Ek mein aur Ek tu (RagSan) episode-19

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Ragini sees sanskar who was talking on phone looking tensed..after cutting d call sanskar came to ragini..
Ragini:kya hua
Sanskar:my sis killed me with her questions ,asking about u..who is she..y she lifted d cal..bla bla bla..
Ragini:what u said
Sanskar:i said there is one mad girl in my home she lifted..
Ragini glares at him
Sanskar:sorry sorry..im jst kidding..i said i forgot my phone somewhere…nd managed..
Ragini:y did u lied..(slowly)..u should have told.. that ur bhabi lifted d call..
Sanskar:what u said
Ragini:nothing..btw..is neha looks beautiful
Sanskar:y u want to knw..
Sanskar:ha..she was beautiful
Ragini gets jealous
Sanskar:do u knw..she had a crush on me..
Sanskar:uttara told me…whenever she used to came to meet uttara..she only stared at me..
Ragini:what u r felling about her
Sanskar:nothing..she is my sis friend..thats it..
Ragini goes to her room nd says to herself ragini u have to hurryup..all r back on sanskar only…before could something happened..u have to confess ur feelings…k i will tell tomorrow…
In sanskar room..sanskar was lost in ragini thoughts..he says when u r jealous u r looking so cute..that time felt im only yours..he gets sad nd says but i knw it can never happen..i dont knw still howmuch time im with u..but i promice i will give all happiness
what u missed in ur life…they fall asleep thinking about eachother….

@next day
Sanskar knocks ragini door who was thinking how to propose sanskar..she opens it…
Sanskar:come we r going out
Sanskar:sudha aunty told there is beautiful hill area…so i want to take u there u will enjoy it..
Ragini was surprised as every time she only ask take me here nd there..first time he was asking..she nodded happily..both got ready nd about to leave..sudha comes there..
Sudha:sanskar beta i need ur help
Sanskar:tell me aunty
Sudha:prakash called me nd said he fotgot imp file in home(he worked in company which was beside that village).he askd me to sent it..can u plz give it to him..
Sanskar:sure aunty..
Sudha gives him a file nd leaves..
Sanskar looks at ragini who was bit disappointed.sanskar says we will go tomorrow dont get sad..ragini smiles a little..sanskar was about to go..ragini hugs him tightly..sanskar was shocked..ragini brks d hug nd says go nd come early i will wait for u..sanskar nodded nd leaves..

Ragini calls her dadi..
Rag:hello dadi..tdy i was so happy..i want to tell u something..
She didnt get any response..
Ragini:dadi hello..
She thinks there is no network she cutted d call..nd she decorating sanskar room with candles nd some flowers.. to propose him..3hrs passed..she hears a door bell..her face glowing thinking it was sanskar..she rushed to door nd opens it nd got hell shocked to see her father there with her dadi..she understood when she called her dadi it was not dadi ,her dad lifted d call…
Sharad (hugs her):y did u do this to me ragini..
Dadi:sharad plz dnt ask her anything..
Sharad:k enough come with me
Ragini:no dad im not coming with u..
Sharad:ragini its a not safe place..come

Ragini:plz dad..it has been 4months i was here nothing had happened..do u want to see me safe..let me stay here dad..
Sharad(looks around the house):how could u living here..in this small house..
Ragini:it only gives me happiness dad..i jst fed up of my life dad..i cant come home..let me live my life here happily..
Sharad:but what about me nd ur dadi..u knw how much we loves u..how can we live without u…
Ragini:i knw dad u loves me..nd i love u too but i hate being lifeless in our home..i hate that person with whom u want to do my marriage..i hate my life which i spened there..
Sharad:k..i promising u…now on wards u can live ur life as ur wish..where ever u want to go ,go i will not stop u…i will give full freedom..
Ragini:but dad
Sharad:plz ragini..i cancelled ur mrg also ..i lost ur mother ,i dont want to loose u..he cries(emotional black mailing)
Before ragini could speak…sharad got a call…after talking he cutted d call nd says come ragu quick..that malhotra(one of his rival) came to about my arrival here..i dont knw what he will plan..we should go frm here asap…
Ragini:dad listen
Sharad:ragu dont argue..u knw i can take u forcefully but im requesting bcz i dont want u hurt..try to understand..come..saying he drags her to car..
Sudha who was jst came out sees this puzzled..
Ragini:dad plz give me 5min
Ragini goes to sudha nd hugs her..
Sudha asks what happened what was going on..ragini says sry aunty she about speak further sharad calls her come fast…ragini helplessly goes…dadi comes to sudha who stands confused…
Dadi:u r sudha
Sudha nodded
Dadi:im ragini dadi..ragu told me about u..thank u so much for taking care her…she gives a her no nd says if any help need she can ask her..nd leaves….ragini sits in car nd thinking about sanskar..she thought to call him but then only she realized she forgot her phone..ragini asks driver to stop car,i want my phone…sharad refused to stop…ragini cries silently..

After some time Sanskar comes to home nd calls ragini..ragini where r u..see i got ice cream for u…he goes to her room but didnt find her..he goes to his ro nd sees d decoration..he smiles nd says so u planned surprise for me..it was beautiful but where r u…he searched whole house..he called her but finds her mbl ringing home itself…he thought she was im sudha home so he went to sudha..who was in deep thoughts..
Sanskar:ragini ragini
Sanskar:aunty where is ragini
Sudha:she was not here beta
Sanskar:she was not in home also..then where is she..
Sudha:she had gone
Sudha told everythong to him..
Sanskar was jst collapsed there..he fells his life ended there…

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