Archi love story!! Part 32 (MAHA EPISODE)

Hey!!!!!!! After a long time,,,,,,actually was travelling here and there ,so dint get time.but at the end of everything meher is back!!with pat 32….WOAH!!!! I really cant believe I completed so many partssssssss………,an information for u guys,the role of priyank will be played by priyank himself… guys guys I am talking about priyank Sharma of Roadies rising ,and apparently he is also in splittsvilla10 ….. I really like him..he is damn hot so,thought he will be perfect for the role…..hope u guys don’t have any prob……oh gosh!!! I speak so much and I know I am also wasting u alls time so,let me stop bakabak and start the epi,,,,,,,,,,,,

Next day,
Tanya and tanu was chilling in sanchi’s room.
Sanchi:so,Tanya how did u enjoyed in Austria?
Tanya:I enjoyed a lot there. I made many friends,hanged ut with them in malls,clubs,partied every week…
Sanchi:well Tanya,did u went there for partying and enjoying or for studies?
All laughs.
Tanu:accha jiji by friends I remembered one thing.
Tanu: what about ur frnd priyank?
Sanchi:nyc point.what about priyank Tanya?did u contacted him?what did he said?will he help us?
Sanchi’s questioning was interrepted when Tanya sreams, “ENOUGH!ENOUGH! how many questions will u ask me? Let me speak…”
Sanchi:sorry! But pls tell na what did he said?
Tanya:yeah I talked to him. He has agreed to cooperate with us.
Sanchi:really!!!!! I am so happy!!
They get elated,…

Sanchi:now I just hope this plan works….
Tanu:it will jiji..amd Aryan ji himself says r8,, “kisi mahan admine kaha hei ki agar koi kam puri shiddhat aur mehnat se kiya ho toh who kam zaroor successful hoti hei”and we all are working so hard so,I am sure we will gain success.
Viren(from behind):ya and sanchi how could u forget that u are sanchi mittal,,winning is ur passion,and u didn’t learned defeat.,u always say r8,
Virens conversation was interrepted when sanchi says’ “jitna sanchi mittal ki adat hei,aur harna kabhi sanchi mittal ne sikha hi nahi”..

Tanya:ya that’s the spirit sanchi…. U cant lose hope sooo easily…. U are sanchi mittal and u can do anything.
Sanchi:thank u ,thanks u so much guys for envcouraging me up to this extent. I really love u guys.
Saying this she opens her arm and ask them for a hug. All of tehm have a small hug.
After the hug ,viren says,
Viren:ok guys! Now come downstairs ……everyone is waiting for u all………
Viren goes and the girls follows him.
As they goes they see some preparation of an occasion happening.
Tanya:whats all this?
Sanchi:ya,whats going on/
vaibhav: what? Does that mean u guys forgot about it?
Tanu:forgot about what? Bhaiya!
Vaibhav:really! U guys forgot about ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccchhhhhhhhhh a important thing?????i am really upset….

Sanchi:bhaiya pls stop beating around the bush and tell what we forgot?
Vaibhav stays silent.
Just then tanya sees some rakhi in a plate.
Tanya:oh no! how could we????
Tanya:look there,,
They see the rakhi.
Sanchi:SHI*!! Really? How could we???
Tanu:ya jiji’s…… its such a important day..but we forgot….
They all look at vaibhav whose face was sulking…
Thrice goes infront of him and touches their ears and apologize.
But vaibhu dosent agree.
They all try their best to convince him but still vaibhav was really angry with them.

Suddenly a glass comes in sanchis feet and she screams “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”all becomes worried. Vaibhav becomes really worried ,he brings first aid box and do her patti.
Vaibhav scold her a lot,,,,sanchi again apologize… and at last vaibhav agrees.
Chandra:OK now if all this is done,go guys and get ready,,,the auspicious time is after 1 hour and 45 mins,,,,go get ready.. the sethiya’s will also be coming..
Kusum: ya! We invited them too…they must be coming in approximately 1-1:20 hours.. so go get ready quickly…
A smile appears in sanchi’s face listening to the news.
Viren:are they can get ready kusum but see sanchi’s face,after knowing heer would be in laws are coming,she iis shying so much.
All laughs.

Sanchi goes from there.
Kusum:after a long time I am seeing sanchi so happy. I hope her happiness never fade away.
Viren: Don’t worry! Everything will all r8.
On the other hand in sethiya house,
In neelima-prabhant room,
Neelima was getting ready when prabhant comes from behind and holds her.
Neelima :ha!!!! What are u doing??
Prabhant:romancing with my wife..
Neelima:mein batare hihu today u are ina very romantic mood…. Can I know the reason?
Prabhant:are! Do any husband need any reason to romance with his wife.
Neelima:u have whole life to romance but now pls leave me… I need to get ready..
Prabhant:here your husband is talking so sweetly with u and u are only bothered about getting ready?
Neelima:ya bcoz we are getting late and if I get late,I will tell jetji that u didn’t let me to get ready…
Prabhant:how much will u get ready??u are looking really beautiful …..
Neelima:pls see don’t disturb me and go from here…

She oust prabhant from the room.
On the other hand Aryan and micheal were looking for robin.
Micheal:where did he disappear now???
Aryan:ya! U are r8.. here we are getting late and he is least bothered….
Micheal:Maybe I know where he is?
Micheal: U come with me!
Aryan and micheal goes to the store room by the back door. They see robin hiding and peaking outside from the main door. They go and touch his shoulder from behind….. Robin screams “AAaaaaAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaa”
Micheal:rob its us..
Robin:u, u guys??????
Aryan:what are u doing here rob?

