Ek Mutthi Aasman 10th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 10th April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 10th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Kalpi is strring at Raghav’s picture. Then she cleans everything and place it in the right place. Doorbell rings. She thinks its Sammy but when she open the door its Raghav. She smiles and turns back. She is about to slip but Raghav holds her. Raghav sees position of everything changed. He says what are books doing on table and cutlery out here on the floor. Why is everything so messes up. This is how you plan a party. Suddenly he steps his feet on the cutlery. He is really angry. He says what have you done to my house. This is how to plan a party. It was a six glasses set I got from Belgium and you done this to them. He puts rest of them in the bin. Raghav says where are your manners ? What is all this ? You know nothing. He realizes that he is a bit loud. He says I

am sorry Kalpana. Kalpi says no sir, I am sorry. Its not your mistake. I should not have come here. You cutlery come from around the world and our live revolve around the rates of food. In your life a st of cutlery matters but in our lives its relationships that matter. I told you that our lives are so different. She is about to leave. She goes out and takes an auto. She recalls Raghav insulting her.
Raghav says i never meant it Kalpi. He tries to call her but she isn’t receiving. He says I should not have talked to her like that. I can’t bear tears in her eyes.

Scene 2
Gauri says Kamla this medicine doesn’t look good. Kamla says if you feel warm then I will turn the fan on. Wo knows better than a doctor. If you take it you’ll be fine soon. Gauri takes it. She doesn’t feel good. Kamla asks what happened ? She says I told you this is not good. I think I should go out for a while. She goes out in the corridor. Her head is hurt. She sits on the stairs.
There Raghav is calling kalpi over and over again but she isn’t receiving. He says why am I like that why I hurt her all the times.
la calls nettu and asks is this the right medicine ? Nettu says yeah I called the doctor she says its good for her. Let me know after 10 days how she is. Kamla gives her medicine gauri is reluctant. She takes the medicine but puts it under the bed. Kalpi comes in. Vitthal asks how was the arrangements. Kalpi is quiet. Vitthal says she is tired guess. Kaml goes to her and asks is there some probelm ?She says no just a bit tired i need to go for a walk. Gauri says me too. They both leave.

Scene 3
Sammy comes home and says look here are the drinks. Did kalpi tell you theme ?Raghav says she has left. We had a quarrel. Sammy says no again please. Raghav says this is all your mistake and I asked you to change the venue. Why didn’t you tell her the rules and regulations. Sammy says what rules she isn’t a student and this is a principal office. The only rule that works in a house is happiness. This is the reaosn why she never becomes yours. Raghav stop. Enough with the lecture, I don’t want it. I know I made a mistake and shouldn’t have done this but I wil tell her that I don’t want to hurt her. Sammy says you will this all alone don’t involve me in it.

PRECAP-Kalpi gets a call from Raghav. Gauri says you are angry with him right you feel like you should talk or not. Its better to talk. She takes the phone and receives herself.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. oho……again lifestyle indiiferences..hmmm

    1. gues party wil definitly happen next week……n hopfuly kalpi’s confession….at least d 1 gud thing dat happend was tat kalpi dint ask pakhi’s help…nor did pakhi interfere…

      1. The party was meant 4kalpana. Raghav spoil it with his bad mouth

  2. I liked sammy in today’s episode raghav is hopeless I think now he’ll arrange a surprise 4 her…

  3. What are you doing this is not fair raghav and kalpi want get beke their love kalpi must help raghav to meet his mom

  4. Love raghav’s acting. I think it will be longer than one more week for kalpi to confess her feelings. There will be a lot more of these differences! Kalpi is really upset and she should be. We will find out more about why Raghav has a temper!!

  5. Sammy was awesome telling Raghav off!

  6. sometimes raghav behaves like asad in the early days of qubool hai..they love these ladies but always fight with them….then try to say sorry as if it would make things better.
    and ok the glass was from belgium…when my sis and i were kids we broke most of my mothers belgium glass….and of course she replace them….and raghav character is suppose to be a billionare….what if she tells him she loves him then what would he do…..if i was kalpi i would have done that and shut him up and then walk out…lol

  7. hey guys I want to know am I the youngest here being 17 ????

