Shakti 9th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Virat falls off the cliff to prove his love

Shakti 9th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Virat trying to talk to Preeto. Harak Singh hits on his face. Preeto bashes up Heer for calling Virat with the pretext of taking bath. She says he is a stranger to us, but you are my own, you have broken my trust for him. Virat says Heer didn’t do anything, it was my mistake, I asked him. Harak Singh tells that they know how to make Heer understand and take care of her. Virat says I love your granddaughter so much and asks him not to ask him to go away from Heer. Harak Singh says love means to give, sacrifice, and not to snatch anything. He says you have played games with us on the name of friendship. Virat says I really love her, asks them not to ask him to go. Preeto says we are running with Heer to keep her away from him and she is betraying them with Virat. Virat says it is not like that. Preeto asks him to go home and says I will separate you both away at my own house. Heer asks her to listen and tells that she is sure of Virat’s love for her and that he will not marry someone else. She asks her to see what he has done for her. Preeto asks her to come home and takes her from there. Harak Singh asks Virat not to cross the limits. Virat says I know that you love her so much, and I don’t love her less. Harak Singh says I had shot Soumya for Heer and tells that he can shoot him too. He walks away.

Virat is in tears. Heer shouts Virat as she is taken away in the car by Harak Singh and Preeto. Virat recalls Harak Singh’s words and finds the ring on the floor which he had given to Heer after marriage proposal. He picks it and says it was love before, but now it is obsession. He thinks nothing can stop him even if bullet is shot or sword.

Harak Singh and Preeto return home with Heer. Rohan opens the door and says you didn’t call and came suddenly. He takes bag from Harak Singh’s hands and is about to walk inside. Harak Singh is about to close the door when Virat comes there and stops him from closing the door. He smiles and says you have come home, I understand you might be tired. Tu hi mera khuda plays….Veeran says you all did right to return. Shanno says I was telling the same. Virat asks Shanno if she didn’t miss her chota damad, that’s me. Preeto asks Heer to go upstairs. Heer says it is not good. Preeto asks her to go. Virat asks her to agree and tells that this marriage will happen with my sasural family wish, not by force, and asks her to go. Heer goes. Preeto asks why are you increasing our problems and says a kinnar’s life can’t work with just love and says she needs much more to give the way to her life. Virat says I am alone enough to guide her to reach her aim. He tells that he is not bad and will keep her very happy. Shakti song plays…He leaves.

Shanno asks Preeto to send Heer to kinnars and says everything will be back on the track. Preeto shouts asking her to be quiet. Virat returns and asks them not to think of this and says Heer will know this truth after she gets her job. He leaves.

Next day, everyone is having tea, when Virat comes there and asks Preeto to come with him, says he needs to talk to her. Rohan says we have talked and our decision is still the same. Virat says I just wants to talk to Preeto aunty. Harak Singh asks him to talk right here. Preeto signs Harak Singh and comes out. Virat asks Preeto to come with him. They leave in his car. Shanno looks at them and thinks what is this new drama? Sindhu tells Harak Singh that Virat took Preeto in his car. Harak Singh gets worried. Rohan asks him to go with others, and he will stay back and keep eye on Shanno. Preeto asks Virat, where is he taking her? Virat says you will know soon. He stops his car in the jungle area. Preeto walks with him. Virat walks towards the cliff. Preeto recalls it is the same place/cliff from where Harman fell down. She recalls everything and wipes her tears. She says why did you bring me here? Virat says so that I can answer your two questions, one is that how can a guy love a kinnar girl all life, and the other that if his family will accept kinnar as a bahu. Preeto says you started again. Virat says I started again as this is the question of my life and death. He says I will answer your questions, firstly you compare me with your son and says he would had loved Soumya so much, but he came to know about her truth after marriage. He says Harman had done his duty as her husband. He says many husbands come to know about their wives truth after marriage, but they still keep up the marriage as they don’t want to hurt others. Shakti song plays….He says I am not yet married and can run away, but don’t want to run, but get involved in relation with Heer for all life. He says so it is proved that I am more mad lover than your son. She says Virat?

Virat says about my family, I should have run away from there long before. He promises her to take Heer far away from there, and says you trust me. He asks her to say. Preeto says my life was spent in dilemma to accept a kinnar or not. She tells that she don’t trust anyone in Heer’s matter. Virat says how you can’t trust me? Preeto says if you would have been at my place then wouldn’t have trusted me. Virat tells that I can understand and tells that Harman Singh also died after falling down from cliff like this. He says you might have felt pain, but also felt proud too as nobody can love like Harman Singh had loved Soumya. He says I will jump off from this cliff to prove my love, says if I get saved then give Heer’s hand in my hand and if I don’t get saved then think that you got rid of mad lover.

Preeto asks have you gone mad and says this is not love, but madness. She asks him to come and holds his hand. Virat leaves her hand and runs towards the cliff, saying I love you Heer. Heer reaches there with Sindhu, Mahi and Harak Singh. They walk towards the cliff. Preeto runs to stop him. Virat opens his arms wide and falls backwards while smiling. Preeto is shocked and shouts Virat…..She recalls Harman falling down the very same way. Heer also reaches there with others and sees him falling down, shouts Virat. Virat says history will not be repeated, I will return for Heer. Tu hi mera khuda plays….Heer comes near the cliff and shouts Virat. Preeto holds her.

Precap: Heer is confident that Virat will be back. She’s praying. Virat returns. They are taking pheras. Preeto asks them to stop. She says they can take remaining 3 pheras when they agree with her 3 conditions. Virat says he can accept any conditions for Heer. He will complete Heer’s life with his love.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Maybe these harak singh has lost her memory he did,nt shot soumya to save heer. he tried to kill heer soumya tried to save her and harak shot soumya.

    1. I think you’re forgotten something that they lied that soumya and harak Singh had an accident when heer was a child I think he said that to virat because he didn’t want him to find out that he was trying to kill heer NOT soumya.

  2. OMG.. Epic one..Eagerly waiting for the next update…?!!

  3. Thanks for always providing detailed updates. I don’t understand Preeto and Harak Singh. Virat loves and wants to marry Heer knowing she’s a Kinnar, so what’s the problem? I can’t imagine in this day and age a guy endures so much atrocities for a girl. Stop dragging this track, it’s losing its charm. But the actors are doing a superb job, especially Simba who has improved tremendously. My fav is Jigyasa but for the last two weeks episodes, I don’t know what’s wrong with her acting. I’m disappointed….she needs to pull it together. She was the best of the young ones, I still think she is. But she looks bothered/bored recently. As if she doesn’t want to be there.

  4. Preeto why didn’t y allow heer to married viral, would y prefer for him to kill himself.

  5. Really fed of preeto znd harak going down same old road. Storyline seems to be a repetition of soumya and harman.what did they achieve by separating 2 of them.cant the writers come up with different storyline where preeto and harak are shanno are concerned? Only breath of fresh air is virat

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