Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 13th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 13th November 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 13th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with jai telling everyone about his reason of going to Dhara’s house. jai says Paritosh was recording me and Dhara. He was after Dhara’s life and her respect. He says what is Paritosh’s enmity with Dhara. He says Dhara helped saving Aarvi when Paritosh kidnapped Aarvi. Karsan requests the panchayat to forgive jai and Dhara. Chandrika says Ansubaa will anyhow speak in jai’s side, so I request the panchayat to take the decision. Ansubaa says the panchayat will decide, not me, and I will accept their every decision. Everyone looks on.

The panchayat says after seeing the proof, we came on the conclusion that jai are Dhara are clean and everything said against them is wrong. Everyone are relieved. Ansubaa smiles. Dhara thanks Lord for supporting her. The panchayat scolds Chandrika and Paritosh. They say you should take any decision for avoiding the enmity between both families. Chandrika says I want my land. Ansubaa says its not our land, its still awaiting the result. The panchayat says we can decide the land into two. Chandrika says I accept. Ansubaa says I don’t accept this decision, as it has the mandir. We will decide once we get our fourth generation.

The panchayat says Ansubaa is right, they request both the families to be peaceful. Ansubaa says my family won’t do anything, I will make sure. She thanks the panchayat for supporting them and leaves. jai looks at Paritosh. Ansubaa leaves with her family. Dilip tells Lily what Hasmukh did. Ramila says yes, he did really well. Everyone laughs. Hasmukh says Ramila supported me well. Hasmukh asks Ramila to show her acting skills. Everyone requests her to enact again. Ansubaa also asks her to do it again. Parul says even Ansubaa was acting, no one knows that even she was a part of all this. Hasmukh acts like Paritosh and Ramila scolds him holding his neck.

Everyone claps for Ramila and laughs. jai is still serious. Aarvi asks Dilip was he hurt. He says I was not hurt, it was an act. Aarvi says like jai and Dhara became Ram and Sita. Parul says we don’t lie, its bad to lie. Ansubaa says we have show people the way to truth. Karsan says the Lord will forgive our lies. Ansubaa wishes her family has unity. Dhara thanks everyone for saving her reputation. Ramila and Hasmukh act and makes Dhara smile.

Parul says Dhara has to make prasad for the Lord. Dhara agrees happily and goes to the kitchen. jai comes to Dhara and she looks at him. She says you, do you want anything, I will make. She asks do you want this laddus, but this if for bhog. jai is silent. She says everyone are with us, she speaks like Bhoomi and he thinks of Bhoomi. She says what are you thinking, I will make the bhog and then give you the laddus. He says I don’t want the laddos, all this happened because of you, we went against me and went to light the diya at your house. Dhara says sorry for her mistake. She says I could not control myself. He says learn to control yourself, my family and I had to undergo all this because of you.

She talks about the Lord who saved her. He says he does not believe in all this. He says nothing is fine, its not the end but the beginning. Chandrika will take the revenge after she got insulted. She won’t be quiet. She will give us the reply.

Chandrika is angry at her home saying the Vaishnav family won over me. He throws things at home and says I won’t leave jai and Hasmukh. She says they have fooled me. She says Ansubaa is behind all this, she saved Dhara and insulted me infront of the panchayat and I won’t bear this. Komal brings water for Chandrika. Chandrika says I want my right. Paritosh says you will get it, you be calm. He says we will get the land. Chandrika says what will you do. Komal says I think the land would get divided, we would have got the land. She says you are begging Ansubaa and we are not getting our land. She says we can’t divide the land and wait for the fourth generation. Paritosh asks Komal to keep quiet.

Chandrika says Komal is right. Komal smiles. Chandrika takes her blessings. Komal says what did I say, tell me. Chandrika says I will tell you when the time comes. She send Komal to the market. Chandrika asks Paritosh did you get what Komal said. She says the land is not dividing as it has mandir, but what if it does not be there. Then the land will be divided easily. Paritosh smiles.

At Ansubaa’s haveli, everyone are having dinner. Hasmukh suggests we should keep a jagran. Everyone smiles. Ansubaa agrees. Parul says we have Dhara to help us. Ansubaa asks where is Karsan. Parul says he will come soon. Ketki says I will make the halwa for the prasad. Ansubaa asks Dhara to decorate the house well. Parul says we will clean the mandir and asks Dhara and Ketki to do the kitchen work.

Nanku asks Dhara whats jagran. Dhara explains him and says the whole villagers are going to come today and I have to make the food for them. Ketki is making the halwa. While everyone are doing the decorations. Dilip comes with the materials. Parul asks Ketki is the halwa ready. Ketki says yes. Paritosh says I understood what you said, but when to do it. Chandrika says we will do it when the time comes. Paritosh says if I ask someone else to do it. Chandrika says we have to do it and no one should know about it.

Chandrika says if the idol is not there in the mandir, I will ask the panchayat to give our share of the land. Komal comes and tells Chandrika that she heard about the jagran being kept at Vaishnav house. Chandrika and Paritosh are happy that they got the right opportunity now. Komal says we will also go there. Paritosh says the whole village will go for the jagran and we will go there. Chandrika smiles.

jai asks Dhara why did you come here. She says you saved my life, its my duty to help you. He scolds you.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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