The Boss is always Right ! – “MayRa FF” (Episode 7)

Hey guys , Iam so sorry for making you all wait for so long for the episode. There was some work to be completed and thus I had to do that. There was some network issues . Hope all like this episode.

Episode 7:-

Rudra and Maya at Punjab!

Rudra and Maya reaches Jalandhar Railway Station, Punjab. They comes out of the station and looks around.

Maya – “ Which is this place?”

Rudra – “Jalandhar “.

Maya – “ Tum ne toh Kartarpur kaha tha na ?”.(Didn’t you told Kartharpur ?)

Rudra – “ Yeh nahi chalega , (this won’t work)this how will you talk to me ?”

Maya – “ Oho.. Okay fine . I will take care of it “.

Rudra – “ Mm.. fine “.

Maya – “ Hey man , Iam starving ! Let’s have something “.

Rudra see a local restaurant. He smirks. They go inside the restaurant. They takes the seat. 


Maya feels weird seeing the poor condition of the restaurant. She looks the waiter. Waiter is wearing a very casual dress and doesn’t look fresh.

Waiter – “ Fried rice,chicken fry,naan, butter naan,paneer butter masala, paneer mutter masala ,chilly chicken, tandoori chicken, rumali roti, biriyani,chole bature,aloo fry.. yeh saare cheezein yahan nahi hain (But these dishes are not available here)”.

Maya and Rudra gets shocked .


Maya – “Yahan Menu hain?”(Do you have menu?)

Waiter scratches his ears and armpits . Maya feels disgusted by his acts.

Waiter – “ Madam ji , hamare yahan aise cheap dish na Milega .. “. (Madam , you won’t get such cheap dishes here)

Maya – “ Eww … “.

Rudra – “Paa ji , yahan insaan ke layak kuch khane ko milega ?“. (Do you have any dish which is edible for humans?)

Waiter – “ Aloo paratha ke saath Raita hain aur Gobi Paratha ke saath achaar hain “ (Aloo paratha with Raita and Gobi Paratha with Pickle )

Maya – “Aur kuch nahi hain ?”( Don’t you have anything else?)

Waiter – “ Mmm.. Gobi Paratha ke saath  Raita aur Aloo Paratha ke saath achaar “.

(Gobi paratha with Raita and Aloo Paratha with Pickle )

They feel irritated. Maya isn’t interested .

Rudra – “ Paa ji , mere liye Aloo Paratha aur raita leke aana “. ( Bring me Aloo Paratha aur raita)

Waiter – “ Madam ji , aap ko “.

Maya (reluctantly) – “ Mere liye , the other one “. (For me ,the other one)

Waiter – “ Other one ?”

Rudra – “ Gobi Paratha aur achaar?”

Maya – “ Yaa yaa  .. that one  !”

As waiter leaves he scratches his legs.

Rudra – “ Kuch aur nahi .. lekin gujli toh hain”. ( There is nothing available but he has itching)

Maya – “ eww! Disgusting!”

Maya see houseflies on parathas. Waiter brings the food and keeps it on the table.

Maya – “ Yeh kya hain?”(What is this ?)

Waiter- “ Khana “ (Food)

Maya – “ I know that .. aap yahan makhi gire khana deta hain sabko?”( I know that .. do you serve food in which houseflies is fallen)

Waiter – “ Iss makhi mere paltu thodi na hain , jo mere kehne pe yahan se bhagega ! Bade mazaki ho aap Madam ji !!” ( Iam not nurturing this houseflies here and thus it won’t run away when ask them to do so ! You are too humorous, Madam)

Rudra (in low volume ) – “ Yahan bas aise hi milega “. ( You will only get this here )

Maya gets irritated. Then she notices his nails.

Maya – “ Hey you show me your hand “.

Waiter – “ Kya?” (What?)

Rudra – “ Zara apni haath dekhna “. ( Show me your hand)

Waiter shows his hand.

