Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 25th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Rani and Sandesh in Satara!

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The woman took off their drapes. Bala recognize them, they were Rani and Sandesh. Bhim Rao questions since they left. Rani told that her in laws didn’t accept the neither the society. They have been roaming around helplessly, their extreme starvation compelled them to steal. She remembered Bhim Rao’ house, she came here for protection. Rani asked about Bhima Bai. Meera said that she left. Rani inquired. Ramji told her that Bhim Bai has passed away. Bhim Rao wiped his tears. Reminiscing how Bhim Bai helped Rani he in hard times she wondered why the best ones leave early. She was about to leave, Bhim Rao stopped them saying that his mother would have not let them leave. She would have advised them to stay here and start their new life. Ramji agreed and invited them inside. They came in. Bala left.

Sitting at the bank of a river Bala recalled his emotional sentiments towards Rani. He wiped his tears while remembering their emotional talk.

Bhim Rao worried why there was no teacher in the school. Annand said that they might have mixed the dates o school reopening. Puranjan appeared, he informed that Maharaj has called upon a gathering o teacher for some activities. Bhim Rao realized that t was his plan to stop them from going to school.

Maharaj addressed the teacher for his concern towards this gathering. Bhim Rao and Anand clapped. He has started believing in Maharaj and his powers, he is the one who can think of stopping them form attaining education. Maharaj said that he has heard a lot about Bhim Rao excellence as a student, he wanted Bhim Rao to sit down and be a part of this meeting. Bhim Rao answered saying that he will come here every day with his books and study. He didn’t know about rest of the students but for him education is the utmost necessity. Both Bhim Rao and Anand sat down and started studying.

Ramji wanted Rani and Sandesh to settle their lives herewith them, Meera encouraged. Rani refused to burden on them. Bala sitting their remembered ow her mother was skeptical of his feeling towards Rani, how she stopped him from falling in love with someone with whom he can’t hold a future. Bala said that by living together they cannot become a family; they need to start a separate life on their own.

Maharaj wanted the people to know Bhim Rao stubbornness and misbehavior, he has no regard for his teacher who are equal to Gods. Maharaj wondered the reason Bhim Rao disapproves of him, he has mistaken him for a long time. Bhim Rao interrupted saying that as a student he is studying. One o the teachers questioned their audacity to contest their teacher. Anand refused to leave. Maharaj proceeded with the gathering he called upon. Puranjan saw Bhim Rao and left.

Meera agreed with Bhim Rao, Ramji permitted Rani to live in that hut. Rani agreed but on the condition of paying rent. Puranjan came in, he informed Ramji that Bhim Rao was protesting again. Meera wanted Ramji to stop Bhim Rao. Ramji refused to let Bhim Rao to fight them in their own way. Gopal hurriedly came out; he was worried for Bhim Rao. Gopal insisted Ramji to take him to Gopal. Ramji agreed. Meera asked Rani to go and rest. Bala glanced as she left.

According to one of the man God and Dharam were before this world. Maharaj praised him. Gopal came in asking than who was their creator.

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