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Journey 6

Raglak are walking silently through that forest. laksh will get the signal in phone, he is shocked to see 50 missed calls of swara and few missed calls of Sanskar. Then soon he gets a phone call of Sanskar.

“Dude, where are you?? Are you ok?? Swara has called minimum.,,”

Lak: bro.. cool..cool. me and ragini are struck in forest here. You come to the next town directly, we will come too in any vehicle.

Sanskar says ok. Laksh soon cuts the call ignoring swara’s missed calls and he looks at Ragini who was looking at valleys and hills beside. She was admiring the nature and Laksh was admiring her.

Ragini’s heart wants to run near the peak and loudly shout her name.. but, she is little afraid of Laksh, that he may scold.

“ahaaann..!! why is she afraid of him??”

Ragini thinks and at once, runs that side. Laksh surprises and keeps following her. ragini stands at the edge of hill, and shouts… ‘Ragini..!!’
Her name reflects as echo in the valley. She gets happy to listen her own voice and her name in echo. Later she shouts, ‘Laksh..!!’
The name reaches her ears.. and she closes her eyes..

She remembers what her daadi used to say,
‘what you deserve, that you will get back ladoo..!!’

Stone on which Ragini is standing just tilts and she was about to fall, then soon her hand was held by Laksh’s hand. Ragini turns her head back and looks at him. Both have eye lock. A cool breeze start touching them and only pin drop silence. Laksh holds her hand more tight and pulls her, Ragini falls on him, her chest hits his chest. Ragini’s breath struck in throat. Her lips are close to his ears and vice versa. Ragini can hear his abnormal breath in her ears.

Slowly in that environment, a song plays in Ragini’s pov..

‘Slowly, warmly.. his breath
Is reaching me.’

(Ragini moves far from him with her bent eyes, and Laksh was looking at her.)

‘smoothly, deeply.. his eyes
Are seeing me.’

(they both have eye lock and suddenly the rain starts. And they don’t have sense of it with their eye lock.)

‘The mesmerizing fragrance,
From where came this sudden?
Why the heart beats can’t control?’

(Both comes into real world with the sound of thunder. Song is running in Ragini’s pov)

The slow music will be playing. RagLak are walking on the wet muddy ground, and rain has stopped. Laksh was walking front and Ragini was back of him.

‘slowly warmly.. his breath is reaching me.
Smoothly deeply.. his eyes are seeing me.
The mesmerizing fragrance, from where it came this sudden?
Why heart beats can’t control?

Is this is called love..?’

Ragini’s heart will be singing. They reach a road, and Laksh stops a bus. Both will get into it.
Ragini stands inside bus, there are no seats. (it’s a village bus)
Laksh is standing at the door. Ragini is concerned for him, that he may fall. Laksh looks at Ragini after a while.. Ragini moves her eyes.

Now, song plays in Laksh’s pov..

‘gently, lightly…
Her eyes r looking me..’

‘cutely, smartly..
Her smile is touching me..’

(Laksh observes that Ragini is being pushed by people and she is getting uncomfortable with some male passengers around her.)

Laksh goes near her and he comes as barrier from her to others. He places his hands on both sides of her and he will be stopping the people falling from her. both faces are too close.

Song continues in Laksh’s pov.. (both are looking eo..)

‘this lovely fragrance,
From where it came sudden??’

The bus takes a turn, and all fall on one side, by that.. Laksh too loses his balance and falls on Ragini, their lips are about to touch, Ragini turns her face aside soon and Laksh’s lips touches her cheek. Ragini closes her eyes.

Ragini controls her smile and Laksh slowly gets away from her looking at her, but Ragini was still not looking at him.

‘Is this is love..?’ (song completes in Laksh’s pov)
(howz my song?)

The bus stops in the next town, RagLak gets out from the bus. Ragini was still nervous about that accidental kiss and Laksh was too thinking about it.

Then they hear a loud horn sound. It’s Sanskar.
‘where you both are lost?? Come soon..!!” he shouts sitting in jeep.

They smile and go to the jeep. Sanskar drives..

*In a hotel*

Ragini is looking at Laksh and Sanskar confused. She was holding a cool drink.
Sanskar was holding Laksh and crying.

