Saraswatichandra 10th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 10th April 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 10th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Saras finding the earring and telling the inspector that its Kumud’s and she is here. She asks Sunanda about it. Kajol lies to her and says its mine and shows the another one. The inspector says now we are going as we don’t have any proof, if we get any proof then we will not leave you. Saras says I have seen them kidnapping Kumud, arrest them. The inspector says we need proof, I m sorry. He leaves. Saras tells Sunanda that police needs proof but not him, he knows his Kumud is here. Sunanda says good, its true, Kumud is here, but what will you do.

She says I will never let her go from here, you understand that your innocent wife is no more. Saras says stop, and gets angry on her. He says I will take Kumud from here, if she gets hurt, you all will have to pay for it. He looks at Samru and takes the earrings. He tells Sunanda that I will take my wife from here vry soon. Sunanda says he has threatened me, I will see how he gets her free. Saras and Majnu come out and have a talk. Saras says I came here Kumud, looking at the earrings.

Kabir and Ghuman are together. Ghuman smiles and says Danny has decided to leave Kusum too. She says did you see how Danny scolded Badimaa, I did not know he loves me so much. Kabir says why won’t he, you are such a good mum. He says some people don’t even get parent’s name. Ghuman says it seems you are hurt in childhood. Ghuman says people like us who move ahead forgetting the past, their today is interesting likes ours. She asks him to do her last work, then it will happen what he wants.

Kumud is brought to Sunanda. Kumud is tied. Sunanda tells her that your husband has threatened her, he said he will take you from here and till them you should not be hurt. She says I told him he won’t be able to see you again. Samru unties Kumud. Sunanda says be happy that your husband loves you a lot, don’t know how but reached here, when he did not get to see you, he cried. Kumud cries. Sunanda leaves locking Kumud. Kumud calls out Saras and cries.

Majnu tells Saras that they are very dangerous people, how will you get Kumud. Saras says come with me. Danny comes to her room. Kusum comes to meet him. Danny sees her and leaves, but Kusum stops him saying I need to talk. She says you promised you will never misunderstand me, you are doing same thing again. She says you don’t know what Ghuman did. Danny says she is my mum, I can’t bear if anyone talks to her like that, I have respected your family, but you all have insulted my mum.

He says I know that what happened with my mum should not have happened. Kusum says what she did also should not have happened. Danny says I don’t care. Danny says I don’t want to argue with you, it will be good if we stay apart for some time. He leaves. Kusum thinks she can understand he is hurt for Ghuman, but how to show him Ghuman’s reality. Ghuman says just one last plan, and then….. She gets Sunanda’s call. Sunanda tells her that Saras came there. Ghuman is shocked.

Sunanda says he has to go empty hand. Ghuman says be careful, he will not leave Kumud there. Sunanda says trust me. Ghuman says I m happy that Saras went there, take care and make sure he does not come back soon. Sunanda and Ghuman have a laugh. Ghuman says if you keep them there, I will pay you. Sunanda says this time I need more money, now I have to deal with your son too. Ghuman says sure and smiles. Sunanda says its great that Kumud came here as Laxmi.

Dancer Kusum comes to Kumud with food and asks her to have it. She says you have high fever, are you fine, I will bring medicines. She leaves the door open. Kumud gets up and goes out. She tries to escape. Sunanda comes from the other side. Kusum hides Kumud from her. She asks Kumud what was she doing, if anyone saw her then, Sunanda can do anything. She says she will help her, trust her. Kumud says I have to go to Saras. Kusum says if you get caught, you will be shifted, then how will your husband get you, come back with me. She takes Kumud with her back to the room.

Saras looks at the gate and guards are sitting there. Majnu attracts the guards acting like a mad man. The guards go to him and Saras gets inside. Saras comes inside and sees Samru busy. The other goons catch Saras. Sunanda also sees Saras and is shocked.

Sunanda asks Kumud to dance if she loves her husband. She blackmails Kumud.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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