Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 9th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Kamna gets bitten by a snake


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 9th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Epi begins with Bhima saying I understand that he must be under pressure but he dint even come to sympathise. Forgive me if I said something wrong. Baba says words have no greatness. Greatness lies in who says what and how he honours them. He goes inside. Principal asks Ambedkar ji how he says such big things. Guru ji says I haven’t seen a kid who can absorb things so quickly.

Another Guru ji tells the kids to solve the questions written on board.

Villagers gather their well wishers from the village where Bhima is currently studying and head towards the school.

Guru ji asks Bhima if he too couldn’t solve it. Bhima denies. Dhruv and Bala are positive he has solved it. Ask him to show his copy. Guru ji checks Bhima’s copy. The answers are correct. He asks Bhima why he dint show the answers. Bhima shares that people from his previous school used to hate him whenever he used to solve questions. I am already away from them because of my community. I would have later matched my answers with yours once you had solved them. They hear some commotion and run outside.

Villagers stop Dhruv and Bala. They tell Ambedkar ji that Bhima cannot study here. Guru ji and Bhima speak against it. A villager asks the Principal to ask Bhima to leave from here. I will otherwise forget that you are a Guru. Principal suggests talking about it but the villager says I will count till 5. The school and kids wont be here once I complete my count. Dhruv asks Bala if he should hit this guy with a stone. Bala asks him who all will he hurt. The guy completes his counting. Principal slaps him. You were a fool when you were a kid. I slapped you because of how you are trying to stop a kid from studying today. You could not understand the importance of studies even then. I promised this kid that he will study here. Guru has a dignity to maintain and he is bound by his promise. The guy threatens to show him what he is capable of. Let’s break this school. Bhima intervenes. Don’t do this to school when your problem is with me. There is a way to get rid of me. Dhansukhlal asks him what it is. Bhima points at the sticks in their hands. Kill me. I will continue to wish to study till the time I am alive. Bala tries to intervene but the villagers warn him to stay put. Ambedkar ji and Principal try to convince the villagers. Bhima reasons that it is his right to come to school. I don’t need protection. Dhansukhlal says he will never be quiet unless he is head. Bhima nods. Baba says you will continue to protest
We have reached school today and we will get education one day as well. Baba says only education can bridge the gap. Villagers decide to do that and hit him with a stick. He falls down. Bala and Dhruv shout Bhima’s name in shock.

Dhansukhlal tells the villagers to tear his books. Bhima tells them they cannot touch his bag till the time he is alive. Mangesh orders him to be killed. Villagers attack him again but this time Ram ji steps between them. He pushes them away. Ram ji has brought police captain with him. villagers refuse to stay quiet. Bhima tells his Baba to let them do what they want. They aren’t even following the law. Let them do it. Ram ji tells them to come and kill his son. I wont spare each one of you and will make sure that you all are punished by the law! Seth ji and Mangesh know that I live by my word. He tells police captain he is a witness to this himself. I don’t think you need a witness. Just look at their faces. He challenges the villagers to kill Bhima. Dhansukhlal tells police captain he seems to be from their community but he is still standing with Ram ji and Bhima. Principal adds that he too is from their community and he isn’t afraid to support them. They are right. You should be punished. Bhima says they aren’t afraid of anyone. They only care about keeping their image in their community. Let them do it. Ram ji tells the guys to hit Bhima. Kids tell their fathers not to hurt Bhima. How will we live without you? Dhansukhlal tells them not to fall in their words. This is sham. Dhruv nods. You too will lose your family like this Seth ji then. I was his son once but he performed my last rites just to keep his image. You too will have to follow the same path if you support him. Choose what you want. Villagers drop their stick and hold their kids. We only need our sons. Police captain asks them to leave. Principal tells them that they need not come here ever again. Bhima will come here and study every day. Police captain warns them of legal consequences. I will elave one constable here. Everyone leaves except Dhansukhlal and Mangesh ji. Dhruv asks them if they are waiting for a royal carriage. They leave.

Guru ji goes to bring first aid box. Ram ji thanks everyone for supporting Bhima. Ram ji ties
Principal tells Bhima he chose to voice his opinion after hearing what Bhima had said about his other Principal. I have promised you that you will study here. We will try to fight as much as we can. The kids and Principal encourage Bhima to study and also to share his answers in the class. We wont mind it at all. Dhruv praises the school, Principal Sir and Bhima. Everyone claps.

Bhimbai is pacing worriedly. Meera assures her that everything will be fine. Bhaiya has gone there. Bhimbai is still tensed. She tells Manjula to run to the school. Meera tells her against it. Calm down. Ram ji returns just then. Bhimbai asks him about the kids. Ram ji says they will come once the school is over. Meera asks him if they did something wrong. Ram ji shares that they sure did but Bhima, Principal Sir and the kids supported him. Anand shares that everyone is talking about what happened with Bhima today. He is hurt. He told the villagers to kill him and they even hit him. Bhimbai panics. Ram ji tells her everything in detail. She decides to go to bring Bhima home. He says I also care about it. Why are you trying to stop him from studying? Meera adds that Bhima has shed blood for his studies today. It is an important day for him. Bhimbai says I understand but he is my little kid. She cries and goes inside.

Meera tells Ram ji that he has laid the foundation of Bhima’s every victory till date. Congratulations. Anand and Manjula congratulate him as well. Ram ji congratulates his sister too. They share a group hug.

Madhvi tells Kamna about Bhima’s victory. Their mother tells them to keep it to themselves or Baba will not like it. Their mother has applied mehendi on Kamna’s hand. Madhvi tells Kamna that the colour of mehendi signifies how much a husband loves his wife. Kamna says let me go outside and dry it. We will see that later. I will congratulate Bhima if I meet him outside. Madhvi’s mom calls her so she heads to the kitchen.

Kamna steps on a snake’s tail by mistake and the snake bites her. She screams in pain as she falls down. Bhima, Bala and Ambedkar ji hear her scream and run towards her.

Precap: Bhima runs to call the Vaid but Ambedkar ji tells him that she is no more. Villagers gather around her in some time. Dhansukhlal calls it a sign. Whoever will come in contact with people from their community will die one by one!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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