Ek mein aur Ek tu (RagSan) episode-41

Thank u so much friends..so sry for late..im perfectly fine now..i wil give regular updates..

@next day
Sanskar:im going out with prakash uncle..eat well..atleast ur brain Wil wrk properly..
Ragini:r u saying im brainless
Sanskar:undoubtedly..thats y u took that stupid decision without thinking even once..u r becoming more stupid nowadays..
Ragini:not now mr sanskar..i took stupid decisions in loving u..i took stupid decision in marrying u..i admitted its my stupidity to trust u.now u should fell happy na.this stupid leaving u forever..u can live ur life happily with ur neha..
Sanskar:y r u dragging neha into this..i told u many times i dont have any feelings for her..
Ragini:i knw very well..im not blind..
Sanskar:u r really blind..thats y u could not able to see my love..
Ragini:plz sanskar..im fed up hearing this lie..Sanskar suddenly dragges her close nd asked her to see straight into his eyes..
Ragini:leave me sanskar
Sanskar:see into my eyes now tell..am i not loving u.
Ragini:how many times i told u.u r not loving me..not loving me.not loving me..
Sanskar ( pushed her):i thought u will understand one day..but no..u will never understand..i hate u..
Ragini:i knw it..
Sanskar leaves angrily…

Ragini goes to sudha home where praksh was there..
Ragini:uncle u both cme..where is sanskar..he havnt cme home yet..
Prakash:ha beta he said he has somework there..he will come..dont wry..
Ragini nodded..its becme night ,ragini cursing sanskar as he didnt cme home even he didnt even inform her..ragini decided to go nd ask to prakash about san..she comes out but she fumes when she comes sees sanskar sits with prakash in lawn nd they r drinking alcohol..ragini comes to sanskar with a rage..
Ragini:sanskar..i want to talk to u.
Sanskar:im bsy..we will talk later..
Ragini:no now only..come with me..saying she drags sanskar aside..
Ragini:what r u doing..when did u came..im tensed about u here..but u r enjoying..even u didnt inform me that u cme..
Sanskar:y should i tell u..u only told there is nothing bw us..so im living my life..
Ragini looks at him with hurt eyes..
Sanskar about to go ragini holds his wrist..
Ragini:come to room..dont drink
Sanskar:whats ur pblm..dont smoke.dont drink..dont do that..who r u to me say all these.its my wish..
(he was in frustration guys )
Sanskar leaves..
Prakash:sanskar is everything fine..
Sanskar:yes uncle..

Sanskar nodded..prakash gets a call nd went aside..
Ragini( cme):sanskar plz stop it..
Sanskar ignores her nd takes a sip.
Ragini:sanskar im talking to u..if u wont stop..i will drink..
Sanskar:stop drama here..go nd sleep..
Ragini:im telling u..stop drinking..
Sanskar placed d glass on table..before ragini could take a sigh..sanskar takes d bottle nd start to drink.
Ragini gets angry ,she grabbed d bottle frm sanskar nd drinks it..san widenee his eyes..he grabbed d bottle frm ragini hand..
Ragini:give it to me..
Sanskar nodded no nd he drinks it..again ragini pulls btle nd drank…both got full drunk now..prakash who cme shocked to see this..he calls sudha…
Sudha:what happened ,y ragini got drunk..
Prakash told what he knows..
Sudha:its my fault to gve permission to u..
Prakash:what i did yaar..
Sudha:k..leave it..
They both comes towards ragsan..who r in half sense..
Sudha:ragini beta..
Ragini(begin to cry in drunken state):aunty he cheated me..he is a lier sanskar maheswari..
Sanskar(makes a innocent face):me..no aunty..i didnt cheat..i love her so much (he said while spreading his both hands wide)
Ragini:jhoot..he is lying..he was not loving me..(she makes a sad face)..
Sanskar:aunty u trust me
Sudha nodded..

Sanskar:u r soo gud aunty..tell her..she hav not trust on my love..
Ragini:how can i aunty..he believed that neha not me..he was not loving me..not loving me..not loving me..
Sudha:y r u thinking like that beta.he loves u..
Ragini:no..he slapped me..it had pained me alot(she keeps hand on her cheek)
Sanskar:i did it as i love u..
Ragini:no..u r lying..if u loves me then y u didnt call me when i was in dad’s house…u knw aunty how much i waited for him but he didnt care whare iam how i am.. Sanskar:no its not true..i cme to meet u everyday but ur dad didnt allowed me inside..i tried all the ways to talk to u but i failed..i called u manytimes i texted u many messages..
Ragini(looks into his eyes):really
Sanskar:ha..i admit..i have take stand for neha instead u..situations r like that..im really sorry..but u r the one whom i care the most whom i love the most..i cant tell u how much i love u..plz understand my love(his eyes got moisty)..
Ragini( cuppes his face,her eyes too got moisted):u really loves me na..
Sanskar nodded like a child..Ragini hugs him..both hugs eo tightly while happy tears r rolling down frm their eyes …Sudha prakash looks at eo nd feels happy..they smiled at ragsan nd silently goes frm there…Ragsan brk d hug..
Ragini(shouts):aunty we(but realized sudha was not there) Ragini:where is aunty uncle
Sanskar gives a i dont knw look..
Ragini:they left..we should also go to our room..Sanskar nodded both reached thier room with help of eo support..Both fell on bed nd looks at eo nd smiles happily..sanskar gets up suddenly nd sits..
Ragini:kya huaSanskar:still u want divorce(he askd with cute pout)
Ragini nodded her head as nooooooo..
Sanskar smiles widely like kid..
Ragini:i love u
Sanskar(cupped her face):i love u too…

Both looks into eo eyes intensely..sanskar leaned clse to her nd kissed on her lips passionately ragini too reciprocated with same passion..after a while they brk d kiss..Sanskar makes her lie on bed..he kissed her forehead nd said i love u..he kissed her left cheek nd said i love u..then he kissed right cheek nd said i lv u..he kissed her whole body..he hv told i love u after every kiss..ragini smiles..
Sanskar:dont u told me
Ragini immediately pushed him nd she cme over him nd kissed him nd told i love u ..she gives a love bytes too..
Sanskar(makes a sad pout):u bited me..
Ragini laughs..
Sanskar rolls her..now sanskar was on ragini..
Sanskar:now its my chance
Ragini blushes..
Sanskar takes off her saree nd throws it on floor..he leaned to her belly nd starts kissing madly..when he heard her moan he bites her belly..he cme up kissing her belly to her neck nd nuzzles..ragini hugs him tightly..sanskar pulls blanket over them..they makes love..

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