Maya – “ Eww .. kitne gande hain aap ke nails? Itne gande haathon se aap saara khana utta ke serve karte hain !! Mujhe yahan se kuch nahi khana”. ( Eww .. how dirty is your nails ? Do you serve food with this dirty hands !!  I don’t want to eat from here )

Waiter – “ Yahan mujhe nahane ke time nahi milta ji aur aap ko mere nagoon ke paade hain . Saab aap hi dekhlo kya problem hain ?“. ( Here Iam not getting time for bathing and you are having problem with my nails. Sir, check it What is the problem with my nails?)

Waiter shows his nails to Rudra . Rudra feels nausea. Rudra and Maya leaves the food right there and flees.

Rudra is standing infront of a small lodge room. Maya comes out with putting saree all around covering her.

Maya – “ Hey , Iam not being drape it “.

Rudra – “ You don’t know to drape saree ? What a boss you are ?”

Maya – “ I don’t know , tell me what to do now ? “.

Rudra see a lady cleaning there.

Rudra – “ Didi “. (Sister)

Lady – “ Ji “. (Sir )

Rudra- “ Zara aap inko sari pehana sakthe ho ?” (Can you please make her wear saree?)

Lady – “ Haa .. aap pakad Lena “. (Yeah .. please catch this)

She hand over her broom stick to Rudra. He takes it .

Maya – “ Come in “.

Rudra also walks in automatically but Maya looks him . He steps back.

Then they take an auto . It is small auto. There are bag around Maya. Auto is completely filled. Maya and Rudra is struggling to sit properly as the auto is shaking by running on kaccha road. Their heads hits the top of the auto too.

Finally, the auto stops. They get down.

Rudra – “Jaan Bach Gaye!!” ( Life is saved)

Maya is taking out her bags . Rudra takes his purse to give the fare.

Rudra – “ Kitna hua ?” ( How much ?)

Auto driver – “ 300 “

Rudra – “ Aap yeh auto mujhe bej reh ho ?” ( Are you selling this auto to me ?)

Auto driver- “ Yeh ke gaal daasa, aap ne ?” ( What are you saying ?)

Rudra – “ Aur nahi toh ke gaal karu.. 3km ke liye 300 ? ( What else should I say… 300 rupees for 3km ?)

Auto driver – “ Woh ji , mein ke kaaran yeh ke road hi kharab hain toh .. mera ghadee ka toh poora shock absorber kharab hogaya hoga “. ( That Sir,! what can I do if road is bad .. there are chances that my vehicle’s full shock absorber got damaged)

Rudra – “ Hamare shock absorber ka kya ? Waise bhi aap se yeh sab keh kar kya fyada … Road kitna karab hogaya hain.. saare iss Sarkar ki galati hain “. ( What about our shock absorber? There is no benefit by saying this all to you .. Road has become really bad .. it’s the fault of the government)

Auto driver – “ kyun ji , Jab hamara sarkar ke raj hain toh tum Jaise Sanskriti ke khilaf rehne walon ke yahi problem hain”. (What Sir ? When our government is ruling ill cultured people have problem)

Rudra – “ Mein aisa nahi hain ji .. mein toh kaam karne wala Bharat ke putar hain aur sanskar toh mere rago ragom mein hain .. sanskar se beparawah toh ..  yeh hain .. “.( Iam not like that brother .. I belong to a India’s struggling working class .. Culture is flowing in my veins .. ill cultured person.. is she ..)

Rudra points Maya . He gives the fare. Auto driver looks her. Maya is trying to take out her bag from the auto . She tries to pull it out . Auto driver worries for his auto.

Auto driver – “ Arey .. oyy behan ji .. ke kar rahe ho ? Ghadee thodonge ? “ ( Hey.. Sister .. what are you doing? Will you break my vehicle? )

Maya – “ Behan ji  Kis ko bola ?”. ( Whom did you called Sister ? )

Auto driver – “ Hukum chala rahe ho ? Oho  !!!”. (You are giving orders ? Oho!!!)