    1. No i am the smallest just 16

    2. Hey anshu, i was not lecturing you okay… in the comments for April 9th.. was just trying to cheer you up based on my experience. 🙂 All the best for your exams.. 🙂

  8. Never never raise yr voice 2 someone you love deeply. What raghav did was very mean. He value thing more than relationship. Then he should choose paki because she knows table manners well because both r high class people. Is raghav mad

  9. No yaar nt again….. . If rags luv kalpi den why u alwz mak her feel dat shez is lower class dan u ……this is an insult …..u cant do dis to ur luvr rags……n evn no luvr can bear dat insult 4m vn whom she luvs a lot…..how can she confess her luv for u….

  10. I agree wid u nimi…..completely agree….watz more imp for u raghav table manners n standard or relationship n luv ….u must decide

  11. I also agree that raghav was very bad today I was not able to watch that scene… First he asks her to forget all the differences & now just insults her like hell….. Sammy dialogue that ”kalpana hi kahin teri zidd to hi was good” & raghav still said he didn’t want a lecture… But when says what shuddering he do ‘mjhe to manana bhi nhi aata ” was cute…..

  12. giving this show a rest….it may end up like all the other serials….love sacrifice illogical stories…i was really hoping for a difference….yes different worlds but two people can survive from different worlds….race class creed region culture should never come before love….raghav and kalpi need to speak to eachother right now their have a silent relationship….they are speechless in front eachother and vocal when they have differences…….and again she should let him know how she feels about him…..that could muzzle him a bit..gauri is right talking is good…

  13. srujana dsouza

    i think the story will continue to too long for next week

  14. guys i hv read on twitter that there would rain romance b/w RagNa……m not sure bt sumone has uploaded this news…..

  15. Anshu & sap I m older than everyone here 33
    love ema Bcoz raghna
    Raghav and kalpna is just character in ema they do what director and writer tell them to do
    But what’s wrong with writer he/she haven’t give us break
    We’re all thinking what will happen next
    I give up
    With ema

  16. Chocopie
    Don’t be so happy ,I do not wont u to dispoint u but some article saying kalpna confecc in party now rain romance hope so not but could be pookie and raghv oh! No
    Can’t even think
    Now Sammy is not going to help ragh so maybe ragh will ask to paki to help him
    He may say this way
    Paki I need your help I like some one
    And if he don’t tell her name , she already taking as a wrong signal ( what raghav do)
    I m not teenage but can’t wait for raghna 2gether

    1. don’t what will happen….jst hope..he would not help from paki

      1. don’t know what will happen…jst hope…he would not help from paki..

  17. age doesn’t matters yaar…..,everyone is cursiouly waiting for them…..m 24….. i also can’t for togetherness…..

  18. Thank u u chocopie
    U r right age doesn’t matter
    Can’t wait anymore for raghna
    Hope something good happen between raghna in tomorrow epi
    Otherwise our weekend will get spoil
    Here is noon
    But my raghna friends in India and chocopie goodnight

  19. good after noon to u…Mon…..& good night all of u….c u 2morrow..

  20. awww…..ragavs temper spoiled his lovers’ n best friends’ mood hmmm…..so sad…wel hop rag n sam patch up soon…

    im glad 2 c tat gauri s becomin a friend 2 kalpi indirectly….cos pakhi has her dear kamla ma n ragav has sammy to share der feelings wit…but who dos kalpi hav?she s not able 2 speak abt her feelings wit her own babba n each tym she thinks of telin kamla..somthin or d othr happens n she isnt able 2 tel kamla either…..so wit gauri hopfully she wil b able 2 sort out her feelings n b able 2 take d next step ASAP…..

  21. R u right kalpi need somebody so for kalpana gauri is right person to share her feeling Bcoz gauri is going to be her mother in law

  22. god morning guys….. ofcourse age doesn’t matter… & AP I didn’t mind of what u say in comments of 9th april… Sometimes I get bored & also was not well that’s y was not studying… & I also know the importance of being independent, my both sisters are engineers I hv actually studied 4 2 yrs a lot so that’s y nervous & the only break I take is commenting here… & even if that was a lecture I won’t mind taking that… 🙂

    1. That is so nice of you anshu…you take Care of your health and I have already given you my best wishes

      1. Thank u for the wishes

    2. nice anshu…parents r always protective fr girls…& u knw why,,,,,,they only knws what is good for us ……

      1. I knw that i m alys being supported by my family & i m happy with the freedom i hav , i dont want more freedom……

      2. yeah….so sweet of u…..

