Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 5th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Sarvagya Maharaj’s abuse continues!

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 5th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

One of the guys from the lower community breaks his pot angrily. The other guy scolds him but Sarvagya Maharaj tells him to be merciful. You will be blessed. The guy agrees. Ram ji takes the guy with him. Villagers from the upper block every possible alternative from where people from lower community can manage to get some water.

The same kid asks his mother for food again. His mother tells him to wait for his Baba but he is famished now. The men return just now. Bhimbai and Meera ask Ram ji if they could find water. Ram ji drops the empty pot on the ground. Bhimbai loses her cool but Ram ji explains the situation to her. 3 men from the upper community come there while playing with water. The other kid kneels down on the ground and asks for water but they break the pot in front of everyone. Bhima hugs the little boy. They share that Sarvagya Maharaj has told them to pray Holi with water near your place. This will continue! They walk away.

Sarvagya Maharaj tells the villagers to not feel happy after seeing their misery. It isn’t enough! Sarvagya Maharaj points at Mangesh and asks everyone who he is. Dhansukhlal says he is Mangesh. He runs a tea shop. Sarvagya Maharaj calls it wrong. He is our integrity who stands in front of us. We are indebted to him in a way. Wont you repay him today? Dhansukhlal asks him to guide them how they should do it. Sarvagya Maharaj says you feel more pain when you are abused more. Your warrior was attacked last night. You should attack one of their guys too. They should understand the pain I am feeling by seeing Mangesh’s condition when they will see him helpless and crippled. They notice a guy from the lower community. Sarvagya Maharaj gives them green signal. They charge at the guy. The guy falls down while running and begs for mercy but they beat him mercilessly. Sarvagya Maharaj says venting out your anger will help you calm down.

Another kid is hungry and asks his mother for food. She shouts at him. Have you remained hungry for the first time today? Can you not stay hungry for some more time? Bhima stops her from hitting him. She rues that he was born in a poor family. Bhimbai stops her. The boy says I could drink water and satiate my hunger earlier but we don’t even have water now. His mother breaks down. Why were we even born in this world? Kaka tells her not to curse their community and lives. Curse those who have made our life hell. Ram ji seconds him. Everything will be fine. Bhima suggests gathering the money they have. Let’s buy some food and give it to those who are hungry. Let’s try to find a solution to this problem. Ram ji agrees. He requests his people to chip in money. We have no alternative but to buy food now. They all give him money. Ram ji adds his share as well.

The kid notices a puddle of dirty water. He picks up a handful in his palms. Bhima looks at him just when he is about to drink it and runs towards the kid. Other villagers and his mother run as well but he has taken a sip by then. His parents hug him and cry.

Precap: Sarvagya Maharaj says we must create fear in their hearts to make sure they leave Satara. Bhima is crying. He tells his parents that feeling helpless. That kid drank dirty water in front of me and I couldn’t do anything! Ram ji tells him to wipe his tears or they will consider you weak. It is time to finish the battle that you have started. Bhima wipes his tears and holds his parents hand.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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