hahah


    1. N may be if she is like kamaal maa paaki can sacrifice her love for rags

  12. GM guys…. how is all – was not keeping well for few days but had been visting the site once in a while to read all your comments…and i am confused as to why is TRP of EMA not increasing… probably the timing.. i can rarely make it home by 7 :(….

    1. Ya I think its fine at 7 pm but we all know only single repeat telecast……that is main reason……also no promotions bcz other show have gud trp at the same time…..

  13. I think after our show get maximum votes then zee TV would realize…….

  14. …Hi gud noon frnds……..Did u vote 4 EMA……….Ofcourse sat and Sunday…both boring bcz no ragna…..miss ragna what a beautiful couple……

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    So dont worry about kamla and paji
    Just be happy
    That pic is so cute
    Pawandeep made my Sunday
    C ya
    Need to go gym

  16. hi mon thanx alottttt u make my sunday ….ragna’s pic is really beautiful luv it….

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    Guys… pls continue voting in Tellychakkar… Jodha is catching up… we need to win

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    1. am alright choco.. 🙂 Ear and throat infection – antibiotics is working :).. New Financial year beginning is also a tough one for my line of work :)… Hope we get a good EMA epi today coz I can see it today first hand not waiting till 11:30 (have taken off today )

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  29. Girls
    Pawandeep kaur ne apde twitter me 1 or pic rakhi hai
    Raghna kki shopping romance vali
    Can’t wait to c those episodes
    Good night

  30. yep…………,raghav is looking soooooooooo handsome…….. OMG me 2 can’t wait for more RagNa scenes……garden romance shopping romance…….yep……..m so happy…………

  31. Hi frnds….. Did u all vote….jodha Akbar is just 49 votes less than EMA….so all of u plzz vote and share this to u frnds also we have to win……

    1. i hv voted thrice
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  32. guys i hv a gud news
    repeat telecast of ek mutthi aasman at 12:30pm has been given to it again
    our requests are fulfilled

  33. when?today it was not repeated?

  34. anshu where u read this news if it is true …….muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh for u…………………

  35. GuYs i m pretty much sure abt this
    I actually read the schedule for tmrw programmes on zeetv site
    U can check there too..
    Chocopie muaah to u also

  36. it is there inZEETV schedule but today i wanted to see but Ekts’s serial was telecsted
    i was waiting to see as per schedule – but nothing happened

  37. yeppii…………..,….. Guys v won on tellychakkar…….,voting lines r closed……..

  38. Guys, just checked – on TV – still shows that stupid Kumkum Bhagya at 1230 pm.

    I hope what anshu says is true!!
    I am waiting for today’s episode. Was going through the old episodes. The 3rd episode of holi where Kalpi is just going to put colour on Raghav and Pakhi comes and drags him off. Just hoping a praying that does not happen in the future !

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