Rob(in trembling voice):Aryan !!! pls pls pls I don’t want to tie rakhi from the girls.. pls don’t take me there…sanchi and her sisters will tie me rakhi and make me bro! pls pls…. if sanchi ties,,,that’s somehow fine aas she is my bhabi .. but I really don’t want to tie rakhi from the other gals… pls yar..
AryaN and micheal bursts out laughing……
Robin:guys please shut up!!! And understand my problem…
Aryan:You will never reform ,R8?
Micheal:But, Aryan Robin is actually R8.
Aryan: ha?
Micheal:I mean likewe came from London and in 12-13 days we will return so,,,whats there in making sissy??? U know?
Aryan: so,Mr.Micheal dosent want sisters or,,,the fact is that he wants to make one of the girls his would-be-crush..
Micheal: shut up Aryan! And pls stop pulling our leg and understand us.
Aryan: OK! OK! Fine. U guys go get ready ,I ensure u no one will tie rakhi on ur hand…. Fine???
Micheal and robin: Superb!!!!

After 1 hour,
Sethiyas had reached mittal house……. All were waiting for the trio sis.
Chandra:Uff! This girls! Its getting late! Only 20 min is left for the auspicious time to finish… why dosent they come?
Kusum:actually jiji in such a short notice it was difficultfor them to arrange a good dress for the function …. Thanks to god that sanchi had already 3 designer dresses ready which she designed for some exhibition.. the exhibition was yesterday , so the dresses were still in the exhibition centre… it took time for the dresses to arrive.. it arrived 20 mins back… I am sure they must be ready.. wait let me call them!
Maasa:kusum ji, u dont have to call them. See there they already came.
Sannchi ,tanu Tanya comes wering these dresses.
Sanchi’s dress:
Tanya’s dress:
Tanu’s dress:

All of them were just looking at the 3 pretty girl.
Aryans eyes were only on sanchi.. bith of them were just looking at each others eyes and started remincising about the old days when they were soo happy with each other…
Hawayein from “JAB HARRY MET MEHER SEJAL” plays…
There eyelock was broken by Aryan.
Bhabisa:WOW!!!!!!!!!!! U guys look Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice outfits.
Tanya:thanks priyanka jiji anyways these outfoits are designed by jiji.
Bhabisa:as I guessed.
Chandra:ok baccho now I think we should start the ceremony….sarita ji and neelima ji . I want u guys to start the ceremony.
Prabhant and babasa sits in a chair infront of sarita and neelima respectively.
Maasa ties rakhi to prabhant and neelima ties to babasa… they complete the veneration and feeds sweets to them. Babasa gifts neelima a pair of gold earings and prabhant gifts sarita gold bangles… then Chandra ties viren rakhi,do the aarti and feeds him sweets.viren gifts Chandra necklace.
Then comes the turn of neeti to tie rakhi to Aryan,bhaisa nad nishant. She ties rakhi to them respectively ,do aarti and feed sweets.

Aryan bhaisa nishant were just smilingto her and sitting idle.
Neeti:give me!
All three bhai:What?
Neeti:My gift!
Aryan:uffu! We forgot about that.
Neeti:how could u guys????i wont talk to u.
Bhaisa: ae baba we were joking.
Three of them gives her gifr.
1st she opens aryan’s gift… there was spectular watch.
Neeti:wow! Thank u bhaisa. She hugs Aryan.
Then she opens bhaisa’s gift.There was a complete set of all the colours of nail polishes.
Neeti:wow sushant bhaisa! Its awesome. It has all the colours which I wanted.. thank u!
Then she opens nishants gift. There werev photos of some guys.
Neeti:what is this?
Nishant:photos of some boys… c’mon now u are big enough its time for uir marriage ,,like any of them and married.
Neeti:HAWWWW!!!!! Nishant!!!! She beats him.
All laughs.

Nishant:accha baba sorry!! It was just a joke…. Here is ur gift.
She takes the gif and opens it..
There was a lot of minion things,,,,,,there was lamp with minion photo,minion teddy,minion glass etc………
Finally comes the turn of sanchi ,Tanya and tanu……….
They tie vaibhav rakhi,do aarti and feed him sweets.
Vaibhav gives each of them a big box.
They open the box. There was another box inside it,as they open that there was another box, at last inside sanchi,s box sanchi finds a kamarbandh,Tanya finds a anklet and tanu finds a mang tika.
All three girl: bhaiya these things?
Vaibhav: these is my dream…..whenver u guys get married I want u guys to wwar these things in ur marriage…
All of them hugs vaibhav
All 3 gals: this is amazing bhaiya thanks…….
All they were dancing at phoolo ka taroka with their brothers. Like always sanchi gave a amazing a performance…..
Tanya receives a call from priyank..
Tanya:where are u?
Priyank: at ur house doorstep.
She looks at the doorstep and finds priyank stading there with glasses in his eyes , bag in his shoulder. He was looking damn handsome…
Tanya keeps staring him…….

Precap:Priyank rocked and Aryan shocked or jocked from jealousy???

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    Robin hahah funny guy.
    Vaibhav annoyance and then agree hahabnice.
    Nice rakhi nd gift scenes.
    Priyank and vrushy nice pair.

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