  23. Very upset with Raghav’s behaviour. to insult any body to those unforgiven word & humiliate to this.Kalpana came to his house to HELP him,& when you arrange party or any event,furniture &things has to be rearrang so that there is open floor space for Guest to circulate.I guess Raghav’s social party life is Zero.I am glad Kalpna walked out, Sammy is right his every word is 100% correct, it was
    good fight. Now i count on Gouri who can only patch R&K she will solve the situation.One glass broken also broke Kalpana’s heart ,&drams…so sory

    Raghav don’t ask Pakhi’s help that will give wrong signals to rich little poor girl
    she can give him materialistic life

  24. Happy not seeing Pakhi since 3 days.good.dont want see her another 1week.hope gouri helps Kalpana to calm down.want to see what gouri tells Raghav.how can anyone give medicines without any prescription that too from Neetu?wake up writers .show some reality.

    1. haa haa haa girija .. you are too good… ad very true very happy not to see paaki’s face for few days… paata nahi .. it like ek sukoon hai jab who epi mein nahi hota hai … when she comes on screen , it is like oh God wat now kind of feeling comes…esp after the dream seq in Club… I dread her !!!:)

  25. Sammy you are too good todays’ episode

  26. If sammy is not going to help Raghav -then he may go to Pakhi.AYo instead of that he can go straight to kalpana’s chawal as she is siting with Gouri outside her home.and sortout the differances- as he did the day he proposes to Kalpana -he came in the middle of the night to her house.hope for the good .

  27. welcome back girija….i was missing ur comments…

  28. hey anyone knows telugu

  29. sry….i d’nt kn…..

  30. Girija we’ll c paji today
    Shetan ka nam liya Shetan hajir

    1. nnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooooooooo

  31. I don’t like to c paji no where in ema
    From now till ema end
    Some time inn thinking who gave her chance in ema

  32. Girija
    Like your

    1. Thank You Mon!!

  33. Take Rest Pajji! u have worked too much .it time for you to take rest till RAGNA express their love and go to jungle enjoy themselves some beautiful moments.sing a song and again falling in the water..No fighting Raghav – you are difficult to handle- only Kalpana can calm you.sammy and kalpana gave such wording atleast you can control your anger.If you want to frustated there is always pajji is there/you can shout at her. we will enjoy

  34. What’s going on today’s epi
    Plz somebody let me plz
    Can’t wait for update

  35. Nice episode Mon.he apolizied eand told about his loneliness since childhood and Kalpana cried after hearing that.Gouri asks Kalpana whether she likes him she told yes ,request Gouri not to tell kamala about that and gouri promised.next day kalpana come to Raghav’s house and both are confortabl with eachother.Raghav now u have come in my life as well this house also yours.she prepared food for him as went out for a short in the Office PAJJI find that Raghav wad not there and also Kalpana .she has the doubt that something is going on as both were not there.she asked Sammy he told it is secret . she aksed what is secret – he replied if he told it wont be a secret.in the meantimehileKalpana called sammy n told abt latest devolopment and sammy was happy infornt Of PAJJIIII.Ayyyyyyyyyoooooooooo.he comes home and kalpana put the room spray ,as she doesnt he was allergicto that.that is it today in.short

    1. Thanks girija

  36. Thank u Girija
    Now j m worry raghna love eachother
    And if paji fine out about that ,I m sure she’ll creat drama

  37. And will try to make them separate with kalma’s help
    And kamla love paji more than her own daughter

  38. Who is allergic Raghav or Sammy

  39. Raghav.when kalpana cooked for him the aroma from kitchen spread the wholse house .when he enter the house he ask abt the smelll,so kaplana spray the room .Raghav started coughingn told that he is allergic to sprays.kalpana sorry for that , ask him why he dint told abt that. he tell that he can tolerate the allergy but not kalpana cry – can not tolerate her separation/ so cute Raghav you are sweet heart today

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