Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 5th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Bhaskar’s family falls into Bhaskar’s trap

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Anand asks Bhima if he is sure Bhaskar’s Bhabhi will get justice. Bhima is positive. Bhimbai has overheard everything and looks at them. Bala says Dhruv was speaking about playing instruments. Can someone from his community do this? He is troubling all of us. Can I do this? Anand nods. How will he do it? It is hard work. Bhima ends up admitting what they were really talking about. Bhimbai looks at him proudly. Bhima tells her neither to scold them nor be worried. This is what even Bhaskar ji wants. Bhimbai thinks son is helping someone get justice and his Baba is helping rebellions. He is just like his father. I am afraid where this road will take him in future though. Bala asks her what she is thinking. Bhima asks her if she is wondering what he will do in future. She gets surprised. How do you know? He replies that it is because I am your son and you are my Aayi. Parents only worry whether their kids will be able to feed their parents when they grow up or not. She nods with a smile. How does your small mind think of such big things? Have food now. Come.

Anand tells Bala he isn’t smart like Bhima but he too will earn a lot of money. I too will go to faraway places to earn money. Bhimbai opposes the idea loudly. You wont leave your family behind! Anand promises her. She hides her emotions somehow.

Bhaskar comes to his father’s shop. He asks for the blank paper from his brother (Mukund). Mukund reminds him of his promise. Bhaskar says I thought and realised why I should give my property to you for a girl who I dint even marry. Mukund tells him to come home. I will give you as much money as you want. I am not carrying that letter with me right now. Bhaskar tells him he doesn’t trust him. Mukund asks him if he does not trust his brother. Bhaskar reminds him of his wife. She trusted you too yet what did you do? Mukund tells him he is crossing the limit. What will you do if I wont return it to you? Bhaskar threatens to ruin the shop. His brother tries to slap him but Bhaskar holds his hand. I will come back tomorrow. Don’t forget the paper. He leaves.

Dhansukhlal is looking for Dhruv and is very worried. He asks Mangesh about Dhruv who advises to check at Bhima’s house. Another villager claps at them. He asks Dhansukhlal if he is missing being a father when his son isn’t around. You will also realise how a father feels when you misbehave with a kid! Dhansukhlal taunts him for speaking like this when he has no kid of his own. Mangesh says you had one who died. Villager says he dint die. He was murdered by this Seth. He refused to lend me money till I repaid him. Dhansukhlal calls his decision right. Villager asks him if he can return his kid to him now. I did pay you back. They begin to go when villager shouts after them. I vowed that day that I will laugh at your every pain and misery. I promised to celebrate! Your son should live but you should be damned!

Mukund and his father are drinking alcohol. His father asks him what the special occasion is. Mukund says we earned a lot of money at the shop today. Plus, I was misbehaving with you since past few days so I thought to make it up to you. His father nods. Mukund says we must teach Bhaskar a lesson. He asks him to put his thumb impression on the blank paper. I will tell Bhaskar that you have disowned him and we can tear this later. He thinks he will get everything once his father will do this. His father refuses. I don’t trust you. You don’t keep the accounts at the shop right. You are trying to fool me here too. I wont do it. He passes out. Mukund takes his thumb impression in his unconscious state. His mother calls out to them to have dinner. Mukund replies that Baba is inebriated and has passed out. I will wake him up. He tries to clean the marks of ink from his father’s thumb.

Dhansukhlal calls out to Bhima. Sakpal family was sleeping inside but steps outside to see who is there. dhansukhlal asks about Dhruv. Bala tells him what Dhruv wanted. Mangesh starts taunting / bad mouthing them after hearing only half of the story. Anand says you don’t listen to the entire thing. We sent him back instead. Dhansukhlal does not buy it. Bhimbai insists that they dint instigate anyone. My sons did the right thing. Go and look for your son instead of taunting us. Dhansukhlal says I have looked everywhere but he is nowhere to be seen. Bring him outside if you are hiding him inside! Bhima recalls his convo with Dhruv. Dhruv had shared that whenever he feels lonely; he goes to where his mother’s pyre was lit. He runs off. Dhansukhlal, Mangesh, Bhimbai Bala and Anand run after him.

Dhruv tells his mother is feeling alone. Even Bhima has left me. Bhima says you only see your Aayi as a star but you don’t see us. We have been so worried because of you! Dhruv says even I was worried in the afternoon and came to all of you but no one heard me out. Everyone pointed at our communities instead. I dint befriend the community but you. You too dint live up to it though! Bhima requests him to forgive him. I made mistake. Mangesh tells Bhima to stay away from Dhruv. He will become impure. Bhimbai nods. A little kid was missing his mother and was sad. He felt reassured because of what my son said to him. he had his Baba yet he felt incomplete but friendship made him feel complete. What can be more impure than this? Bhima asks Dhruv to go home. Dhruv refuses. You all can leave as well if you will try to explain to me. Dhansukhlal asks him to come home but Dhruv stays put. Bhimbai tells them to explain to him. This isn’t right. Bhima tells her to leave him alone. Baba says one cannot do what they really want if we try to explain things again and again to him.

Bhaskar’s mother wakes up. She is shocked to see the house empty. She wakes up her husband. He thinks of what Mukund had suggested last night and looks at his thumb. He calls out to Mukund angrily. Mukund is lying outside on the cot peacefully. His Baba asks him why he has packed everything. Mukund says it is for you guys as you both are leaving. His father asks him what he means. Where will we go? Mukund replies that that isn’t his headache. Bhaskar has given me his share already. Now everything is mine. You and Aayi get nothing. Leave now. His mother asks him if he is in his senses. He replies rudely to her. She requests him not to do this. She tells her husband to talk sense into him. We have made all this. Where will we go? Her husband says we did everything for his sake and now he is making us leave our own house. They begin to argue and all the neighbours stand outside to watch. Bhaskar comes there as well. He tells his brother to behave. Bhaskar’s mother refuses to leave. I wont leave from this house unless I am dead. Bhaskar reminds his brother of their mother’s hard work. Mukund tells him to ask them why they killed his both wives one by one.

Precap: Bhaskar’s father holds Mukund by his collar angrily. I killed both your wives for your sake and this is how you will repay us? Bhaskar looks at him in shock. Bhima comes there with police captain. Arrest him. He has just confessed that he has killed both his DIL’s himself. Ganga’s husband tells Bhimbai that her son has sent his relative to jail. Ask your son to come to police station with Bhaskar right away or I will leave Ganga for forever!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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