Lies bring them closer – Ishqbaaz ff Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

Anika POV
We walked to the meadows near the mansion. Shivani was latched onto me while Shivaay was carrying the picnic basket.
Shivani was playing with the charm bracelet on my wrist. I was caught in a wave of thoughts. Maybe it was time to tell Shivaay the truth. I mean we are going to have a child of our own.
Finally he stopped when we reached near a lake…….okay…..more like a pond.
As soon as we sat down, Shivani toddled around, plucking some flowers and putting them in my hair.
Shivaay laughed seeing her cuteness. He would make a great dad and for that I was ready to be Annie my whole life.
“Tell me about your life?” His question startled me.
I looked up at him puzzled. He nodded. “I mean, how did you land up where you were.”
I gave him a sad smile. “We lived with mom till we were 8. Mom died of a heart attack when we were 8. Then we were put into the foster system and we became totally different people.”

I nodded and looked into his eyes but the courage I had suddenly disappeared. “I…I mean.”
He smiled. “Imaginary friend?” His eyes full of kindness that I could not tell him the truth.
“No… younger sister.” I finally replied.
His eyes went wide. “Where is she?”
I grimaced. I was not ready to tell him. “She died when we were 18. Foster care destroyed her.”
I felt a tear drop slide down my face as I thought of the old Arya. She was so intelligent. I always thought she would become a great doctor. I mean she was the more intelligent one. I would know……she was the one who wrote my exams.
He gently entwined his hands in mine. “What about your father?”
I gazed back at Shivani who was now pulling out flowers and trying to tie them together.
“Well, he disappeared from our life when he knew he would not get mother’s money after her parents banished her from the household.”
I felt another tear travel down my cheek. “Mama always believed he would come back but he never did. After few years, we got to know that he had a girl in his life before he married Mama. He had a daughter with her and another after he left Mama.”

I thought back to Tia and Saumya. They were my half-sisters yet I could feel a feeling of envy and hate.
He slowly wiped my cheek. I raised my eyes to look into his. To see a feeling of understanding.
“So have you met him after that day?”
I shook my head. No, I had not met my father ever again. The man who would come everyday in the evening with bouquets of flowers for mama and chocolates for me and Aarya.
“I met a man who looked a lot like him but never him.”
He gave me a grimace. “I just don’t understand how fathers can do that.”
I gave him a small smile. “Shakti uncle is a good man. Not all fathers are like that.”
He gaze left me and he stared towards the lake. “Papa…….was always traveling…….never really around. Mr. Kapoor showed me what a real father is. He is always there for Tia and Soumya. He loved me and my brothers like his own kids. I can understand why he is so sad that I did not marry Tia.”
My other hand clenched the grass and tore it off the ground. How can I tell the man who he admires is really a power hungry ass.

“Papa…..” Shivani came with a bunch of flowers and climbed into Shivaay’s lap. She then turned to me. Her eyes sparkling like two midnight black stones. She pulled at Shivaay’s hand. Which he immediately put into hers. She placed the flowers in his hands and pointed at my hair.
“Papa put Mama.”
My eyes went wide with happiness. How could my dear sister give up this warmth so easily?
“Arre my angel, you said a sentence.”
She just giggled and then turned to Shivaay and signed him again. She slid of his lap and stood in front of us.
Shivaay was looking down at the flowers.
“Papa!” She scowled at us. Shivaay looked up at her.
“Okay Sherni…..give me a minute.”
He gave me a small smile and indicated that I turn around. I felt him slowly place the flowers into my hair and at the same moment huge drops of salty water started running from my eyes.

I quickly wiped my tears and turned to face Shivaay and my baby girl, who looked pleased with herself.
I watched as Shivaay played Shivani.
Hey Ganesh ji, what sort of a situation have you put me in. I would have to tell him soon.

Aarya POV
“Oh so you are the one Bill was talking about.” A woman walked towards me. She gave a cheeky grin to Om.
“Who are you?” I scowled. I hated it when anyone tried to get close to my walls. I yanked my hand out of Om’s grip.
“And you must be the stupid girl with the horrible fashion sense that Mr. Long Hair talked about.
She repelled for a minute before she had a wild grin. “Long Hair. See Om, I told you to cut your hair.” I snapped my focus to her. How dare she? I like his hair. Besides if he cut his hair then what would I call him.
“It is okay, Long Hair is fine.” I snapped.
She smirked at me. “Okay Aarya…chill….I am sorry.” She giggled. Om had a cheshire cat like smile.

Author’s Note; I know that this is a short chapter but I hope you all like it. I am working on the reveal chapter. 🙂

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