Ek Mutthi Aasman 11th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Mutthi Aasman 11th December 2013 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 11th December 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Kamla and Paki are on the way. Paki asks dirver to drive fasr. Kamla says what wrong wityh you. She asks to drive slow.
Vitthal, Pakiya and kalpi are ther waiting for her. kalpi is in tears she throws away all the decorations in resentment. Kamla gets home. Vitthal is looking at her in anger. She gets in the house. Vitthal says kamla you did that again and you went without.. He stops when his has his gaze on Paki. Vitthal asks what is she doing here ? Kamla says let me tell please. She tells him all what happened to Paki. And she asked to take her. Kamla says that’s why I left Kalpi. Pakiya says yes i told you she must have something important to do. Pakiya says happy birthday Paki. Vitthal says oh yes let me remind you that its Kalpi’s birthday too. Paki

says Vitthal uncle I haven’t cut the cake too. Kamla says you will both eat the cake together. Kamla gets in the house but can’t find Kalpi anywhere. She asks Vitthal where is she ? Vitthal says I don’t know anything but if she doesn’t cut the cake before 12 am I won’t ever forgive you.
Kamla prays to God. Kamla says my daughter is not immature she will understand why I have done this. Kalpi is outside home. She says when will you understand that i live my life for you and you keep showing me that Paki is more important. I will show you that I will fulfill your dream. I will show Paki Kapoor that she took my Ai away from me and the battle will start from the college exams. Paki will be out of your daily life. She crosses a car in which Raghav is present.

Scene 2
Kalpi enters the house kamla aks her where were you. We were so worried about you Kalpi says there is nothing to worry about. You leave too without telling us. We knew that you went to meet paki and I went to see my dream too. Paki says can you see that house much kamla maa was worried about you. vitthal says cut the cake first. Pakiya says Paki hasn’t cut the cake too. Kalpi says so Paki wants to cut the cake too. Kamla says yes i wanted both my daughters to cut the cake. Kalpi says come on paki you can do this at least for your kamla maa. Kalpi makes Vitthal and kamla eat the cake. Kamla makes kalpi eat too but she holds her hand and says no Ai you should make paki eat first. She takes a side. Kamla is about to make paki eat the cake but Paki’s phone rings. She says to kamla that i have to leave its 12. Kamla asks Pakiya to drop paki home. Pakiya says okay. Kalpi says I will go to. They leave.

Scene 3
kalpi says to Paki downstairs so paki you got what you wanted ? Paki says what you mean ? Kalpi says wow you are so good at acting you got what you wanted. You always do. I mean see on your birthday you got the gift my mom was with you on my birthday. Paki says no its not like that. Kalpi says leave this arguement now. Do you remember the deal that if i come first Ai won’t work at your house. You know why i let you cut the cake because till the next birthday you must dying to see kamla maa. Happy birthday paki kapoor. She leaves for the house upstairs. Pakiya has got auto. They both sit in the auto.
On the way paki remembers what kalpi said. Pakiya asks paki how you felt at the house ? Did you have the fun ? When you come at the house you spread happiness all around. Paki says i was thinking about coming first in my exam. Pakiya says you don’t need to you have everything. Paki says no there is something different this time. Paki says you didn’t give me the gift? Pakiya takes out the gift from his pocket and gives it to her.

Scene 4
Paki is studying late at night. Nettu asks her to turn off the lights? She is dazed to see paki studying. She says are you okay poki ? Paki says this is the difference between you and kamla maa she inspires people to move forward. Mummy ji comes in and says this is so wrong you shouldn’t talk to mom like that. Look I have brought you chocolate milk. Paki says I have to come first she tells her about the bet with kalpi.

Scene 5
Kalpi is having good time with Vitthal. Kamla pats her head and says I am so happy kalpi that you are not mad at me or kalpi. I always expected this from you. Kalpi says lets see what i do onwards. I will always fulfill you expectations you will know that I am your real mother. Kamla is about to touch her head but she inclines towards Vitthal

Precap: A lawyer with the notice tells Vitthal and other people to empty the chowl in 7 days. He says its the property of Sahil kapoor..

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I just don’t know what is wrong with this director, how can you write a script and make a mother not care and show love to her daughter, instead she is showing it to some onez daughter that she br*astfed.This is so fake, cuz every mother will live her child if she can love someone else’s.Pls you need to do something about your story line..

    1. I agreeeeee…. So dumb!!

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