Loving again(twinj ff) part 48


It was a matter of minutes when black clouds started covering the sky and winds grew strong, rains were not uncommon in this weather but seeing the bright day no one could have conjectured such a turn of the day.

They had waited for the whole day and when finally it was too much bua had called her mother in law to ask what was the case.

Uma didn’t tell anything on the phone but assured everything was under control and they would be home soon and they won’t wait for them but have lunch and rest.

Since bua had to take medicines so she didn’t skip meals and she was already done but Twinkle could not eat, she didn’t feel like but bua herself was strict on regular meals she forced her a few morsels and now both of them were seated in the living room, silently waiting for them.

Bua was focused on some articles on her phone and Twinkle tried to clean the imaginary specks of dust off the shelf and when it was finished, she walked to the balcony when the weather changed.

It was the moment when Kavya ‘s voice came from a distance and then it increased as their house help Sarita came to her carrying the baby in her hands.

“Bhabhi, I think I should leave before the weather turns worst… I heard baby’s voice so thought I’ll bring her to you.” in her mid-30s she was an amazing human and without anyone knowing about her arrival and departure-she competed for her works with such precision that left them stunned.

“thank you Tai and weather has already turned grey, I think you should not leave you might get caught in the weather.” turning to see the outside weather she stopped the lady. “actually sit here and watch some television till it turns good,” she suggested and patted her baby who’s activeness nowadays were also pressure on her.

“No…no, its fine bhabhi.I’ll leave now only otherwise you know these rains… it won’t be a wonder if you hear a flood in the city tomorrow evening.” Sarita reasoned with a joke.

“Okay then, I won’t stop you.” Twinkle didn’t push her.

“you are limping, did you fall or something bhabhi?” Sarita asked when she saw Twinkle struggling as she walked, giving pressure on one foot.

“Arey nothing big, just a small injury.” Twinkle forced a smile on her face.

“oh okay.” Sarita complied but in the next moment, Twinkle saw a hint of a smile on her face which disappeared soon.

Twinkle closed her eyes on mortification. “don’t know what are you thinking about, Sarita.”

After closing the door she came back and took a deep breath letting the pain subside. she reminded herself to rub the herbal pain relieving oil before sleep today and also a glass of turmeric and milk.

As soon as Kavya saw her she started jumping on her seat for her mother to come and take her.

“i don’t think she wants more of this old lady,” Bua said as Twinkle approached them.

“it’s not like that bua, I think I could not give her enough time in between the things so she just wants more of my attention.” she smiled, leaning to the chair and accepting her daughter’s open hands.

She took her in her hands and walked back to the balcony, in this condition she could not carry her for long so she dragged a stool and make her stand on that and holding her securely looked outside.

“Such weathers have become gloomy for her, in such black, misty days had come a few of worst news…” she pondered and clicked her tongue immediately, ashamed of herself thinking this way and focused her eyes to their surroundings.

Just in front of their apartment was, in the next building’s balcony three small kids two boys and a little girl preferably their sister were shouting in the strong wind and were laughing their hearts out.

“such carefree…” she mumbled and smiled when the girl caught her sight and whispered something to her brothers.

The group went silent for a while and then they started again with more intensity. They were shouting for no reason and nothing in particular and then she heard the words, “Come here, Little baby… Play with us.” the kids were pointing to Kavya and Twinkle smiled on their actions.

She lifted Kavya’s hands and waved it towards them, they waved back happily and soon rain also joined the fun.


It was past five when they heard the call bell and knowing it was them she opened the knots behind her apron and kept it on the kitchen platform.

Freeing her hairs from the tight bun she combed it with her fingers and came out of the kitchen and found her mother in law who was keeping her phone and purse on the table.

“how’s he, Ma?” she asked about the conditions in the hospital.

“doctors completed another surgery which was supposed to fix the blood clot, in the next few hours we will get to know about him,” Uma said tiredly. “Twinkle, could you please bring a hot cup of tea, also bring something for Kunj he hadn’t eaten anything since morning.”

Twinkle noted something was off in her mother in law’s demeanour but she didn’t ask more, perhaps she was just tired and needed some rest.

“Okay Ma, I’ll bring it… don’t come out I’ll bring it in your room,” she added.

