Saraswatichandra 11th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Saraswatichandra 11th December 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 11th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Danny talking to Kusum. He says don’t think anything now, we won, we are united now. Kusum moves his hand and is shocked. Danny still holds her. She pushes him away. She says this can’t happen and cries. She says you all have cheated me. Danny says Kusum….. She says don’t touch me and runs outside the room. Danny runs after her. He stops her and asks what are you saying, what cheat. She says you, Saras and Kumud have cheated me. Kusum runs back to her room and closes the door. She cries and Danny comes to her and asks her to open the door. He bangs the door. She says why did you do this with me Saras, why.

Kusum sees a knife and thinks of ending her life. Kumud says I can’t believe that you cheated me, how can you do this, Saras says how

can you ask me to become someone else’s. He says I lost everything when I lost you, I fought with the fate to get you back, you have also broke all the promises. Pramad comes to them and says Danny called and told that Kusum……. Kumud and Saras are shocked to run to Kusum. Kusum cuts her nerve. Danny breaks the door and reaches her. He is shocked to see her fallen on the bed and runs to her.

Pramad, Kumud and Saras come to see Kusum. They see Danny bringing Kusum and are shocked to see that Kusum committed suicide. Danny says Saras, call the doctor. Pramad says I called the doctor. Saras is worried and asks Danny to inform everyone at home. Badimaa is shocked to get the news. Kumud stops Saras from going to Kusum and signs no. Pramad holds Kumud and she stares at Saras angrily. Danny asks Kusum to get up. Kumud cries.

The doctor comes and treats Kusum. Saras signs Kumud sorry. She looks at him signing I won’t forgive you. Everyone come there and are shocked to see Kusum. Badimaa looks at Saras. Everyone get worried. The doctor says she is safe now. he says its good that they gave her first aid, she will be fine soon. He says you all should support her and make her mentally strong. The doctor and asks Pramad to bring the medicines. Pramad leaves with the doctor.

Vidyachatur says what happened that led her to this step. Guniyal says I thought its a happy day for her, but… Danny says even I felt it, but I don’t know what happened to her. Guniyal asks what happened. Danny says when I came in the room, she was fine. Vidyachatur says you won’t know it, Saras would be knowing it. Pramad comes to Saras and says tell them the truth. Kumud says yes Saras, now tell them the truth. Kalika looks on puzzled. Badimaa says Kusum is resting, we will talk when she gets up. Saras says no, I will tell the truth to everyone.

He says Kaka….. The police comes and says tell us what you want to say. He says we got informed that the newly wedding bride tries to commit suicide. Pramad talks to them and says we will solve it, you go. The inspector says suicide is a legal crime, we will punish the one who made her do this. We will talk to her husband. Vidyachatur says its not needed, I trust my son in law, he can’t do anything wrong with my daughter. The inspector says we will have to take her husband to the police station for answering. Danny says I will go, Kusum is my responsibility now, you all don’t worry, I will manage. Everyone are shocked to know that Danny married Kusum and he is her husband. Danny says lets go inspector, I m her husband. Danny goes with them.

Vidyachatur asks Saras what is Danny saying, why did he call himself Kusum’s husband. Vidyachatur sees Danny’s hand and says he is telling the truth, as the shagun thread is tied to Danny’s wrist, not Saras’s. Saras says I will answer you, but now Danny needs me, he says give me some time, I will come back. Vidyachatur says did Kusum know this. Saras says no. Everyone are shocked. Saras leaves.

Badimaa asks Kumud how is Kusum now. Kumud says she is fine, she is sleeping. Vidyachatur asks Kumud did you know this. Kumud says I did not know this. Badimaa says what Saras did is right. Everyone look at her. Vidyachatur says he has cheated my two daughters. Vidyachatur says you don’t know Danny loves Kusum, so he went to fulfill his responsibility, he promised that he will take care of Kusum, if this marriage did not happen, everyone would be unhappy. Badimaa says you would have ruined four lives by getting Saras married to Kusum, Saras has saved everyone. Guniyal says did you knew this. Badimaa says yes, Saras told me.

She tells everyone that she saw Saras talking to Danny about Kusum. Danny told Badimaa that he is marrying Kusum. Badimaa asked him will you keep her happy. Danny promised her and hugs her. Saras explains it to Badimaa. Badimaa says when Danny and Kusum get to know the truth, what will happen. Saras says I can’t give Kusum the happiness. He says I can’t give her love and I can’t cheat her. He says Kusum and Kumud can’t decide right now, I will have to decide, this decision will be proved right later. Badimaa supports him. Saras says so you are with me. Badimaa says yes. Saras hugs her happily. He says now I wish Kumud understands my decision.

Kumud says you knew it Badimaa. Yash’s mum scolds Badimaa and taunts her for supporting Saras. Badimaa says try to understand. Guniyal says what, you and Saras have sacrificed Kusum and did not tell us. Badimaa says what are you saying. Guniyal says how could you take such a big decision without telling us, you can’t sacrifice Kusum for Kumud’s sake. Badimaa and Guniyal have an argument. Badimaa looks at Kumud and even does not understand Badimaa.

The inspector questions Danny and asks him the truth. Danny says Kusum and I love each other and we married by our wish, there was not any violence. The inspector asks Danny further questions. Saras comes and says you can’t ask him like this, this is not the way to investigate. The inspector says if you were not wrong, you would have called us, not that girl. Saras says Kalika……. and gets angry.

Kusum cries and asks Kumud to make her free from this marriage and asks her to take her home.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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