“I’m so worried for you bro. very worried.” Sanskar says.

Laksh keeps face boring, “Now say truth dude.” He asks. Sanskar moves far from him and says,
“From yesterday she was killing me with questions. Where is Laksh.. where is Laksh? Talk to her once, otherwise she will kill me..!!” Sanskar says beating his head.

Then only Laksh’s phone rings. ‘Lo, she has called.’ Sanskar says. Laksh takes the phone and goes aside. Ragini keeps looking at Laksh. Sanskar was still pressing his head.

Laksh was trying to convince swara in the phone. Ragini who was looking at Laksh,

“Laksh is scared of her. I don’t think he loves her..’ she says suddenly.

San: yes..! she is dangerous.

Ragini looks at Sanskar confused.

San: if she wishes something, that should be in front of her. Otherwise, she will do anything.

Rag: anything means?

Ragini then hears Laksh’s voice,

‘I love you swara’

Ragini gets a current shock in her nervous. She looks at Laksh. Laksh was turning other side. Ragini gets tears as soon as listening it. Sanskar was telling something, but she doesn’t hear anything.

Ragini stands and goes to washroom. She cries standing at the wash basin. Ragni remembers Laksh’s lips touching her cheek. She washes her cheek several times. But, that scene keeps repeating in front of her eyes many times. Ragini now cries even more.

Laksh comes near Sanskar.

Lak: why ragini is not coming yet??

Ragini wipes her tears and comes out, but she gets shocked to see some men are standing there. She has never seen them. Ragini tries to go away, but one holds her hand. He keeps dragging her away… Ragini turns back to shout Laksh’s name, but she remembers, ‘I love you swara’ from Laksh’s mouth.

She gets upset and remains calm. Ragini tries herself to get rid of his hand. Laksh was confused why Ragini is not coming yet, then Sanskar looks… and he shows Laksh.

Those men are about to push Ragini in van, but.. a hand comes as barrier at door, and that hand holds Ragini and takes her aside. She goes behind him, and Laksh was glaring into their eyes.

‘Why are you following Ragini always? what do you want??” Laksh asks.

Then Bhuvan comes out of those men,
“Ragini, come with us back..!!”

Laksh looks at Ragini confused. She holds Laksh’s hand tightly.

“Come I say..!!” bhuvan is about to touch Ragini’s hand, but Laksh’s holds his hand.

“I don’t know who the hell are you but, Ragini doesn’t come with you..!!” Laksh says.

“why..??” bhuvan asks.

Laksh holds Ragini’s shoulder and pulls her towards him. ‘Bcz, she is mine’ Laksh says and Ragini amazes looking at him.

“then kill this hero, and bring her’ Bhuvan orders. They come to fight with Laksh. Laksh fights with them in filmy style, just then they hear police patrolling sound, one goon cuts Laksh’s hand and runs. Laksh holds his hand in pain and Ragini is looking at him silently. Laksh goes near Ragini and holds her shoulders,
“Why ragni, why?? Why didn’t you shout???”

Ragini looks at his wound silently and ties her duppatta there tearing it. Laksh silently looks at her.

Lak: who are they?
Rag: my mama.

Laksh amazes.

Rag: he wants me to get married to his son who is a spoiled brat. That’s why, I have escaped from his house. Daadi and dadaji are there only.

Laksh amazes with her words.

Lak: you have this much problem behind you..! you didn’t tell me??

Ragini is silent.

Lak: how did you decide to go alone all the way..? and, where do you want to go??

Rag: laksh, I don’t have a single answer for your question. I don’t know..!!

Ragini closes her face among her palms and cries. Laksh feels sad and removes hands from her face. She was bending her head. Laksh takes her near and hugs her. he just pats her shoulder to make her calm.

*After a while*

Ragini is looking aimlessly out of the window in jeep. Laksh was driving, Sanskar was sleeping.
The sign board shows, ‘Bangalore’

Lak: we are in Bangalore now. the journey is going to finish in 2 hours.

Ragini gets sad.

Laksh beats Sanskar. Sanskar wakes suddenly.

Lak: bro, we are going to reach in 2 hours..!!

San: haa, finally..!!

Mysore.. 150 kms to go..

To be continued…

From Astra’s world of creation.

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