Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 28th August 2020 Written Episode Update: A battle to end discrimnation between the communities

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 28th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

hima asks his Baba what they should do now. Dhansukhlal taunts him. Ram ji tells the captain to understand the situation. Find a way out of this which will benefit both the parties. Dhansukhlal says the decision is in your favor already. Go and study now.

Ganga comes home running. She tells her mother that the situation has worsened. Bhima can study but he is unable to take a decision. They run to school.

Dhansukhlal and his gang tells other group to decide what they should choose – education or work. Bhima asks his Baba again. Guru ji tells Ram ji not to think too much. Sometimes the present scenario shows us a future which isn’t actually scary in future. If the kids don’t study today, then more people will stand against them in future. The door which has opened after so many difficulties will be closed for the future generation yet again. Ram ji tells Bhima to study. Dhruv and Guru ji second him. They all clap for Bhima as he looks at the school’s board. He imagines a bad scenario where all those supporting him are lying dead. Dhansukhlal tells Bhima that he lost sight of things in his hunger for education. Your Baba calls you a warrior but you killed your own people just so you can study. You will experience this at every day of your life now. I told you I will win at every cost. I won! You lost miserably. He laughs evilly. Bhima comes back to reality. Bhimbai and Ganga reach just there just then.

Bhima says the condition which has been kept for our education is a stain on the education system. Guru ji says that knowledge is a white duvet and there is no place for a stain on it. He tells the captain that the real problem is that had an officer from our community would have come along with you then he would have spoken about my education and their hunger as well. You are not from our community so you cannot understand it. I was thinking that this battle was limited to me entering inside the school. This is a bigger battle in reality. The doors to all the good places are closed for us. People like Seth ji aren’t letting us in. we have to jump inside on our own. Baba says we may get inside somehow but we will still be facing many challenges. There will be conditions and boundaries. Right now, we have to choose between hunger and books. One should not trouble us and keep such conditions in front of us. We should be given a share all the time. That ways, they will understand us. No one will stop us from going to school or from working. Only one person from the authorities wont hear our pleas. We will be given our own rights. You must make laws for this. We should also be included in the Constitution so no one will do this to us in future. Dhansukhlal asks him if he thinks they will simply follow his words. Bhima says you will be threatened by the law. Captain tells him to mind his tongue. What are you asking for? Tell me whether you want to go to school or not. Ram ji says you should be the one going to your senior officer. Discuss this matter with him and make laws accordingly. Captain denies. You can send your son to make new laws so he can get his share too. Other villagers laugh.

Bhima says everyone should get their share without any discrimination. I know you wont be able to make it though. I will be the one who will make it! Bhimbai gapes at him in surprise. Bhima says I know I must study hard to do all that. This is not the only school where they teach. I will remember that one door was closed for me if I don’t go inside now. I will keep working hard so I can open all doors like these for every Bhima like me. Ram ji picks up a burning log. We wont douse it. We will take one log each to our respective homes. We will light the stove in our kitchen using this so this adds up in our veins through the food that we will cook. It will make a home inside our hearts then. All the villagers follow suit.

Bhima tells Dhansukhlal he won today but there is still a lingering question about who actually lost here. He walks out of the school. Everyone else follows him. Guru ji tells Dhansukhlal that Bhima said a very important thing today. Till the time people from his community will be a part of every sector of our society, the condition wont change. Dhansukhlal asks him if he wants them to let those people stand next to them. Their ancestors never dared to even look at us. You haven’t studied well. The books clearly mention how we should handle these people but people like you want them to sit right next to us. How are you even related to them? Guru ji says one can be a relative to other only if there is love. Till when will you chase religion? You wont be able to make them your servants by keeping them away from education. Now the one who wins will lead! You know it very well that they are better than you. They spend their lives by going through the hardships laid by you in their path. You will understand how difficult their life is if you try living like them for even a day. Mangesh curses him. It is the end results of their sins from their previous birth. Guru ji says you have made your God like yourself. He thinks just the way you think! We were created only as humans by God. The rest of the status quo and discrimination is man-made. Instead of trying to show them down, try to lift them up. Your status will remain intact though. Dhansukhlal ousts him from their society. Guru ji says our communities can never be same anyways. He leaves.

Dhansukhlal tells Mangesh they must do this officially.

Everyone is at Sakpal House. Ram ji tells Bhimbai he told Bhima to go to school but he dint go. He dint listen to me but this did not make me sad at all. It gave me a different kind of peace though. I realized it today that not every battle ends with a victory or defeat. We must bend if there is a positive outcome that we see in the end. Everyone nods.

Meera tells Bhima that an astrologer had praised you the day you were born. I think he was right. Bhima says I don’t know that but I make decisions on the basis of what Aayi and Baba tell me. Anand asks Bhima what stopped him from going inside school. Bhima says I recalled what Aayi had said once. She had once told me that hunger is the biggest battle for people from our community. We would have lost that battle today if I had stepped inside the school today. How would I have faced you then? You would have thought that I couldn’t understand such a small thing. Everyone smiles proudly. Bhimbai hugs her son emotionally.


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