Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 7th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Ram ji watches Bala and Dhruv’s performance stealthily

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 7th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ram ji’s boss tells him that he is off to someone’s grandson’s mundan. You can accompany me and head home from there. Ram ji recalls that Bala is playing there and politely declines.

Sakpal family is off to see the mundan ceremony as well.

Dhansukhlal and his friends get upset as soon as they see Bala and Dhruv coming there. Dhansukhlal tells Mangesh to make sure no one finds out that Dhruv is his son. Dhruv decides to give his best today so people praise him. You (Dhansukhlal) must realise that no work is big or small. Communities don’t define the quality of work. Bala also decides to give his bet today. Maybe the sound of applaud will reach his ears. The program starts. Sakpal family watches them from a corner and smiles. Ram ji covers his face using his gamcha and watches them play. Everyone is enjoying the beats. Bheema notices his father and pulls his gamcha. Why did you come here if you weren’t happy with Bhaiya playing music? Why are you hiding your face if you have come here already? Their convo plays in the background. Ram ji tells Bhima that Bala is a rebel but he is his son after all. I am pained that he dint walk on the path that I had chosen for him. My heart still hopes that he becomes successful in whatever he is doing. Bhima returns him his gamcha. Everyone claps as the performance comes to an end. British officer compliments Bala and Dhruv. I think you can do wonders in English Band after some training. Dhruv asks them to hire them then. We will do our best. Bala says my parents don’t like me doing this. Take us. I wont disappoint you. British officer says I need only one of you right now. There is only one empty spot. Dhruv and Bala vouch for each other. British officer says we will keep a competition between you two tomorrow. Whoever will win, will become a part of our band. He asks them to come at the same place tomorrow after confirming with the Sahastrabuddhi. It will be great if you guys can come to motivate them.

Ram ji comes home and thinks of Bala’s words (about never praising him and of his aspirations). He lies down on the cot.

The music team discusses about their performance today. They are eager to see who gets chosen tomorrow. Dhruv says they will choose Bala Bhaiya only. The boys head home.

Sakpal family is excitedly discussing what happened at Sahastrabuddhi’s house. Meera says Bhaiya will be thrilled to hear all this. Bhimbai is surprised to see her husband resting at this hour. He nods. Please give me some tea. She is about to tell him what happened at the function today but decides against it. Bhima still tells Ram ji everything. Meera says you would have been happy to see it yourself. Bhimbai says you came home early. You could have come there also. Dhruv and Bala return home. Dhruv excitedly tells Ram ji what happened. Bala Bhaiya is going to Bombay to play with the English Band. Ram ji looks uncomfortable.

Mangesh is furious that Bala is getting a chance to go to Bombay. Dhansukhlal says I don’t mind. I cannot show my face to anyone now. Dhruv is following Bala blindly. Mangesh seconds him. Dhansukhlal says Dhruv will stop playing music once Bala will leave town. Pundit ji asks him what if Dhruv goes instead of Bala. Dhansukhlal asks him if he has lost his mind. I was holding my breath wondering what if Dhruv tells everyone that he is my son. How can you say such a thing? Pundit ji calls it a vision. You wont get a better chance than this to clear away the stain on your name. Dhansukhlal refuses to see any logic in it and heads inside. Pundit ji advised Mangesh to talk sense to Dhansukhlal. People who are with British Government are earning a lot these days.

Anand tells Dhruv that British officers will listen to both of them and then decide who is best. You are saying that you don’t want to be a hindrance in Bhaiya’s path. Ram ji tells Dhruv to consider it a competition. You should give your best. No one is a relative in competition and you shouldn’t lose an opportunity ever. You must go if you are chosen. Bala says Baba anyways doesn’t want me to succeed in this. He walks away. Bhima and Ram ji look at each other.

Mangesh tries to convince Dhansukhlal for Pundit ji’s idea. You and your son will gain respect and fame this way. Your son will spend more time with British people. He will get away from Sakpal family and you might get a chance to reunite with him. Dhansukhlal says the work is still menial. Mangesh says we offer only those flowers to God that bloom in a clean place. There is a huge difference in playing music here and for British Government. Forget everything. We must make sure that your son gets chosen in the end. Dhansukhlal gets thinking.

Ram ji walks up to Bala. Make preps if you are so sure about succeeding in the path you have chosen for yourself. The competition is tomorrow. I only worry that you all must succeed. I don’t have a problem with your success but with the path you have chosen for yourself. I might become proud of you if you gain something because of your hard work. Bhima thinks of his Baba’s words. He loves us so much and is encouraging Bala Bhaiya even though he is against his choice.


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