Ek Mutthi Aasman 13th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 13th November 2013 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 13th November 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Kalpi in anger says i will go now. tell me where do i have to go. kamla says her listen kalpi maybe you’re angry yet but you will understand later why i did this. We dreamed so much for you. You have to become a respectable lady when you grow up not a maid like me. I am sending you far from me because you need to lose something in order to achieve something. People will try tp get you down but you can reach the moon. You will say by yourself when you grow up that you were right Ai. Vitthal says we are sending you to the place where it will be easy for you to fly. Kamla says will you fulfill our dream ? Kalpi says yes.

Scene 2
Nettu says to sahil that poki has ran away again. Sahil says she must have gone to kamla’s place. She has spoiled my life.
Kamla asks kalpi to get ready. Paki enters her house. Kamla asks what \are you doing here ? Paki says i have left the home i will live here with you. I don’t wanna live with neetu, she isn’t like you. Nobody loves me there. Kamla says Nettu is your mom. Paki says only you are my mom Kamla maa i am your daughter and i will live with you. Vitthal says we are getting late kalpi’s bus will be missed. Kamla says to paki that we have to for an important piece of work.
paki says okay i will wait but i will live here. Kamla says this isn’t possible. Paki says why ? Don’t you love me ? Kamla says i do but madam, sir and everyone will be worried about you. Let me get you back to your house.
paki says didn’t you miss me ? I love you kamla maa. Kamla hugs her and says i missed you a lot. Paki says then let me stay close to you.
Sahil asks security if they have seen paki ? They say yes she she was carrying a bag. She said she is going on picnic.
Kamla asks vitthal what will do now? Vitthal says lets just wait for two to three days more. Kamla says okay then lets go to delay. Vitthal says you have submitted half of the fees yet by selling our plot. Kamla says i have a bracelet i will sell it.
They go to a shop, and sell that bracelet. They get 20 thousand for it. Kamla says lets go home paki must be hungry. Vitthal says your daughter is going away from you and you care about madam’s daughter. Lets go.

Scene 3
Kamla serves food to both paki and kalpi. Paki says i wanna eat from your hand kamla maa. This really hurts kalpi. Kamla makes her eat from her hand. Paki says this is so tasty i will eat this ‘paratha’ daily. kamla says yes i will make it to you daily if you go to your house.
Kamla takes the plate kalpi says i will place it by my self. Paki says how dare you talk to kamla maa like this ? say sorry. Kalpi says no i won’t. Then she says. Kalpi thinks however i talk o my ai is my business.
Nettu and sahil arrive at the chowl. Manda says whats next now. Nettu says to her mind your own business.
PAki is shouting at kalpi ad asking her to say sorry. Kalpi says i won’t. Nettu comes in and says paki lets go back to house. She says to kamla what ahev you done to my daughter ? Black magic ? Nettu grasps Paki’s hand. Paki bites on her hand. Nettu says look sahil what is she doing. Nettu says please come back home baby mam really misses you. Kamla says to nettu that i will send her later. Nettu says i will never ever leave my daughter here at this unhygienic place. Remember once she stayed here she had rashes all over her body. Vitthal says everyone knows what doctor said about those rashes. Shail says lets go now. She won’t come. Kamla will bring her tomorrow.

Scene 4
Mummy is loud when nettu and sahil come home. Nettu says i don’t wanna live here lets go to london. Kamla won’t be able to be there. Mummy ji says this is all you fault neetu. If you had care about her in childhood she must not have been like this. Nettu says she is your something too you could have taken care of her too. Mummy ji says i did. Sahil says i have trust in kamla bai she will bring her here.

Scene 5
Kalpi is studying, paki in order to compete with her also starts studying. Paki says there is so much less light here. I will have pain in my eyes. Kamla asks pakiya to bring her a bulb. Kamla says to paki that i will make you noodles tonight. This hurts Kalpi. Kamla asks vitthal where is kalpi ? Vitthal says just take care of one thing that kalpi should never feel that you love paki more. Kamla says its not like that i am just taking care of her because she is here for one day.
Nettu says to sahil how my daughter will be putting up there. In mosquitoes. Sahil says i have more trust in kamla bai than you. Nothing ever happened to her when she is with kamla bai. Nettu says i am not even allowed to think about my daughter.

Precap- Kamla says i can’t see her face like that. Vitthal says when you have decided to send her to baording school then you have to stay strong. Kamla says i know this kills me but i will send her by my self. This is best for her future.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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