Rudra interferes and goes to help her to take out her bag.

Auto driver- “ Bade aaye !! Aakad Dekha rahe hain !” ( She is showing attitude)

Rudra (low volume) – “ Aakad kon dekha rahe .. yeh mujhe bhi dekh raha hain “. (It can be seen who is showing attitude here )

Auto driver – “ Ke daasa?” ( What did you said ?)

Rudra – “ Kuch nahi hain ji , Bharat mata ki jay !!”. ( Nothing brother , Mother India wins )

They leaves and they gets a truck.

Maya – “ We will go in this truck ? What is this ?“.

Rudra – “ We will only get this .. otherwise we can walk “.

Maya – “ Okay fine “.

They get into tractor . There are many people . Maya is not much happy but Rudra enjoys irritating her. Some people get down and dhol walas gets in .

They starts to sing a song. Maya’s mood changes and she feels happy. She enjoys it . Rudra gets surprised.

Rudra get down and Maya get down. Someone screams . She takes down her bags one by one. Rudra offers help but she ignores it. Rudra gets annoyed seeing her over confident.

Rudra – “ What happened? I heard someone screaming “.

Maya – “ That I stepped upon someone while getting down “.

Rudra – “ Very good “.

They starts to walk.

Rudra- “ Do walk like duck ? We have to walk for 2km “.

Maya stops and looks him.

Maya – “ What ? 2kms .. you told me that we just have to take 2 turns after getting down from tractor!”.

Rudra – “ Yeah .. one turn after 1km in that way .. 2 turns equal 2km “.

Maya – “ How will I carry all these bags for so long while walking?”

Rudra – “ Didn’t I told you not to take so much luggage along with you ?

Maya – “ Let’s call a taxi , problem solved“.

Rudra – “ No taxi will be able to reach my home… “.

Maya (angrily)- “ Where the hell your house situated .. a place where no taxi can go! Oho god , on which bad time did I decided to come with forest man “.

Maya gets angry and walks off. Rudra walks in another direction. Then he notices that she is going in another direction.

Rudra – “ Where is she going ? Earth is round . I hope we will meet somewhere”.

He walks off. Maya comes back and follows him.

As they walk, Maya is mesmerized by beauty of the place.

Maya – “ WOW .. this place is so beautiful“.

Rudra – “ This beauty is nothing infront of what you will get to see after this ! Come on. Or else you will stand here holding your bags ?”

Maya – “ When you are acting like a husband and wife, it’s the responsibility of the husband to help the wife with her luggage”.

Rudra – “ No .. no . That’s the custom of Australia but here it’s not like that . Here husband will walk in the front like a leader and wife will follow him. Here wives carry all the things .. thank god that there is no baby otherwise you should have carried baby too. Now follow me …  “.

Maya follows him being upset. Maya is struggling with her bags . Rudra is enjoying seeing her struggle. Rudra is walking freely , he jumps and turn around to show off . Maya gets irritated.

They see a small fence like thing on the way. Rudra crosses it easily. Maya looks it . Rudra grins at her helplessness. Maya gets determined, she throws her bags to the other side of the fence . She lifts her saree little up and crosses it. Rudra gets surprised seeing her crossing it. She picks her bags and walks past him with a victorious smile and attitude. 

But still she troubled with her luggage . Rudra teases her indirectly while walking.

Maya walks fastly to show her spirit and she walks off . Rudra walks casually without minding her.  After a while, he see her coming back by running. He gets shocked. They he get to see a mad man coming with a wooden stick . Rudra also run behind Maya. That man follows them . Maya and Rudra hides behind a big tree. That man looks for them .

Maya   ( low volume)-“ What is this ? “

Rudra  ( low volume)- “ He is little mad , his favorite hobby is beat people on their head “.