“good.” with that Uma walked to her room. “where is shail?” she asked about her.

“Bua is taking rest in your room…”


She didn’t see him but since Ma was back he too was there, perhaps parking the car …

Her thoughts stopped when she heard footsteps out of the door and then some shuffling on the door and he came inside all soaked up in the rain and in a rush to enter the washroom just beside the door.

“thankfully you are here, please bring me a towel.” he requested just as he looked at her and disappeared behind the door of the washroom.

She could hear Uma and Shail talking behind the closed room as she reached the door with a tray filled with tea and some evening eatables.

“Ma, if you need anything…” not wanting to interrupt them she opened the door with the words already on her lips.

Inside the two ladies were sitting on the bed and were talking something, perhaps about the hospital and the things that happened there.

“No beta, just go and see if he needs anything…I’ll take rest for a while,” Uma told her softly and also requested to leave them alone indirectly.

Again a gesture that she didn’t want to talk with her at this moment or perhaps her brain was making her think this way.

“Okay ma.” she closed the door behind her.

“i hope everything is alright there,” she whispered.

When she returned to the lobby she saw him sitting on the dining table with his laptop in front of him, he had changed into a fresh full-sleeved t-shirt and Jeans… jeans!!!, was he leaving again?

On the screen in front of him, a few charts were open and his fingers were typing something ferociously. Work was on.

As she reached behind him she found his one foot stretched out and he was tapping it against the floor continuously. He was tensed.

“I’ll bring you something” End of her silent observation as he reached behind him.

“yeah,” he affirmed looking at her for a moment and then shifted his eyes to the screen.

After a few minutes, she came with tea and fried rice with lots of spicy peanuts the way he liked.

“i thought you were hungry,” she spoke when he stared the big plate for a moment and looked at her.

“oh yeah…” he looked lost and she noticed he was sad … disappointed about something but something inside her told her she should wait for him to say it. Powerful instincts.

Last evening when she was getting ready in the salon she thought now everything was going as it was supposed it… peaceful and lively and just after 24 hours it was all wrecked in different pieces, she didn’t even know how she was able to stitch it all together.

She stood there for a while but when he didn’t acknowledge her presence and kept his eyes on screen and spoon on the plate she thought it was better to leave it this way.

But again something inside her told to stop and be with him, he might not say but he needed someone to be with him.

Minutes passed, the rains turned into a drizzle, darkness covered the windows but they sat still with no words between them just a powerful silence and when he kept away the spoon on the empty plate his eyes moved to her.

One hand in the crook of her neck with the support of the same elbow and another folded in front of her she was looking at the small bamboo kept on the table, she was waiting for him all day, she was still waiting for him…

A woman’s existence is a shapeless mould, she takes the shape as is needed at a moment in her life

she has already changed into new shoes to walk the new road beside him, with him and for them

“They got married today…” he ended the silence with no emotion on his face but a blank look that he was ready to talk.

“Sorry… who got married.” she was confused.

“Dhruv and Neha…”

She felt her insides shaking, her body went cold… “How could they, Ma told me he is still unconscious.” it seemed she touched the thousand-volt current.

“It’s not right, she can not be this cruel to herself… why did you not stop her? What were you doing when this happened?” she was not loud but he could sense her anger or perhaps her frustration.

“I could not look into her eyes, I was helpless…” he confessed.

She could not believe something like this has happened, Neha has taken such a decision and she was sure it was an emotional step, she was taking the blame on her…

“Can we talk for a while if you are free ?” she asked him and it felt like an interrogation was about to start.

“why do you say that?” he asked in a low voice.

“because it seems you are going somewhere…” her voice was somewhere in the middle of stopping-herself-to-get-rude with him.

“not at all… say, I am here only.” in a moment the atmosphere has changed, as well as their equations.

“Not here, let’s go to our room.” she was on the verge of ordering but added forced politeness.


The last few weeks have been so tough for me and my family, we are trying to come normal but guess what it is not easy. I tried to cheer me up with the updates and replying to you guys and to an extent, it worked.

Again requesting all of you to follow the safety guidelines, social distancing, and everything so that you and your family are safe.

With Love


P.s.- New readers!! You are welcome here, I hope this story keeps giving you some moment of joy.



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