Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 27th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Villagers chose education over hunger

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Dhruv agrees to be careful in future. No one has taught me such things till date, so I fail to judge what’s right or wrong. Bhima nods. Let’s go to villages now to convince people to send their kids to school. They leave. Guru ji assures Ram ji he will look after the fire and sends him home.

Ram ji reaches home. He asks for water but falls asleep in seconds. Bhimbai sprinkles some of it on him to wake him up. They both smile sweetly. She says even the kids wouldn’t have slept. Hope this matter sorts out soon and Bhima starts studying again. Ram ji nods. People from nearby villages are support Bhima now. Once a few of kids come in then Guru ji will speak to the authorities. She smiles. You should rest now. Everything will be fine.

Dhansukhlal says we should continue this battle and make it tough for Bhima like he said. Mangesh and other villagers also decide to go to neighboring villages and convince people from their community otherwise.

Madhvi tells her sister that she has heard that Bhima is winning. Her sister says I have also heard that people from higher community are giving a hard time to Bhima. They hear few villagers discussing Dhansukhlal’s plan. He has put 2 guys behind Bhima too. They will keep track of all the houses Bhima will visit and will beat those guys. Who knows who beats whom in a religious fight! Madhvi seconds them. It is good if Bhima is taught a lesson for this. She very smartly finds out where Bhima is headed.

Bhima speaks to a few villagers who are working in a field.

Madhvi’s sister tells Madhvi she cannot go like this. There will be another problem if someone sees you. Madhvi does not mind. It is important to protect my brother. Her sister tells her to be careful as it will affect her vidaai.

Bhima is being followed by 2 guys. He feels someone’s presence and gets cautious. He turns around and notices those guys. They begin to chase him. They fall due to a trap laid by Madhvi and her sister. They are hidden from everyone’s sight and signal Bhima to run. Later, Madhvi and her sister catch up with Bhima. He thanks them for saving him. They tell him of Dhansukhlal’s plan. We couldn’t come out in the open so we hid behind the trees. Don’t go alone. Anyone can attack you anytime. Bhima thinks this was a very small incident. Things can worsen in future. He assures Bhima he has nothing to worry about. I have you 2 by my side. I will be fine. He goes. Madhvi tells her sister they must inform people from his community about this.

At night, everyone is gathered in the school. Ram ji says we have done our work. Let’s see how many kids turn up now. Guru ji shows faith in Bhima. Few kids come there to show their support to Bhima. Bhima introduces himself. You don’t have to just support me but study as well as Baba says educated people can make a good society and it is the base of a good country. Kids agree to study. Guru ji says I will meet authorities tomorrow. Dhruv tells Bhima he won but Bhima says it is our victory.

A villager informs Dhansukhlal and Mangesh about the latest development at school. They laugh in reply. Things will be different in the morning.

Next morning, a guy makes an announcement near the school loudly. People from higher community have decided that we wont give work to anyone from the lower community. If it still happens then that person will not be a part of our society anymore. Dhansukhlal asks the villagers if he should repeat it for them. They complain that they will die of hunger if they wont get work. Dhansukhlal says we tried all the methods, and this was the last option. Don’t worry. Your kids will go to school. They will earn when they will become something. It is good that Guru ji has gone to call a rep from the authorities. You should tell him that come what may, your kids will study. A guy says that’s what we came to tell. It is about our self-respect and identity now. We will sit here irrespective of who employs us or not. Their kids second them.

Dhansukhlal tells Bhima that he has a stage ready to celebrate his victory. You will eventually get to study but we wont employ these people ever again. They will pay for your education. You may win today but these people of your society will lose. I know Bhima does not like to lose. For the first time, you may win or lose, I will still be victorious. Guru ji comes there with police captain and a rep from English authority. Both sides explain their logics and point of views. Rep says we cannot force them to change their decision of giving employment to someone. It is their land and home after all. Ram ji agrees. You too work as per their requests. There is no place for people from our community in your army. Can you tell us why? It is because their Kings had nothing left to do but to join hands with you. They then kept a condition that they cannot drink water from our hands. You ended up supporting them. Why would you need us now? You forgot that it is us who sacrificed our lives in the beginning to help you set up a base. You don’t see that a very big part of the society is being kept away from knowledge, respect, their own right. Rep tells him to be quiet. Don’t lecture me. Your words hint at rebellion. Decide asap. We have other stuff to do as well. Villagers from lower community announce that Bhima and their kids will study at all cost. We don’t care whether we get food or work anymore or not.


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