Maya – “ What ? Doesn’t he have a family? Why don’t they get him treated?”.

Rudra – “ They did but he escaped from there and came back”.

Maya – “ Oh my god ! Where did you trapped me ? My fate !”.

Maya look out to see whether he left . Rudra chuckles seeing her afraid. Maya looks him sternly and he becomes silent. Maya doesn’t get to see the man.

Maya – “ I think he is left , come let’s go “.

Maya and Rudra comes out. They relax and start to walk. Then they hear his sound and turns back . The man is standing behind them. Maya gets afraid and makes a sad face . The man lifts his wooden stick . Maya closes her eyes thinking he will hit them. But suddenly he start to do Bhangra (folk dance of Punjab) singing a song. Then Maya opens her eyes slowly and gets surprised. She looks Rudra and Rudra behaves being surprised. Then they walks off when the man gets busy with his dance.

While walking they get to see that man’s wife . She tells them that he doesn’t harm anyone but does Bhangra whenever he see people. Maya angrily looks Rudra for telling her a fake story . Rudra looks at other side.

Maya (whispers) – “ Liar !”

Rudra gets embarrassed as his plan got caught. They continue their walk.

They reach near a narrow bridge . There is water below the bridge. Rudra is crossing it easily . Maya gets tensed thinking how will she cross the narrow bridge with her bags. He offers his help by showing his hand towards her.

Maya – “ Chal .. bade aye “.( Go.. trying being great )

Rudra (whispers)- “ Fine.. do it all yourself “.

He crosses it. Maya feels helpless initially but she tries to motivate herself by saying ‘I can do it ‘ . Rudra turns towards her to see how will she cross it. She tries to balance everything and start to walk on it. Rudra just make her scared by saying ‘Oho , Iam going to fall ‘ and he breaks her concentration. She falls off into the water along with her bags. He laughs and makes fun of her. Maya gets angry and looks him angrily.

Rudra feels sympathetic and shows his hand to help her. She comes and hold his hand. She pulls him to the water. He falls in and gets wet too. She laughs on him. He looks around .

Rudra – “ Where am I ?”

Maya – “ Wah .. Wah !!”

Finally they reach infront of Rudra’s house. Both of them are wet still.

Rudra – “ Before .. it was easy to reach here but this time wasn’t”.

Maya looks at his house and gets surprised. While walking her eyes are upon his house. Rudra is walking with her.

Maya – “ Oho my god ! This is your house ?”

Rudra – “ Yeah !”

Rudra’s house is shown. It’s a huge traditional haveli .

Maya – “ So you are rich “.

Rudra – “ No, my father is rich “.

  1. Jasminerahul

    the restaurant scene was so funny.the waiter saying that he doesnt grow houseflies there so they don’t listen to him n how he said that he doesn’t have time to bath was funny.autodriver scene was funny.rudra fooling Maya about the bangra dancer was funny.water falling scene was were perfect.maya’s pics were the best as they captured her expressions which were apt for the scenes.please update the next part soon

    1. Adhu

      Thank you 😊

  2. Shesha485

    It’s a very good episode. The pics were just superb especially the first picture😅 Never thought Maya would be helpless so that Rudra would take advantage. Moreover, the restaurant scene was funny. I expected Rudra would eat that food and Maya would starve but for God’s sake he too was disgusted. 😂😂 Auto trip was nice actually and Rudra bargaining was hilarious. Rudra cooked a own story to scare Maya 😂 Bridge scene was tit for tat. Shocking that Rudra was a rich guy.

    1. Adhu

      Thank you ☺️

  3. Thanks for the update. The episode was amazing rudra saying to maya that the mad man’s hobby is to beat people’s head was funny 😂 and later when that man was behind them and started to fo bangra dance surprising then was totally funny surprise 😂😂😂,water scene, restaurant scene and the last part was also great.
    Nice pics with the expression.

    1. Adhu

      Thank you 😊

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