Ek mein aur Ek tu (RagSan) episode-42

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(sry guys dont scold me after reading this)
Sanskar opens his eyes..he holds his head with terrible headache..his eyes went on ragini who was sleeping hugging him..he noticed their state nd shocked..he immediately gets up with jerk nd sits he sees himself he got widened his eyes seeing lipstic marks nd love bytes on his body..he tries to remain what had happened last night..meanwhile ragini who disturbed by sanskar jerk wakes up nd got shocked to see herself..she looks at sanskar who seems confused..she gets up nd covers herself with blanket..both trying to recall what exactly happened but they r not able to…
Ragini:what u did with me last night
Sanskar:mein ??see(he shows her lipstick marks nd love byte which more shock to ragini)..u only something did to me..
Ragini(bites her lower lip):mei..mein..i didnt do those..
Sanskar:u didnt..then who ??
Ragini:how can i knw
Sanskar: stop ur acting..tell what u did with me..
Ragini:shut up..i was not in sense..
Sanskar:me too..i dont knw what u did with me last night
Ragini:dont blame me..this is all bcz of u
Sanskar:what i did..did i askd to drink..no na
Ragini:u should have stopped drinking when i askd u to stop..
Sanskar:y should i stop..
Ragini:i dont have interest to argue with u..i have already headache..
Saying she goes to washroom..

Sanskar dont knw what had happend last night but after seeing themselves like that he can assume they wr happy last night..he smiles..
Ragini comes out of washroom with towel..she opens d towel infront of sanskar who stands there..sanskar rolled his eyes..
Ragini:see.. u blamimg me before a while na.. but what u did ..see..she shows marks on her cleavage nd her belly nd some of places…
Sanskar:i didnt do anything
Ragini:u didnt..then who
Sanskar:i dont knw
Ragini:what the hell r u talking..
Sanskar:i also got angry when u said i dont knw..
Ragini glares at him..
Sanskar:stop seeing me like that..go nd have bath i could not able to see ur exposing..
Ragini fumes ,she again covers herself with towel nd comes to bathroom..nd talks to herself..what the hell is thinking about himself ..before a while he blamed me as i did everything..when i showed what he did..he was talking like this ..stupid.. idiot..vaise ragu this is all ur fault..what is d need to drink..u r big idiot..

Sudha cme with lemon juice…
Sudha:how r u both feeling now
Ragini:aunty what happend last night
Sudha:didnt u remember
Ragini nodded no..sudha looks st sanskar he also nodded as no..
Sudha feels bad..sudha dont want tell as she thought they cme to knw themselves..
Sudha:k..leave it..drink this u both fell better..
Saying she leaves..

Ragini comes to sudha home…
Sudha:r u feeling better now
Ragini:ha..aunty can i ask something
Sudha:ha beta
Ragini:didnt u gt angry when uncle having alcohol..
Sudha(smiles):he took my permission..
Ragini:u gave
Sudha:he drinks rarely..after 6mnths he askd me..i agreed..
Ragini:u loves uncle so much na..
Sudha:ha..he loves me so much..
Ragini:vo…aunty..did uncle slapped u for any reason..
Sudha(understand y she was asking):ha beta..many times..
Ragini:many times??..u didnt get hurt..
Sudha:no..he had a reason..he did it with love which he had on me..where exist love there is only angry pain,jealously..we have to understand..all hav misunderstandings in their relationship..we have to keep trust on eo..
Ragini looks at sudha..
Sudha:sanskar loves u so much beta..
Ragini smiles faintly..

Ragini sits in room nd thinking about sudha words..nd says am i misunderstand sanskar..then only sanskar mbl buzzed with msg which was on bed beside ragini..ragini looks at the id..she fumes seeimg neha.she opens d msg ‘missing u sanskar’ when u r coming written in it..ragini immitates missing u..stupid girl..she throws it under bed..
Sanskar came nd asks about his mbl..
Ragini:i dnt knw where is it
Sanskar:i kept it on bed only
Ragini:then search..
Sanskar:idint find..will u help me..
Ragini:i cant move ..bcz of u i have body pains..
Sanskar:i also hav bcz of u..
Ragini huffed..
Then sanskar mbl rings..ragini mirmurs crct time..he noticed her mbl under bed by d ring..he takes it nd goes aside…
After a while he came md packing his bag which confused by ragini..
Ragini:where r u going
Sanskar:papa called nd said some imp work in office..i have to go..i will cme soon..take care..
Ragini face fell..sanskar bid bye to sudha prakash , ragini nd left..

@next day
Ragini was thinking whether sansksr really went as papa told or for neha..jst then her mbl ringed..she smiles seeing sanskar id..
Suji:ha beta mein..
Ragini(feels bad as she expected sanskar):ha maa..how r u
Suji:fine beta..tum teek tho hein na..did u having ur food properly..
Ragini:ji maa..
Suji:ok take care beta..bye..

Ragini calls sanskar..
Ragini:when will u cme
Sanskar:y..missing me..
Sudha aunty askd me..
Ragini:k bye
Sanskar:ragini 1 min
Sanskar:still u have body pains..
Ragini:no..im fine
Saying she cuts d call..

Sanskar back hugs ragini who wS setting bed..
Sanskar:kya hua
Ragini:last night u becme wild na..my body was paining..
Ragini:no need..
(she kissed his cheek)
Sanskar:if u do again u will be fine..
Sanskar:sry sry.come with me
Sanskar lifts her nd makes her lie on bed..
Ragini:what r u d
Sanskar:shhh..keep quite..
He got massage oil nd massaged her body while ragini looks at him lovingly..
Fb ends..

Ragsan recalls this both had smile on their face but as well as they gets sad thinking about present..

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